2014: A New World Manifesto.

Victor Hugo
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Posted December 11, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Manifesto is defined as a “public declaration of motives and intentions by a government or by a person or group regarded as having some public importance”. Now, what do I mean by “2014 New World Manifesto”, and what is the purpose of this post? I am trying to start a fire which circles the Earth – I am asking for every man and woman, in every nation, to create their own personal “2014 New World Manifesto”, publish it on the internet, and ask others in their spheres of contact to do the same.

In essence my suggestion is that men and women publish what they would like to see the world become in the year 2014. What changes should be implemented on Earth, in your view? What can be done to make the world a better place here and now – in this generation? Can you list all the thoughts you have had recently that are feasible, improving, beneficial, and only require the sufficient human will to bring to reality?

Your ideas may be about endings or beginnings or reforms of any of a wide range of human activities – from relatively impactful to greatly impactful for the whole human race. Call this exercise in creativity a “worldwide brainstorm”, if you will, carried out in the coming days before the year 2014 is here. Perhaps more impact from your manifesto would be made if it was published on New Year’s Day 2014, and, combined with the rest of the men and women who decide to create one, will inspire a firestorm of creativity around the world – the likes of which the internet has never before seen.

Imagine humanity collectively stating what they want the world to be.

Such a concept has never been attempted before. It is a new concept.

As in New World.

Think about it.

Imagine the world experiencing a flood of great ideas which will make life better for all people on this Earth – all coming at once, from great people who want to really, really make a good difference in this lifetime. From people who know in their blood and bones and heart that we as people of the Earth can create such great conditions for this generation and all future generations. Not in the year 2020 or 2050 or… but in the year 2014.

Make it a fun experience. Ask your young sons and daughters what kind of world they would like and put their responses in your manifesto. Make a video of your friends, family, and neighbors answering the question, “what would you like the world to be like in 2014?” Ask people if they’ve got their 2014 New World Manifesto done and published before January 1, 2014. Steal someone else’s manifesto and publish it. Pay a college student to write one for you. Have your dog or cat paint one for you. Tell your wife that you will never again leave the toilet seat up if she helps you put it together – and that every new clothing item she buys will always look “great” – forever. Tell your husband that you will never, ever again ask him to switch the TV to the Knitting Channel while his football team is playing.

So folks, just having some fun here. There are times when men and women who are concerned about their fellow human beings around the planet need to balance the very serious thinking about issues with a little light-hearted humor, as laughter is good medicine.

“An invasion of armies can be resisted; an invasion of ideas cannot be resisted.”

– Victor Hugo (1802-1885) French writer

Is a paradigm-changing positive future something that the people of Earth would vote for? The answer is an obvious yes. Maybe you are a visionary who has not yet become aware of it. Who is to say that a person does not have the same “stuff” as those men and women who have made significant differences through history? The only way one finds out is if they take a shot at creating and explaining ideas which have the potential to bring about real, concrete change.

1. Declare peace on Earth.

The vast, vast majority of people do not wish to see the continuance of war. The percentage could safely be estimated at 99.9%. There are a handful of people in the world, maybe in the hundreds, who are responsible for the wars occurring at any time – a situation which has been existent for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. The .1% consists of monarchs, religions, politicians, bankers, and the ultra-wealthy corporate leaders who put profits over the people, many times through history at the expense of many innocent lives.

2. Make war a crime.

Through history those who have initiated wars and killing on false pretenses, through lies and so-called “false-flag” operations, all for the true purpose of natural resource extraction and/or wealth creation, need to be held accountable and punished just as the small criminal who commits an assault and battery to rob a woman of her purse. High government position, or a position of power and great wealth, does not absolve a person who unjustly harms innocent human beings, and those persons must face true justice just like everyone else.

3. End privately-owned central banking on Earth, replacing with public banks.

Given that human beings are in the situation where money is necessary, all nations should abolish private central banks which have somehow placed themselves in the power position regarding money’s creation and quantity control. Each nation should establish central banks as public utility institutions, under the control of the people, with no-interest loans when the citizens need them. No longer will private banks place nations in positions of overwhelming debt through billions of dollars of questionable loans, leading to austerity measures which reduce the expenditures on health, education, and other beneficial spending for the people.

4. Reduce or eliminate public and private debt.

Because public and private debts have come about because of usurious practices of banks for centuries, those debts should be either greatly reduced or forgiven. In the case of public debt each country should conduct extensive audits of each contract from lenders which have been completed, and which constitute their total debt, to identify “odious debt”, that portion of the nation’s debt which was incurred without helping the people, and where the government official and lender both knew the loan proceeds would not benefit the people. All people should receive rebates for payments made on loans, credit cards, and other loan transactions which were/are of the compound interest variety.

