Earth, America, Solar Power, And Arthur Schopenhauer.

Hermann Scheer 2005
Hermann Scheer 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted November 27, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer

First, solar energy, along with wind energy, is free energy. Why is it that no world leader has suggested that every citizen in every nation, especially the United States, have access to free energy from solar, wind, biogas, and other renewable energies? Now, let me be clear here. I am talking about a situation where no person will pay for electricity, ever again.

Let me begin with a short discussion about what it means to become an elected representative of the people. I think we can all agree that ideally a government representative of the people has the job of making life better for his constituents. There may be some debate as to whether John F. Kennedy’s suggestion that men complete a mission to land on the moon resulted in life being better for the American people. One could say that there were a number of valuable, life-enhancing technological developments which came about through the effort to send a man to the moon.

Leaving the moon landing debate aside, whether it was worth it because of the scientific discoveries that occurred in the effort, what I would like to do here is compare the big idea of sending a man to the moon to the big idea of providing every citizen on Earth with free power/electricity.  What I am suggesting is that free energy comes from the sun and wind, and there is no reason to not believe that every citizen should have use of that free energy.

Solar, wind, and other renewable energies are free.

The documentary in this post, “Here Comes The Sun”, came out in 2008-9, and shows the tremendous potential of solar energy even some years ago. At that time the promise of solar energy technologies had already been discovered and proven to be practical. Hermann Scheer, the man who almost single-handedly initiated a green revolution in his native country of Germany before passing away in 2010, plainly stated in the film that the “solar debate is over.”

Now, he said this 5 years ago.

My focus here is to express my disappointment that the unbelievably profound potential of solar and wind energy is not being utilized to the point where every single man, woman, and child on Earth is using it. In the simplest way of saying it, solar and wind energy can power the entire world – all of humanity. And my simple question is: why is this possibility not being pursued with an intense vigor that matches the truly profound and possible reality?

Perhaps the man from Jordan in this documentary answered that simple question. He offered the choice for humanity of living in a world where compassion and concern for one’s fellow-man is the reality pursued, or the other option of continuing the status-quo where special interests receive the bulk of the power and influence moving forward. His reasoning and expression of that choice, which is the true choice for humanity now, is right on the money and reflects the actual energy situation on Earth.

Even though this documentary came out in 2008-9, its impact is perhaps even more powerful in 2013 because it exposes how disappointing has been the worldwide effort to implement such life transforming technology everywhere. Hermann Scheer said that a rapid renewable energy revolution is possible. He said that investments in traditional energy industries like oil, nuclear, coal, etc. will become poor investments because renewable energies are the future.

To the point, there is no longer any argument or debate about solar, wind, and other renewable energies. It is time for world leaders to get with the program and start the ball rolling to gratefully accept the Creator/God’s gift of solar and wind energy. Certainly the traditional energy industries like oil, coal, nuclear, and others will become, as Hermann Scheer stated, “superfluous”.

It is time for humanity to choose the path that leads to a less polluted, less energy resource war-prone, more just and peaceful world. A better world where the citizens of the Earth lead improved lives with less violence, less spending on weapons, wars and killing, less separation between nations and people, and an increase in coöperation and brotherhood worldwide, is possible and waiting for the human race to take and make real.

A better world is possible. All humanity has to do is choose the good path.


(Video source: Global Climate News channel @ YouTube)



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11 thoughts on “Earth, America, Solar Power, And Arthur Schopenhauer.

  1. Hi Jerry. As being a proponent and solar pioneer myself, I deeply appreciate and I’m invigorated by these posts on renewable energy. Thank you. Keep up the good work.


    1. Bruce,
      Nice to meet you. So Hermann Scheer is a hero of yours, like he is to many. Just as there were the Manhattan Project and effort to go to the moon, there’s no reason every home shouldn’t have solar and wind energy. It’s a tough battle against oil, nuclear, and coal. How has your solar pioneering experience been, and what do you see as possible?


        1. Most of the photos are taken by myself or my wife, although some have been taken by my friend Charles Brandt, and occasionally I search the web for a special photo – like for one of the earth or of Nelson Mandela, fro example.Your welcome to use some of my photos if you feel the need, although please credit myself or Charles.


      1. I have been passionate about this since the energy crisis of the 70’s, when I did a high school slide presentation about solar energy … so be prepared for the long answer. 🙂

        In terms of Big Oil and Nuclear, they have had their big chance with massive subsidies, and now is the time to turn the tables, like Hermann Scheer helped Germany do. A remarkably happy ending to the Marshall Plan, isn’t it?

