“Four Horsemen” Economics Documentary Delivers Bigtime.

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The Revelation of St John: 4. The Four Riders of the Apocalypse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted December 25, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“Four Horsemen” may very well be the most important film of this generation. Written and directed by Ross Ashcroft, the independent documentary delivers an obvious, understandable message with the help of 23 mature experts in the fields of economics, politics, and banking. This writer is not a professional film critic, but I have so much admiration and gratitude to express for the men and women who produced this masterpiece that it is difficult to come up with superlatives to match their efforts.

Number one, everyone must see this film.

Now there are many films, both fictional and non-fiction documentary, which critics point out are “must see”. Perhaps many have come to see such recommendations and, because of previous experience where the quality promised by the reviewer did not live up, walk past for avoidance of disappointments like those of the past. In this case, I would strongly suggest not walking by. Four Horsemen will not disappoint.

If there were one word to describe the film I suppose it would be “mature”. Every man and woman, from those who appeared to those who created this independent artistic achievement, participated at the highest levels of maturity. A video which spoke about the process of making the film, talking to the behind the scenes people who worked and learned while doing it, conveys the feeling of the makers about the seriousness and importance of the film’s ultimate message.

It must be mentioned that a person does not need to have a degree in economics or finance or politics to get the film’s message. As one of the men interviewed in the film pointed out, the world’s economic condition is simple: it boils down to power and democracy. Because of the easily understandable way the film moves, its message is recommended for all audiences. Thus far “Four Horsemen” has been seen over 450,000 times since the producers Renegade Economist posted it on YouTube in September 2013.

If you have already viewed “Four Horsemen” I do not have to tell you to watch it again – that is self-evident. If you have yet to view the film, you simply have to. After viewing it you will find it impossible not to recommend family and friends to become aware of its message. For those who have an interest in cutting to the chase and learning the mechanics of economics and international finance, your ship has come in – this is what you want.

Ross Ashcroft and his dedicated team of filmmakers have smashed a grand slam

These men and women have created a work of artistic achievement of the highest order, raising the bar higher for others who wish to create world-changing masterpieces. “Four Horsemen” successfully conveys thoughts on the world’s biggest ideas, leaving viewers with no excuse for “not knowing” about the falsely described “complexities” of big business, big banking, and opaque economic theory.

The independent film flawlessly matches in potency its final message – that predatory capitalists’ greatest enemy is a self-educated individual, a self-educated society – who reads, understands, and walks with their eyes wide open.

“Four Horsemen” will without a doubt open many millions of pairs of eyes, in a manner that is very, very wide.

World wide.


(Thank you to Renegade Economist @ YouTube)

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