Allah Loves His Human Family.

Religion (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

Posted December 2, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

It is gratifying to find that there are men and women from around the world willing to gather and engage in dialogue about peace and brotherhood. What is especially good to see is the coming together of spiritual leaders from the major world traditions/religions to share ideas on ways to bring about a more peaceful world, agreeing that words are fine and good, but that actions which result in real, observable consequences on the ground are needed at this time.

In this video Dennis Wholey hosts a program covering “The Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions”. In a little less than a half-hour he interviews a number of people from around the Earth who traveled to attend the Congress, and the viewer gets an idea of what occurred there. It should come as no surprise that spiritual leaders would assert that violence can not solve conflicts – only good dialogue can bring people and groups together peacefully.

Although war and violence are still occurring on Earth, progress is possible – and is happening – through constructive dialogue which focuses on the qualities and desires that unite all people everywhere. One person interviewed suggests that at such gatherings there is a certain amount of “preaching to the choir”, and that spiritual leaders must speak out loud and clear, when away from the “choir”, against injustice and violence wherever it takes place. Another man points out to Dennis Wholey that the world’s media are not making the words and ideas about peace from religious leaders available to the people.

The idea is shared that dialogue and reconciliation is the preferred option over violence to settle differences, an option that is always available and results in the best outcomes. One of the interviewees mentions that those who are using violence and war have not practiced true spirituality according to their professed religion, failing to focus on peace and brotherhood, humility, and respect – while never harming/abusing another human being.

So, because I agree that the media has not covered or reported the messages of the religious leaders around the world, I am sharing this video message here. One can only wonder why this video has received less than a hundred views at YouTube. Perhaps through sharing it here the “good, useful message”, as the leader from Afghanistan put it, will come to be viewed and appreciated by more people around the world.

Whether the people from all nations and regions of the Earth are aware of it or not, spiritual leaders have been working together to come up with plans to bring about peace in the diverse lands around the world. In my view this is a positive step forward for humanity, and as long as men and women who have true compassion and concern for their fellow brothers and sisters speak out loud and clear, no matter what religious tradition one adheres to, the world’s people will stand to become helped by experiencing more peace and brotherhood in their daily lives.

When enough good men and women speak out loudly and aggressively for peace and dialogue in the world, then we may see the entire human race come to know, as the spiritual leader from Afghanistan said, that…

“Allah loves his human family.”


(Video source: ThisIsAmerica TV channel – YouTube)



6 thoughts on “Allah Loves His Human Family.

  1. Years ago, when Sting released his song with the line about “hoping the Russian’s loved their children too,” I thought, well of course they do, at least most parents do. It just struck me as odd to even wonder about that.
    No offense to Sting, the song was more about finding a way to have hope that neither Super power would resort to nuclear weapons.


    1. Debra,
      How are you. Your commenting about Sting makes me feel like listening to some of his music @ YouTube. He mixes in some pretty neat spiritual messages to the songs. On a different oddity, it seems odd that there aren’t more TV shows and reports on spiritual topics such as world peace, ending starvation, homelessness, etc. Come to think of it the last politician that I remember who emphasized world peace was JFK. For “leaders” not to mention world peace is another phenomenon that strikes one as odd.


      1. So true..why are marginalizing peace, you have to wonder!
        I think many political leaders are too insulated from life to really care.
        And, dare I say it, even spiritual leaders are inclined to insist that peace is an inside job, inferring that the responsibility for creating peace lies within the individual. Well, yes, that’s partly true, but the people with the megaphones and the power to make decisions that affect other’s lives have a heck of a lot of responsibility too.
        Peace Jerry!


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