        I agree that most homes can utilize solar energy, unless completely shaded by other buildings or trees, etc. Many homes have substantial access to some degree of sunlight, for either part or all of the year – it depends on their climate, latitude, and landscape. For example, much of the “poor world” is located in the “sun rich” tropics. Wind energy is a bit more site specific and complicated, as we have discovered with our own wind turbine. Put it this way – it’s not as user friendly as solar. I personally believe it is possibly more appropriate at a larger scale via wind-farms. on the other hand, their are success stories of home scaled wind power.

        Our small home was built in 1978, using a passive solar design of south facing windows. The solar photo voltaic array has grown from 100 watts in 1982, to 1 kw today . We have also utilized a passive 40 gallon solar batch water heater since 1985. We had a 300 watt wind turbine, until the tower collapsed 2 years ago in a climate change event (extreme 150 km/hr winds). A 1 kw micro hydro turbine is now also utilized, and it runs for 8 months of the year.
        We do use about 50lbs. of propane and 25 to 40 gallons of gasoline each year for a back-up generator and a few other needs. We also require about 2 cords of firewood each year.

        Over the years, I have also built or purchased 4 or 5 models of solar cookers, and I have collaborated with a few different organizations to help promote solar cooking with indigenous groups in poorer countries.

        As to the possibilities? Well how about these – Homes everywhere, as net energy producers. Solar ovens, built into south facing kitchens. Africa, no longer a continent that is in the dark.

        Personal vehicles, integrated into the home power unit, as a battery bank for the home and the grid. Home solar greenhouses and gardens, giving every household on the planet some level of food self sufficiency.

        Nega-watts replacing mega watts, or in other words, energy efficiency and conservation as the new norm.

        All this is possible – we can do it, so let’s do it.

        Thanks for asking for my input Jerry … peace,



        1. Bruce,
          Thanks for your response. Kind of ironic the small town I’m in had an hour long power outage today. Yes, the people without electricity around the world could easily be helped by continually less expensive solar energy technology. Have a good one.


          1. I’m taking the week off from paid work Jerry, so lucky me! I’m going to work in the garden a bit and do a few other chores, & in general appreciate the world.

            In terms of power outages, occasionally when I head to town and the power is off, I’m always taken a-back, because this hasn’t happened to us.

            We have two off-grid scenarios:

            1.Our system is operating with all the power we need, and a surplus. This allows us to let the woodstove go out and the charging system is diverted to a few radiant heaters.

            2. If we have many cloudy days when the stream is also running low, we are required to run the gas generator for 1/2hr/day.Then we go on extra conserver mode by cooking with propane, and are we are more careful to turn things off. This happens maybe maybe 45 days a year, usually in the summer months.

            We are making plans to double our solar array to 2 kilowatts, to eliminate fossil fuels almost completely (except for our transportation needs). I even have a future dream about having an electric vehicle that we could plug into the system, though this is likely too expensive for us.

            Over 35 years, we have alrerady invested about $35,000 into the electrical system, including efficient LED’s & CFL’s lighting and fan, the solar water heater, an efficient Danish fridge, and 3 gas generators (in 35 years), etc.

            On the other hand, we have never had an electric bill, except for a few years when we also rented an apartment for my wife’s work and education in another city.

            To a person who says renewable energy doesn’t work or it’s too expensive I would say this – From my own experience I know it does work. How about considering to spend a litle less on that fancy new automobile, and with the money you save, then purchase a few solar panels. And solar will pay you a dividend, by reducing your energy bill.

            It all comes down to personal choice – and, I might add, personal resonsibility.

            How’s that for a Monday morning rant. Course I know, I’m preaching to choir.

            Gee – maybe I can turn this into a blog post!! 😉 … Cheers to you, Jerry.


              1. Home power magazine is detailed, and in-depth though some of quite technical. Here’s a link –

                Michael Talbot of helped upgrade our system 4 years ago. His website is very good,, though his greatest expertise is micro hydro.

                If you click on this link, Peter has numerous examples of installed solar systems – and if you scroll down to the 2nd example, our system is entitled Combination Solar, Micro hydro and Wind power.

                You could also click on this link which show DC battery to AC invertors projects – scroll down to look at Home power system # 2 – that’s our system again. The link entitled Frequently asked Questions gives a relatively brief overview –

                I would also highly recommend Montana Oasis Solar
                The owner, Chris Daum, has been in the Solar business for 24 years, and she has been personally helpful to me on a few occasions, even though I never purchased from her. Make sure to check out the link to their newsletter on the top left side of the home page – it has some incredible articles and links.

                Also, you might try this facebook site of Backwoods Solar which I have dealt with in the past.

                Good luck with these Jerry.


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