Middle East Events Signal Monarchy’s Last Stand.

Posted January 7, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

mountain55“The mischief springs from the power which the moneyed interest derives from a paper currency which they are able to control, from the multitude of corporations with exclusive privileges which they have succeeded in obtaining… and unless you become more watchful in your States and check this spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges you will in the end find that the most important powers of Government have been given or bartered away, and the control of your dearest interests have been passed into the hands of these corporations.”

– Andrew Jackson (1768-1845) Farewell Address, 1837

Early in the new year of 2014 many of the world’s people are watching events in the Middle East, namely Iraq, and feeling as if the leaders in that region failed to make any resolutions having to do with peace. Sunnis and Shias have yet to resolve their differences in such a way that violence has become reduced or eliminated. Perhaps the “Sunni – Shia” angle is being given too much emphasis – the problems in the Middle East may all boil down to the control of the region’s vast natural resources wealth, including oil and natural gas.

The Middle East may best represent – be the most visible example of – the worldwide sense among people who feel there is too much financial power in the hands of the few, and that the time has come for a more fair distribution of the Earth’s resource wealth. The heads of energy corporations understand what is happening in the Middle East, but are never asked for the truth by reporters and the media. Those who are on each side of the conflicts – those in the top command, not the people doing the killing on the ground – are not forthcoming with the specific reasons for the fighting.

Many people living outside the war zones of the Middle East, Northern Africa, Afghanistan and other regions have been provided with so little truth about the reasons for the fighting and killing that they simply view the wars “have gone on through history, and there is nothing that will stop it”. Perhaps the pivotal historic event in the Middle East occurred in 1953, when the United States government overthrew the democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran – who had nationalized the country’s oil resources – and replaced him with the Shah of Iran.

When the Iranian people overthrew the Shah in 1979, it began a long 35-year period where Iran and the United States, as well as allies who extracted oil during the reign of the Shah, became estranged, leading many to become hopeful after recent agreement between the U.S. and Iran. Since 1953, all nations who have been involved in the Middle East have adjusted their regional strategies in hard to measure, non-violent and violent ways.

The metaphor of “toughest kid on the block” could apply, the strongest example being the Iraq War begun in 2003 on false pretenses. This strategy could be described as the “take it all” strategy, when the most powerful military on Earth became criminally used to meet the goals of those wishing for control of Iraq. That George W. Bush, Tony Blair and others (the toughest kids on the block) would be willing to take military actions leading to the death of over 1 million Iraqi men, women, and children – while lying to initiate those actions – gives humanity evidence of a very, very serious psychological problem in certain political leaders.

After the events begun with a man’s self-immolation in Tunisia called the “Arab Spring” movement, people around the world took notice, and since that time there have been a number of similar large protests in nations around the world – essentially by millions of men and women looking for fairness, justice, and equality. A major factor in all of this was the increased amount of information available to all who had access to the internet, where previously unknown facts – unreported by the mainstream media – were now seen and read on computer screens everywhere on Earth.

In a sense the world’s people all became investigative journalists, no longer watching their TV news but reading an enormous variety of reporting on the internet’s alternative news sites. One could accurately describe the worldwide phenomenon a “truth explosion”, with awesome amounts of communications between men and women from every nation and region in the world. The focus became exposing who was running the world, why wars became started and fought, as well as other issues which all revolved around learning and sharing what the “real deal on Earth” is – and ways to change reality for the better.

Only a few months ago the world’s people were largely responsible for preventing a major military catastrophe in Syria – unreported by the mainstream media but understood by the millions of men and women who acted to let political leaders know of their opposition to war and the killing of innocent people who simply want to live a decent, normal, happy life. Through the internet, people around the world became aware of the natural resource wealth angle of wars, and forcefully expressed their belief that war and killing for profit and personal power is no longer acceptable.

The worldwide awareness phenomenon continues to this day, with revelation after revelation coming into view, in an intense manner which has never been experienced by the human race. As the secrets come to be revealed in ever-increasing unbelievable ways, the consciousness of the collective of mankind shall experience profound movement toward ethical and moral resolution of problems, conflicts, and differences.

The ethical and moral movement of humanity will only grow stronger for one simple reason. There are so many millions of people who have become aware of the “real deal” on Earth – through history until now – that a point was reached, and passed through, where the proverbial “genie” cannot be put back into the bottle. The collective accumulation of knowledge and wisdom by the world’s people will combine in such a way that creating a fair, just, and peaceful world for this and future generations will be inevitable.

A truly ethical and moral world has been created through the decades, centuries, and millenniums. Here at the start of 2014 the work to complete that Earthly creation begins.

George Galloway is a man who I have come to respect and admire. His testimony to a United States Congressional committee during the height of the 2003 Iraq War may have been the most powerful in the history of that legislative body. Mr. Galloway has a new program on RT called “Sputnik” and after viewing some episodes found one to share. In another episode than this one he and his female co-host devoted some time speaking about Muhammad Ali, the great boxer and icon who sacrificed 4 years of his boxing prime – with many millions of dollars he potentially would have earned – by refusing to serve in the military in Vietnam.

This was even though Muhammad Ali could have simply been a “celebrity soldier”, never in any danger at all, but he made a principled stand without bending. Years ago while reading the college newspaper there was a notice of an essay contest writing about influential black men or women. Its sponsor was the college African-American organization, had a $75 first prize and, seeing I could use the money and there was nothing to lose, I wrote about Muhammad Ali and entered.

When I was contacted and told that I had won the prize ($75), it will always remain a good memory of the surprised faces in the office when this guy with Finnish and Norwegian ancestors came to collect the prize. At any rate a good quote from Muhammad Ali: “Damn the money. Damn the heavyweight championship. Damn the white people. Damn everything. I will die before I sell out my people for the white man’s money”.


For those who like George Galloway, it looks like his program will be interesting and informative. This is Episode #5 that delves into South Africa after Nelson Mandela and Saudi Arabia’s financing of Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq.

(Thanks to Molucca Media @ YouTube)


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