5. Banish genetically modified organisms (GMO) from the Earth.

GMO foods are dangerous for humans, animals, and all life forms. Leaders have failed to hear the voices of the people calling for GMO banishment – in the millions all around the world, repeatedly protesting to stop production – and it is time to bring GMO to an end. For the sake of all living things, threatened with genetic mutations from profit-making creations without any risk assessment whatsoever, humanity needs to protect the God-given food abundance which every life-form needs for survival. Allowance of technology which is totally inferior to the Creator’s has been perhaps one of the greatest errors mankind has ever committed. When the ages-old practice of farmers’ saving seeds for the following year’s planting is curtailed, any sensible leader would become aware of the tremendous error in continuing to allow GMOs, and do the right thing in calling for GMO banishment.

6. Much faster world transition to renewable energy.

Given the incomprehensible damage done by the events at Fukushima, damage which is still occurring today, and which will be a major problem for many years to come, the world must put great effort into installing renewable energy production at massive levels. Legislation which mirrors that passed in Germany which brought about very significant increases in solar, wind, and other alternative energies should be passed in the USA as soon as possible. This would result in citizens’ ability to produce their own energy, eventually free energy, with the possibility of making money through production of more energy than used.

7. Make humanity the top priority.

Create a situation worldwide where there is an acknowledgement of the essential equal worth of every single man, woman, and child without exception. Encourage the development of philosophical thought which teaches that what is experienced by humans is the responsibility of mankind, consistent with the spiritual concept of “whatever you do to the least among you, you do to me”, expressed by Jesus. Every person should be guaranteed food, shelter, and clothing – the basics of survival with dignity. As money is necessary exploring a guaranteed income for every person is suggested, and should be seriously considered to eliminate poverty, starvation, and homelessness.

8. Eliminate national boundaries.

To foster brotherhood and the intensification of the human family concept the lines created to separate nations should be eliminated.

9. A world government body in the form of the United Nations.

All nations should agree to join a world supra-national governing institution, a one world government, to insure the greatest control of so-called “rogue states” acting in unilateral ways which do not reflect the will of the majority of the Earth’s people. Each nation will have voting power equal to their nation’s fraction of the total world population, with true democracy always being the focus of the world institution. Each nation will be responsible for contributing to a world police force, which will be stationed in the most strategic locations around the planet to respond to war/criminal activities promptly. People’s representatives will consist of 50% appointed and 50% elected, all representatives given equal weight in voting equivalent to their nation’s percentage of the world’s population.

A world level justice system will have jurisdiction over all criminal prosecutions covering the entire Earth. A world supreme court could consist of 50-100 justices elected by the United Nations’ appointed and elected representatives.

10. 100%/total transparency / the end of secrets and secret operations.

This condition will be a naturally increasing one when major reforms on Earth are established. As time moves forward the state of affairs which found some needing to keep important information and actions from the awareness of the people will evolve to a point where secrecy will plainly no longer be necessary.

11. Arts, culture, and media education will focus on raising human consciousness.

Required course in the great philosophers, comparative religious/spiritual traditions, and speech communications to encourage higher consciousness and greater understanding between the world’s diverse cultures and societies. Greater emphasis on positive, uplifting artistic productions of all types, as opposed to negative, consciousness lowering messages. Encouragement of truth telling as opposed to producing works which are false and purposefully misleading.

12. A world project to bring free energy to all people.

An effort to find and develop on a large scale the newest and secreted technologies and inventions which produce energy from various sources, then manufacturing and distributing the most efficient and best products to all people. Free energy would allow people to move from urban to rural areas and be self-sufficient, more in touch with the natural world and natural rhythms of the seasons, at the same time increasing the total human appreciation and respect for the sacredness of Earth and all living things.

This is a first draft of my “2014 New World Manifesto”. This will be an ongoing project with more information added in the future, as well as continued editing, as the world is ever-evolving. We’ll see if the idea gets any “traction” and shows up at internet spots around the Earth. Maybe it will make people a little more aware of what others around the planet are thinking about, at the least. Perhaps some young men or women will become inspired to publish some excellent ideas that surpass my own with regard to detailed analysis and feasibility, and general excellence, at the higher levels of possible outcomes.

Although results of this post which include surpassing of my ideas could be damaging to my fragile ego, to be totally honest with you, I would truly be absolutely delighted.


The following video is of a speech given at a spirituality conference in India by Dr. Leo Rebello around New Year’s Day 2013. I resonated with his message and it played a role in my idea for this post. Perhaps you will find some inspiration from listening to Dr. Rebello’s words…

for your “2014 New World Manifesto”.

(Video source: Dr. Leo Rebello channel – YouTube)

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