World Leaders’ 2014 Questionnaire.

Posted January 5, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The newspapers chronicle with degrading avidity the sins of the second-rate, and with the conscientiousness of the illiterate give us accurate and prosaic details of the doings of people of absolutely no interest whatsoever.”

– Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

earthblog2In memory of journalist Helen Thomas, who courageously broke White House press conference tradition by asking then President George W. Bush, “Mr.President, what were your real reasons for going to war in Iraq?”, here is a questionnaire for the leaders of the world. It is for leaders who are both well-known and not, poor or rich, red, white, yellow or brown,, with questions that Helen Thomas or any true practitioner of journalism would ask if they had an opportunity.


Who, throughout history up until today, has been most responsible for unjust, illegal warring and killing resulting in the greatest amount of unnecessary destruction of lives and property?

Who, throughout history up until today, has been most responsible for successful problem-solving actions, settling of differences between people and nations, and resulting in the greatest saving of innocent lives and prevention of unnecessary destruction of property?

Who are the people now walking freely upon the Earth who have not yet faced appropriate punishment for committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and/or other major criminal actions?

Who are the people now walking the Earth who are most effectively working to prevent future war crimes from being committed – by calling for criminal prosecution of those yet to face justice – whose voices are not being heard and acted upon?

Who are the major owners of private central banks including the U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements?

Who are the most effective men and women on Earth calling for monetary/financial reforms which offer the greatest chance of improving/changing the monetary power status-quo – bettering the lives of the greatest number of the human race?

Who are the people speaking out most cogently in calling for great reductions in governments’ spending on weaponry of war?

Who, throughout history to this day, has garnered the highest levels of wealth through the sale of weaponry of war?

Who are the people who have suffered to the greatest extent from the sales of weaponry of war, throughout history to this day?


What have been the most relevant consequences of nations’ spending trillions of dollars on wars, killing, and destruction?

What have been the consequences of privately owned central banks’ control of creating money – the massive concentration of tremendous financial power and influence in the hands of very few people?

What could be done to reverse the effects of negative consequences experienced by humanity from trillions of dollars of military/weaponry expenditures, the private concentration of monetary power, and – guarantee to the greatest possible extent any recurrences of these negative consequences?

What have been the consequences – either positive and/or negative – of approving, then releasing into the environment genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

What faith and assurance can the world’s people have in the scientific reports coming from those who advocate for GMO cultivation/growing – regarding the safety of GMOs in general?

What could be done to promote more widespread, benevolent, and enlightened – well-intentioned – debate on matters of the highest importance and concern for humanity moving forward in 2014?

What could be the results of a great increase in dialogue and debate on matters of highest planetary significance – participation of all the world’s people guaranteed through listening, viewing, studying, analyzing, and joining in?


When will the largest media corporations on Earth – some would call the five or six companies who dominate a ‘cartel’ – reverse their historic trend of programming which consists of nothing of real relevance to the majority of the people, and begin producing many more shows which focus on solving real world problems, with the wide diversity of legitimate world views included?

When will humanity come to understand how important are thoughts, words, and actions which leave to future generations the best possible world – in the best condition as possible?

When will the human race truly understand and know the reality conveyed in the messages of spiritual/enlightened masters through history until this day – of the concepts of oneness, peace, non-violence, forgiveness, and love?

When will humanity come to fully realize that creating a world of oneness, peace, non-violence, forgiveness, and love is possible?


Why have greed, malevolence, ruthless competition, and absence of genuine concern for the health and well-being of all people without exception become so large a part of planetary culture?

Why have men and women who present the most compelling cases for a world of sharing, benevolent actions, coöperation, and genuine compassion for all people in the human family not been in the forefront of – with the opportunity to engage in – media discussions and debates on the major issues and problems of this era?

Why are issues of major consequence for the human race not being discussed and debated in the media to the extent necessary for, and commensurate with, positive resolutions of genuinely felt concerns – with inclusion of all legitimate views and proposals without censor?

Why have the media conglomerates who dominate the people’s airwaves not seriously reported on the following issues/debates of legitimate concern?:

Citizen’s United / campaign finance reform

Climate change

Fukushima radioactive environmental dangers

Geo-engineering / aerial metals spraying

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking)

Industrial hemp uses and products

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) / safety concerns

Relationship of banking to wars

Public banking options / Bank of North Dakota

Monetary reforms

Wall Street / financial sector corruption

Natural resources factor in war

History of ‘false flag’ operations resulting in war

Investigation into 9/11 truth

Examination of diverse, alternative economics

Promise of renewable energies like wind, solar, and other new technologies

…and other issues of concern


Where would you like to see the world – moving forward in 2014?

Thank you to the leaders and future leaders from every region and nation – man or woman, rich or poor, red, white, yellow, or brown – for your efforts to create a better world. 


(Thanks to peace leader Vijay Mehta @ YouTube for the following short film)