Trans-Pacific Partnership Equals ‘Forked-Tongue’.

Posted January 6, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

whitekeys4-1Of the hundreds of treaties signed centuries ago between the Native Americans and the recently arrived white man, virtually every one was broken by the white man. As one who looks upon all men as brothers and all women as sisters, stating that fact has nothing to do with choosing one “side” or the other. There is in my view only one side, and that is humanity.

Many are familiar with the term “forked-tongue”, which is simply another way to describe someone who says one thing and means the opposite – may as well just get to the point: a liar. Whereas centuries ago treaties signed had language which one party knew would not be honored, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)contains specific language which the corporate lawyers who wrote it fully expect to “honor”.

Let’s get real and ask how the top-secret manner in which this extremely consequential treaty has come about reflects anything remotely related to a virtue called honor. If the treaty language reflects honorable traits, if it will after signing result in an improvement in the lives of all the people whose nations enter, then how does this square up with blockage of those who will vote up or down on it to even read it?

Comparing the treaties from hundreds of years ago to the TPP, there is no real difference but for the different steps to getting it signed. The intent is absolutely the same: bringing about an increase in wealth and power for the few at the expense of the many. There now seems to be a lot of pushback and anger over the ways used to get this massive agreement pushed through and approved. The men and women in nations who are potential participants in the TPP have come to a point where actions which allow a handful of people to take advantage of the majority are simply no longer acceptable.

In the case of the TPP the people who belong to the “forked-tongue” tribe have been called out before the treaty arrived for a vote, in contrast to centuries ago when Native Americans discovered the white man lied every time. It is unbelievable that the human race has not evolved in the hundreds of years since raw, raw deals were made and signed. It is not insignificant that those centuries-old treaties came to be agreed upon over the Peace Pipe – an action which Native Americans hold as solemn, sacred, and eternal.

The methods in which the TPP has become initiated, written, kept secret, and pushed forward unfortunately does not hold the spirit of solemnity, sacredness, or worthy of everlasting agreement in any way, shape, or manner. Such a massive agreement, which affects the lives of many millions of human beings, simply cannot be proposed, developed, and advocated in such an underhanded way. To put it bluntly, actions of those who produced the TPP are dishonorable and shameful.

The idea of pushing this agreement through on something called a “fast-track” further identifies the pact as something that is very concerning and worrisome, perhaps instead of fast-track the proper way to look at this can be summed up as powerful corporations’ wanting to pull a “fast ONE”.


From earlier posts men and women are aware that I am a big fan of journalist/documentary filmmaker Bill Still. To put it this way, Mr. Still is an honest, thoughtful writer and producer, and many people are like me in that we find him truthful – a real straight-shooter. In the following 7-minute video he distills the pieces of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to its essentials, and particularly how the deal potentially affects the average citizen.

In essence he succinctly points out what passage of the TPP will mean for the majority of people in the nations who are possible signatories. The unfortunate bottom line, if TPP becomes passed and law, is that there will be a very significant, additional concentration of corporate power to the detriment of average men, women, and children. The most despicable aspect of TPP is the further erosion of any real freedom, democracy, and sovereignty that citizens of the world still cling to.

Bill Still, along with more and more people every day, are right to say that the Trans-Pacific Partnership must be stopped. And that is no “forked-tongue”.

(Thanks to Bill Still @ YouTube)