World Peace Begins With Justice For Palestinians.

Posted January 15, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

ocean44“It is the way of Tao not to act from any personal motive, to conduct affairs without feeling the trouble of them, to taste without being aware of flavor, to account the great as small and the small as great, to recompense injury with kindness.”

– Lao-Tzu (c. 565 B.C.)

Open-air prison. This is what many describe as the situation which 1.8 million Palestinian men, women, and children of Gaza live in. After 65 years it is time to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all. Can any sane person on this Earth not see, understand, and acknowledge that this decades old problem must simply be solved peaceably, justly, and, most importantly, in a truly honorable way?

Honorable in the sense that the people of Palestine, Israel, the Middle East, and the world are each and every one sacred beings – equally deserving of the ultimate respect, and reflections of the Creator/God.

See in your mind’s eye a newborn Israeli baby lying next to a newborn Palestinian baby and think deeply about the world they are going to grow up into. Take a good long time and look upon those two little ones next to each other; look into their eyes deeply. What is going through your mind as you look at these precious ones? What do you think their future will look like, and do you see them ten years from now playing together and laughing – the best of friends creating pleasant childhood memories which will last their lifetimes?

And what are the chances that twenty years from now they will be sitting next to each other in a university classroom, while their professor delivers a lecture on the 2014 Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative which changed everything in Palestine and Israel, the Middle East, and the entire world? These students will read about the actions taken by men and women on Earth in 2014 – actions of the highest possible honor – that changed life on Earth for the better, forever.

Israelis, Palestinians, and all human beings on Earth will for peace

“The power of love, as the basis of state, has never been tried… There will always be a government of force where men are selfish…”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Perhaps it is time to try love as the basis of states on Earth. What would happen if the people were able to vote on such a proposal? Imagine every nation on Earth allowing a referendum which asks each citizen to vote on whether to make the power of love the basis of their nation-state. Could it be beneficial to let that concept sink in for a few moments?

Perhaps making the power of love the basis of states is an impractical proposal. But is it impractical? The power of love will no doubt be an essential aspect of any agreement between Israelis and Palestinians which leads to a true peace. It is obvious that the effort to create true and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians will only become successful if love is present – a present, motivating factor.

Although political leaders rarely, if ever, speak the word love when discussing matters such as the decades long struggle between Israel and Palestine, let it be known that without speaking the word love a true and lasting peace will not become realized. Speaking the word love is the key which will unlock the door of peace in Israel, Palestine, the Middle East, and the world.

Consider asking yourself why in the year 2014 there is division and hatred and violence in lands around the Earth. Is the possible reason that, because political, military, academic, religious, and civilian leaders are not speaking out loud the word love? Consider this possibility deeply and there will come the moment of awareness that it is true.

“Ahimsa [infinite love] is a weapon of matchless potency. It is the summum bonum of life. It is an attribute of the brave, in fact it is their all. It does not come within the reach of the coward. It is no wooden or lifeless dogma but a living and lifegiving force. It is the special attribute of the soul.”

– Mohandes Gandhi  (1869-1948)

Peace and reconciliation between the Israeli people and the Palestinian people is entirely possible. What will turn the possible into reality is simply love. All people in the Middle East love their families and friends. The solution is not a one-state or two-state solution – the solution is love. This is how it has been on Earth from the beginning of time until here in 2014 – and how it will be until the end of time. There is no debate about this because it is universal truth.

Universal truth has come to enter the world and the lands of Israel and Palestine, and abiding by the laws which correspond to universal truth – the laws of love, forgiveness, and peace – guarantee an outcome that all people will respond to with agreement, joy, and happiness.

The first step toward everlasting peace for the people of Israel, Palestine, the Middle East, and the Earth is looking deeply into the eyes of the newborns.


(Thanks to The Real News @ YouTube)


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