Apartheid In Israel: An Eyewitness On The Side Of Humanity.

Posted January 31, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Deny human rights, and however little you may wish to do so, you will find yourself abjectly kneeling at the feet of that old-world god, force – that grimmest and ugliest of gods men have ever erected for themselves out of the lusts of their hearts. You will find yourself dreading all other men who differ from you; you will find yourself obliged by the law of conflict into which you have plunged, to use every means in your power to crush them before they are able to crush you; you will find yourself day by day growing more unscrupulous and intolerant, more and more compelled by the fear of those opposed to you, to commit harsh and violent actions.”

– Auberon Herbert (1838-1906)

mountain11Eva Bartlett has been described as the Rachel Corrie of our time. Rachel Corrie is the young woman who passed away after being run over by a bulldozer trying to protect Palestinians’ land from destruction. It is not easy to quantify the amount of courage required to take the steps Ms. Corrie and Eva Bartlett have taken. How many men and women would make the difficult decision to live in the occupied territories with Palestinians – risking one’s health, well-being and life in the process – to help end injustice?

Ms. Bartlett was born in Michigan then moved with her family to Ontario, Canada. Her story of increasing awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people is similar to most. Despite virtually no mainstream news reports of the apartheid conditions in Israel, she first learned of the situation through internet reports. Her first response was similar to every man or woman who learns about real situations on Earth: “Why haven’t I heard about this?”

Feeling like all people who find evidence which points to a reality either rarely/under reported or subject to censorship, Eva Bartlett started her journey of researching the Israel-Palestine conflict. At a certain point she was face-to-face with the difficult decision to take action, and essentially smuggled herself into Israeli occupied territory to live among the Palestinian people and journal/record events. What she witnessed will probably come as no surprise to readers of this blog.

“Trail of Tears” comes to mind when thinking about what Palestinian people have had to endure. In passing, it is disappointing to find that in 2014 there exists a human situation which mirrors what Native Americans, South Africans, and African-Americans experienced. That disappointment includes sadness that the health and well-being of Palestinian people has been discounted or ignored by the world’s most powerful leaders. There has been a failure of moral and ethical leadership when apartheid conditions are not called exactly that: apartheid.

Most importantly, the failure to stand up for men, women, and children who are fellow children of God – failure to call for equal rights and fair treatment for human beings under extremely stressful living conditions – shows a lack of concern which is disturbing. Those who profess to live and act in the spirit of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” will either use their thoughts, words, and deeds to bring about that spirit for all people everywhere, or will fail to reach the highest expression of the philosophy.

To state it directly, the people who are Palestinians have been wounded and killed, and need the world’s help to heal and experience “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. For this to occur – an action that will result in a more peaceful world – requires the same energetic series of actions that led to the end of every injustice large and small through history: the world’s people joining together and saying, “this is not right, this is no longer acceptable in a civilized world.”

Stated even more directly, the decades-long unjust treatment of Palestinians challenges men and women everywhere to see the Israel-Palestine conflict from the spiritual perspective of “do unto others what you would have done to you”. In essence, actions taken going forward by those who are able to shape the future in Israel and the Middle East are either right or wrong – in the context of the “Golden Rule”.

Wrong actions are those which result in continuance of a system of apartheid, where people are not given the same respect, equal rights, and opportunities to live their lives in dignity – just as all people everywhere deserve the same God-given rights.

Right actions are those which result in an increasing awareness of the fact that all people are the same, wanting to live in peace and experience the joys of this lifetime which are possible. Right actions are those which result in Israeli and Palestinian children growing up with no idea that there was a time when their ancestors did not live the highest levels of quality of life, unable to reach a place of true peace between equally deserving human beings, and suffered the consequences of negative thoughts of hate, discord, and separation.

Right actions are those which result in Israeli and Palestinian children playing and laughing together, in a land and region and world which has surpassed – and no longer practices – hatred, violence, harm, and apartheid conditions. Ending apartheid in Israel is the first step on the journey to such a beauteous world.


For more information, or to possibly arrange for Eva Bartlett to speak in your locale, please visit ingaza.wordpress.com.


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From World Competition To World Cooperation.

Posted January 30, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

gaswell“The trouble today is that the communist world understands unity but not liberty, while the free world understands liberty but not unity. Eventually the victory may be won by the first of the two sides to achieve the synthesis of both liberty and unity.”

– Salvador de Madariaga (1886-1978)

On George Galloway’s “Sputnik” program on RT, he talks with university lecturer Dr. Sami Ramadani about the current Syria Peace Talks – Geneva 2. The second half of the show occurs with the absence of a British MP – who cancelled his scheduled appearance to speak about his view that Edward Snowden is a criminal.

