The True Basis Of Spirituality.

spirituality shelf
spirituality shelf (Photo credit: professor megan)

Posted December 1, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

In this world of over 7 billion people there are bound to be some misunderstandings and false perceptions. There are times when one thinks that life on Earth may have become one giant misunderstanding, a sense that any man or woman who has become involved with trying to solve problems can relate to.

An example from personal experience comes to mind. I remember sitting next to a man in a bar where the conversation turned to Native American issues. I had never met this young man and will never forget his saying “the Indians broke every one of the treaties”. For some reason, probably because my parents very rarely expressed anger – I can’t remember seeing my father angry – I didn’t respond to this clearly irrational statement from the man. He had somehow come to believe a totally opposite-of-the-truth opinion, when the truth is it was the US government who broke every one of the hundreds of treaties with the Native Americans.

Similar examples of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and forms of ignorance are found around the world, and people are thankful that correct information is now readily available to reduce the number of false perceptions. For some odd reason the amount of human misunderstanding and ignorance in the realm of spiritual traditions has been unfortunately at higher levels than necessary or proper.

Through the centuries there has been a great amount of war, death, and suffering initiated by those who claim that they are followers of certain spiritual traditions. In America we find the genocidal practices of the newly arrived white man, holding “a bible in one hand and a musket in the other”. Since those times centuries ago to this day, examples abound of wars and killing, horrible atrocities committed by leaders who claim that “God is on our side”.

During those centuries of “God on our side” wars and great suffering, the war of words, where spiritual traditions and their adherents have been the victims of lies, propaganda, and character assassination, has been fought/carried out simultaneously. This state of affairs has done humanity irreparable harm, while at the same time making perhaps the greatest error of failing to acknowledge the profound, mirrored truths contained in every spiritual tradition on Earth.

Although people may not have earned certain academic credentials through intense study of religion, philosophy, etc., those who have exerted some effort to learn about the various spirit traditions on Earth see the basic agreements in their respective philosophical views. It seems that the time has come to end any type of debate over whose tradition is right and whose tradition is wrong. Any person with a small amount of sanity remaining will know that the term “religious war” makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and must be tossed into the garbage heap of history, never again to resurface.

Each tradition is one facet of the diamond that is Earth spirituality.

There is some debate, a debate probably unnecessary and counter-productive, over who was more influential – Jesus Christ or Muhammad or Buddha. My personal view is that all three were highly enlightened, spiritually advanced persons who had learned truth and wisdom which they shared with others. It comes as no surprise that what these men advocated, as well as other spiritually advanced men and women, resulted in many millions of people agreeing and forming groups all around the world.

It is obvious that Jesus Christ, Muhammad, and Buddha would never go along with war, killing, violence, and human suffering, coming from actions by those who falsely claim to hold the spiritual views of these enlightened historic figures. It is obvious that those who claim themselves as adherents to the highest human principles advocated by the enlightened spiritual masters, and commit warring and killing actions, are what some have come to call “false prophets”.

In this video we hear from a man named Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri, in a speech at the Global Peace and Unity gathering – GPU 2013. I was looking for speeches delivered at peace conferences and found this emotional speech. In it we learn that those who are adherents of true Islam, based on the teachings of Muhammad, would have nothing to do with either personal or state terrorism – the killing of innocent human beings. It is a powerful speech that I came to view as important to share for the elimination of misunderstanding and ignorance on Earth.

The time has come to end separation between the great spiritual traditions in the world. It is time for humanity to acknowledge the common, good values of all spiritually motivated men and women in every nation and region.