Fukushima Coverup?

Reactor control room at Fukushima 1 nuclear po...
Reactor control room at Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant in Japan This photo was taken on June 23, 1999 during a tour of the plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted December 14, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

I came across some information about the Fukushima nuclear disaster that made me think about whether the people of the world have been given the truth.  According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission‘s (NRC) communications obtained from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filings, of emails and phone conversations between high-level NRC officials after the disaster on 3/11/11, there may have been a coverup of massive radioactive emissions.

Research of the FOIA communications of NRC by Tony Muga, whose pen name is Hatrick Penry, has led him to assert that, in direct contradiction of the official story that the dangers from reactor #4 are being dealt with today, what occurred days after the March 2011 disaster was the release of a radioactive plume from Fukushima after spent fuel at reactor #4 lost cooling water, and the worst case scenario happened – an amount equal to ten Chernobyls worth of radioactivity was released into the atmosphere.

I will leave it to readers to examine the information that Tony Muga has compiled and make up their own minds about his assertions. Mr. Muga has suggested that he has not made up this story – that the NRC’s own records clearly make the case for a coverup of historic dimensions – and asks that men and women look at the NRC’s FOIA information directly.

This is the first I have heard of this claim of a Fukushima coverup. After visiting Mr. Muga’s website and looking at articles on this I have decided to share the information here. The following video is of a recent radio interview on “The Lifeboat Hour” by Michael Ruppert of Tony Muga (Hatrick Penry). My intuition tells me what Mr. Muga is asserting is the truth. My intuition may be wrong. Or it may be right.

If wrong, the biggest coverup in history did not occur in Fukushima. If Mr. Muga’s research has led him to make an accurate assertion, then many times more radiation than has been reported – which reports a very significant amount – was released from Fukushima and kept from the awareness of the people of the world.

It is up to you to decide about the accuracy of this story. To research Tony Muga’s Fukushima articles, his website is hatrickpenry.wordpress.com. For videos visit YouTube channel – Hatrick Penry.

6 thoughts on “Fukushima Coverup?

  1. I think it’s not necessarily and either/or here. The “cover-up” in my mind started with Chernobyl, and an effort by Russia, the US and their European allies to minimize all the deaths and serious illness that resulted from Chernobyl.

    Nearly a million people died prematurely as a result of Chernobyl. All this was carefully documented by Russian scientists whose work was translated into English by the New York Academy of science in 2009 (see http://www.tucradio.org/Yablokov_Chernobylbook.pdf).

    What’s important about Fukushima is that 1) 3 and possibly 4 of the reactors experienced core meltdown and thus produced at least as much radiation as Chernobyl 2) all of Tokyo was contaminated (as evidenced by dropping blood counts of Tokyo children) and should be evacuated.3) airborne radiation from the initial meltdowns reached the US West Coast and caused an immediate spike in infant mortality and 4) TEPCO is allowing nuclear contaminated water to leak into the ocean. The entire North Pacific is potentially contaminated – the only way to ensure North Pacific fish isn’t irradiated is to check it with a Gieger counter before you eat it.

    The US government and nuclear industry also do the public an enormous disservice by claiming that small levels of radiation exposure are safe. That’s not true. The effects of radiation exposure are cumulative. In other words they add up over a lifetime. Americans already experiencing far too much exposure in daily life (dental xrays, CAT scans, mammograms, jet flights, etc. now face the risk of additional exposure from Fukushima


    1. Stuart,
      How are you. My first thought was of all the radiation poisoning from above ground nuclear testing. Is it any wonder cancer has become so widespread. Penry has a ton of FOIA info and read enough to make me think unit 4 sent massive radiation out, and was covered up. God only knows what the extent of other nuclear coverups has been. Have heard reports of actors and other wealthy people moving out of LA to southern hemisphere. Very rough situation.


  2. Positively negative

    The writing has been clearly written on the wall. Since childhood it was apparent that people will always take the path of least resistance . We’re easily bought . There are no innocents when it comes to greed. Maybe we all pay the piper now. Very complicated mess society is in I would say! Unsustainable comes to mind, thinning out the vegetables so to speak. Fortune cookie “says” Godzilla has left the reactor but don’t worry there’s a sale at Walmart.


    1. Douglas,
      Nice to meet you. Fukushima was very tough to witness. Learning of the cover up is salt on the wound. One can see how TEPCO made the decision to cover up. The damage was already done, they looked at their options, saw that if the truth was told they would have been sued into bankruptcy, and chose to lie in an effort to stay in business. Perhaps this major disaster will spur significant worldwide investment in solar, wind, hemp bio-fuels, and other renewables. Very sad, difficult thing to witness and deal with. People need to keep the faith that better days are coming, even though it is challenging at times. Positive thinking helps in keeping one healthy.
      Thanks for your comments. Stop by any time.


      1. Positively negative

        Thanks for the welcome jerry, but I’m not very optimistic . Time will tell though. We’ve learnt nothing and history continues to repeat itself, But the scale increases . Must go now and shovel off the roof before the burden of snow collapse’s it. Pardon the pun


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