Dr. Ramadani shares his views on Geneva 2 which point out that those who have supplied arms, money, and training to the military opposition, whether moderate or mercenary, need to withdraw that support or the situation will turn into protracted war. He notes that a report originating from Qatar about Syrian government torture, released shortly before the start of Geneva 2 talks,was an effort to derail or sabotage any chance of success and ending the military conflict.

He shares that Qatar has supplied over $3 billion in aid to mercenary forces fighting against the Syrian government army, and that the Syrian people don’t want any more fighting, warring, and destruction in their country. Dr. Ramadani has his doubts about United States resolve to end the over three-year crisis – that along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, and Turkey – he thinks the U.S. intends to sabotage the state of Syria.

His view is that both Iran and Saudi Arabia need to be involved in the talks at Geneva 2, as both are deeply involved in the situation and crisis in Syria. Because of Saudi Arabia’s backing of mercenaries from many nations and regions around the world in the war – and because Saudi Arabia’s political system is totally opposite of a democracy – most people in Syria are against foreign-backed intervention which has blocked chances for true democratic reforms.

Mr. Ramadani explains that there is a genuine democratic opposition of Syrians, that they are not involved in Geneva 2 while the military opposition is, and that the genuine democratic reform group is against any further destruction of their country. He accurately describes the complexity of the present situation, where a number of groups consists of Saudi/Qatar-backed mercenaries who are committing atrocities, U.S.-backed so-called “moderate” anti-government military forces who have fought with other anti-government groups, and anti-military-solutions Syrians seeking democratic reform through non-violent means.

As the Middle East region is the most important geopolitical, natural resource/energy region of the Earth, it has come as a surprise that few reports coming from Geneva 2, whether directly from the conference and its participants or from news programs and interviews/commentary, get to the source or genesis of the Syrian conflict. To the point, analysis of the humanitarian crisis in Syria rarely includes examination of the factors and significance of natural resources like oil and gas reserves.

Rarely mentioned as well is the competition between western financial systems and the emerging BRICS alliance’ proposed development banking system – competing directly with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and other international financial institutions located in western places like Wall Street and London.

Many analysts consider the conflict in Syria a proxy war between western nations led by the USA, Britain, France, Israel and others against Syria, Iran, Russia, China, etc. These analysts assert that the war is over oil and natural gas, pipelines’ competition between Iran and Qatar who share access to a giant natural gas reserve, and control of routes and distributions and market shares for very large sales to Europe.

So, the basis of actions both military and financial during the past three years in and around Syria – the real reasons for the conflict – are not being discussed in ways that are necessary for a true, just, and concrete resolution leading to peace in Syria, the Middle East, and other nations on Earth.

Until the views held by the most very powerful military, business, and financial entities around the world changes from “us and them” to “us” – the entire human race – the major source of war/conflict will never be completely eliminated. In essence, this means converting the world from one of competition to one of coöperation.

Edward Snowden’s revelations in 2013 are directly related to world competition which has led to wars and conflict up to this day – shown by the current Geneva 2 peace talks. Mr. Snowden’s actions revealed NSA eavesdropping of America’s allies, prime ministers, United Nations officials, and others. In a world where coöperation between people and nations is regarded as more important than continuing to compete – with many resulting negative consequences – Edward Snowden’s actions would never have been felt necessary by him.

George Galloway describes how Ed Snowden is under consideration as a nominee to become Rector of Glasgow University in Scotland, a position which, if Snowden gets nominated and named, would allow him to travel to Scotland without arrest by British law enforcement, because of separate legal systems operated in Scotland and England. Mr. Galloway talks about years past when Yassir Arafat, Winnie Mandela, and Mordecai Vanunu were nominated for Rector at Glasgow University.

Arafat was nominated but didn’t get the position. Winnie Mandela was named Rector but was unable to travel to Scotland – although the publicity overcame laws which disallowed media from publishing her views or photos and helped increase awareness of apartheid in South Africa and sped up its ending. Mr. Vanunu of Israel was named Rector and, although his jaw was wired shut, he was able to write/tell the world about Israel’s development of nuclear weapons.

Perhaps Edward Snowden will be moving to Scotland.

Competition and coöperation have one thing in common: they are both long words beginning with the letter “c”. Whether the most powerful nations, businesses, political and military leaders, and individual citizens choose one or the other as their most powerful motive for actions will make all the difference in the world.


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