Critical Mass: Toward A Peaceful, Just, Sustainable, Sane World.

Listening To The Sound of Peace Under The Sunset
Listening To The Sound of Peace Under The Sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted December 15, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Are the men, women, and children living on this Earth all members of one human family? When one thinks about the question one enters into the perennial, essential area of thought which makes all the difference in shaping reality in the world. Without going into the millions of theories proposed by men and women through history about the true meaning of life and existence, the fact remains that every single person has come to live and co-exist in this generation.

Humanity has evolved through the centuries of many paradigm shifts and changes in ways of living, generations living and dying – contributing in all ways to the circumstances passed on to the next generation – and creating the paradigms for the young ones to live in. What is the type of world we pass on to the next generations going to be? Does humanity have a choice in the matter? Yes, it is up to the human race to create the world in ways that would benefit those who inherit the Earth.

Every day more people around the world are coming to understand that a better world is within reach. What is going to become the difference, what is going to offer the requisite catalyst for taking actions which result in a better world, is a sufficient number of people – a critical mass – to know for a fact that we are all brothers and sisters on this Earth. There is a perception that the world is composed of single nations with names, and that these created boundaries called nations are somehow not related.

Perhaps a more accurate perception is that each person is a member of not a synthetic creation called a nation, but a member of the human family – the one human family. And that understanding is what leads to the ongoing and rapidly increasing intensity of evolution happening now around the Earth. And because of this profound evolutionary leap by mankind there will come soon a point of decision – between God and money. My belief is that humanity will choose the Creator/God over money, and bring about a situation on Earth where historical problems – war, greed, starvation, homelessness, harm, hate, etc. – will become dealt with and eliminated, once and for all time.

Love of money is the head of the snake that will soon be challenged worldwide and defeated. The love of money, where people serve themselves and not their brothers and sisters in the family of man, finds its greatest example in the world of international banking cartels, where financial organizations’ major emphasis is profiting at the expense of persons and governments of all sizes. Debt-based monetary systems have produced inestimable hardships for the world’s people for centuries, and people are now thinking there are better ways – ways which place the health and well-being of all at the forefront.

Monetary reforms which remove the predatory nature of interest, a monetary system which includes public banking at national levels in countries around the world, would allow for a dramatic increase in standards of living across the planet. It would create true democracy or all, not just the select few who control international finance today. There will be profound increases in egalitarianism, social equality, brotherhood, peace, and justice on Earth.

At present the world’s nations and people face debt which can never be repaid, all because the financial cartels have said “you can’t have your own national banks, you have to borrow at interest from us.” Those at the top rung of these money monopolies show no concern for their brothers and sisters around the world, the essential motivating force is profits derived from the people and natural resources of the planet. In their minds if this calls for indebtedness of governments to the point of austerity, overthrowing democratically elected leaders through assassinations or coups, or outright mass murder in the form of wars of aggression, then these people have historically taken those actions.


This is a form of insanity that the people of the world are simply tired of experiencing. The insanity is fully concentrated in its most extreme measure in the privately owned central banks of the world. It is the world’s “head of the snake” as many have come to call it, including Ken O’Keefe – the man interviewed in the following video – which perpetuates the status-quo, insane nature of living on Earth. It is a system which shows itself as not the best way forward – where domination and control of nations and people becomes practiced instead of coöperation and brotherhood between the world’s people.

Ken O’Keefe hosts a weekly program about the Middle East on the internet at The People’s Voice TV. He can also be found on YouTube at his Ken O’Keefe channel.

Change begins with the realization that all men, women, and children on this Earth are brothers and sisters in the family of man.


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