Cleantech Stimulates Renewable Energy Growth

Excellent article which explains in detail why solar energy, wind energy, and other renewables are rapidly growing segments of total energy production – with a worldwide energy paradigm shift around the corner.

JBS News Renewable Energy

by Zachary Shahan.

Senior editor at the outstanding progressive news outlet AlterNet, Tara Lohan, recently contacted me because she was writing a story on “which developments in clean tech are the most promising in terms of making renewable energy more prevalent.” She asked if I had any suggestions. If you know me and know how easy it is to get me to go on a monologue about clean energy and electric cars, you already know that I responded at length. Tara actually ended up making the 3-page article more or less an interview piece. It’s a very good read, imho, and she does well to add some other points and perspective, so I recommend checking it out.

Of course, I provided far more commentary than would be utilized in that story, but I didn’t want it to “go to waste,” so I am reposting my comments below…

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