New Year’s 2014 Resolution: “Unite Mankind.”

Posted December 12, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

In a few weeks the new year 2014 will arrive. One obvious tradition which a lot of people partake in when at this time – New Year’s resolutions. It’s all about becoming determined to solve one’s particular problems, or for groups, to become determined to solve the problems of many people. So there are those who resolve to make changes in their personal lives and that is the focus. Quitting smoking, cutting down or quitting drinking alcohol, exercising more, eating higher quality foods, and losing extra weight are some of the more popular resolutions.

Others make resolutions of a more philosophical nature like eliminating worry, treating others with more kindness, or acting more honestly and fairly with the people in their lives. Young people may make up their minds to keep their rooms neater, or to get better grades in school by devoting more time to study, or spending more time practicing on their musical instruments and the sports they would like to get more proficient at.

Other resolutions have to do with using time more efficiently by spending less time watching mindless television programs, more time devoted to hobbies or volunteerism, or learning new languages or skills. The one thing which resolutions have in common is that they are viewed as ways to live a better, higher quality of life. They all will require a change of thinking to accomplish, a new way of thinking. Some people rarely if ever make resolutions, yet for those who make and accomplish them, a new – ideally and many times better – way of thinking and living has been brought about in reality and experienced.

So then logic tells us that making resolutions for a new year is most assuredly a good thing for people.

Whether the good changes come at a personal level, with the radius of influence coming from the changes reaching a short distance including oneself, family, friends, and the people the person meets face to face, or the radius is longer reaching a wider “audience”, so to speak, is not of the greatest importance. What is worthy of  appreciation is that life has become better for people, the originator of the resolutions included.

Making resolutions are to be seen as essentially a courageous action – as most are aware, breaking long-held habits, whether they be physical, mental, or spiritual, is many times easier said than done. Frequently resolutions are listed only to become forgotten and abandoned, and no changes become realized. Many times men and women are able to develop the discipline needed to accomplish resolution goals, and gain the experiencing of good benefits as a result.

Whether your goals for 2014 have their focus on personal change or the extent of the changes you choose to pursue involve more people, a handful or the whole of humanity, may we wish all people the best intentions for the successful reaching of all those goals. When the topic of resolutions comes up in discussion in the coming days make sure to give great encouragement to people. Be determined to tell people that “you can do it” and “I’m happy for you – great resolutions”, simply taking the opportunity to express your gladness that another person is thinking of making good changes.

“…for a conscious being, to exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

Henri Bergson (1859-1941)

In the following video we are given examples of people and the organizations they are working with in the process of continual resolution – an ongoing determination to lift the world’s men, women, and children to a higher place where justice and human rights become visible and experiential. Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) made resolutions. The resolutions he made had their focus on a large radius of the human family, and because those goals did not match the agendas of others of those days, he paid the ultimate price for his determination to achieve those goals.

The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights has recently celebrated 30 years of annual awards for men and women around the Earth making a good difference for human rights. The men and women awardees during those 30 years are people who have not achieved fame, glamour or fortune, but have in their lifetimes made “resolutions” to make good changes come about. Most every person who makes resolutions for 2014 will not achieve fame or fortune, but, as RFK thought, have the real opportunity to make a good difference.

One can only imagine if the world’s collective resolution for the year 2014 was to “Unite Mankind”… 

“…Change is the nursery of musicke, joy, life, and eternity.”

– John Donne (1573-1631)


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(Video source: RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights channel – YouTube)

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