Hawaii Island GMO Ban Heard Around The World.

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Satellite view of Hawaii archipellago (USA). Français : Vue satellite de l’archipel d’Hawaï (États-Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted December 19, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

On December 6 Hawaii Island Mayor Billy Kenoi signed Bill 113, banning GMO crops from the island. News of the legislative action by the Hawaiian people quickly led to positive reactions from an increasing number of men and women around the world who have awakened to the problems and dangers of GMO foods.

Passage of Bill 113, originally drafted by Hawaii councilwoman and attorney Margaret Wille, is an example of true democracy in action – in a process that began in May 2013 culminating in the GMO ban. The citizens of Hawaii Island have given people around the world encouragement in their efforts to maintain a healthy and nutritious food supply on the Earth, and will no doubt lead to similar legislation becoming written, debated, and passed in cities, counties, states, and nations around the world.

One of the strongest reasons for passage of Bill 113 on Hawaii Island, with its 12-month growing season, was the preservation of organic farms’ pristine certifications. If an organically certified farm becomes contaminated through cross-pollination of GMO from a neighboring farm, there is a very good chance the organic farmer will lose his certification as “organic”, jeopardizing sales to consumers and nations who want organic food only.

With the increasing worldwide trend by countries and food consumers toward labeling or outright banishment of GMO foods/crops, along with a higher demand for organic, Hawaii Island firmly decided to protect what will become an increasing share of the world’s agricultural sales – non-GMO, organic food. So, Bill 113 protects both the health and well-being of Hawaiian citizens in insuring good food, while looking out for the economic future paradigm shift toward organic.

There are strong indications pointing to a severe downturn in sales of GMO foods/crops around the world moving forward. Biotech industry suppression of the truth regarding the negative health effects humans and animals experience from eating GMO foods has become ineffective, as recent long-term studies have shown rats fed GMOs suffering from a variety of very serious health problems – including cancer.

All nations and regions around the world would exhibit wisdom by requiring GMO labeling, long-term studies by independent scientists, and moratoriums or outright banning. This is a wisdom that first, and most importantly, looks out for the health and well-being of citizens, animals, and all life forms, and second, looks at the devastating negative economic consequences of decreased future sales in the world’s agricultural marketplace.

One can look at the passage of Bill 113 in Hawaii as the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” for those who have been pro-GMO. Perhaps the most direct way to say this is as follows.

You may want to seriously consider selling any stocks you own that read Monsanto.


The following video is of a short speech by Bill 113’s author, councilwoman and attorney Margaret Wille from May 25, 2013. Thank you Ms. Wille and all the men and women from Hawaii who showed the rest of the world what true democracy looks like.