Who Killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Lyndon Baines Johnson, Et Al.

LBJ taking the oath of office
LBJ taking the oath of office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted November 18, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Young people reading their history books are not learning the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The American people have yet to learn who was behind the murder of JFK in 1963. This post is a humble effort to make people aware of who killed the President of the United States in Dallas, Texas in the year 1963.

So, why is it of any importance to get into an event that is half a century old – getting involved in the “conspiracy theory” school of history? Because the truth exposes how the wealthy and powerful operate in America, and how the most wicked forms of corruption have occurred at the highest levels of American government. Because there may be persons alive who were part of the plan to kill JFK and must face punishment for their crimes.

There is no statute of limitations in murder cases – in the murder of President Kennedy, the murderers have not been identified and apprehended. Assassination files have been sealed and must be made available to the public. Any person still alive with a connection to the killing of JFK, and those who are family or friend of those passed away, needs to become questioned in light of evidence obtained by researchers and investigative journalists since 1963.

History books must supply young people with the reality of events so they can become armed with truth. Armed with truth, the young people will grow older and be able to make good, moral, and ethical decisions. Decisions which would not be made absent the historical truth. Without such knowledge, that JFK was a murder victim in a coup by Lyndon Johnson and others, these young people will have a false perception of reality.

In essence, because young people have a false perception of what happened in 1963, they will be living with lies about their country’s history.


After 50 years it is time to correct the record and revise the history books to reflect reality.

Let me first say that I have not spent any significant time researching the murder of JFK. This post content was encouraged by listening to the November 16, 2013 edition of Coast to Coast AM, and a discussion between host John Wells and Roger Stone, author of “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ”. Perhaps because Wells has the perfect deep voice for radio, or that he covers some issues that are not dealt with by mainstream media, I check his programs for interesting conversations.

The November 16 program with Roger Stone turned out to be close to the best, if not the best, program this writer has heard from Mr. Wells. I will transfer my notes taken while listening to the program/interview and suggest every man and woman find it on YouTube. The video in this post is the banned-in-America Part 9 of the series “Men Who Killed Kennedy”, which aired on the History Channel in the United States, without Part 9.

Part 9 became censored in America. It points to LBJ being behind the assassination.

Mr. Stone begins by saying that LBJ was the second most powerful man in America in 1960, and ruthless, greedy, a pathological liar, as corrupt as a person can possibly be – a man who abused and humiliated others in public and a moral psychiatric case. Mr. Stone goes back to 1948 where LBJ “won” his first election campaign by cheating on the vote count, winning by 86 votes and earning the nickname “landslide Lyndon”. Stone asserts that LBJ forced JFK to make him his Vice-Presidential running mate by threatening to publicize JFK’s sexual peccadilloes.

Before 1960 LBJ had gotten into some very serious legal trouble through money corruption and murder. He had become deeply involved with power/wealth politics up to including connections with the mafia, and by 1963 his criminal actions were catching up with him and prison was in the immediate future. As Stone puts it, “The hourglass sand was running out for LBJ”. As a powerful Senator, LBJ had control of “black budget” funding for the CIA, contracts for companies doing business in the military-industrial-complex, and took multi-million dollar “kick-backs” for lucrative defense department contracts.

After 1960, as Vice-President, LBJ still had the contacts and connections he had made while in Congress, contacts with the wealthiest oil-men in Texas, who were furious with JFK over the “oil depletion allowance” as JFK was going to end it and cost many millions of dollars to the oil-men. The oil depletion allowance had become viewed by JFK as a giant giveaway to big oil, and a result of his aim to repeal the allowance led to the great frustration, anger, and hatred of JFK by billionaire Texas oil barons.

The wealthy business owners who hated JFK were not only oil-men. Other men would stand to profit mightily from escalation of the Vietnam War – owners of companies in the military/defense industry – and JFK had made up his mind to remove all American soldiers from Vietnam by 1965. So, besides LBJ’s massive legal issues around two men named Bobby Baker and Billy Sol Estes , which very certainly could result in LBJ’s imprisonment, there were actions of JFK that were costing his (LBJ’s) friends big money from repeal of the oil depletion allowance and cessation of military operations in Vietnam.

Mr. Stone shares some facts about the days before JFK was assassinated and manipulation of the limousine route. LBJ and Texas Governor John Connally (a lifetime friend of LBJ) suggested/pushed for the route of the limousine over objections by the Secret Service, who saw the route as breaking the rules of risk to the president. Originally Connally was scheduled to ride in another vehicle, and after an intense argument between LBJ and JFK, became forced to sit in the front passenger seat of the presidential limo.

Roger Stone then, to my regret as I am a big fan of Bill Moyers, asserts that Mr. Moyers, who was close to LBJ then, managed to make a powerful enough suggestion to remove the protective top of the limousine for the parade route. Stone asserts that Moyers said the president wanted the top off, when in reality no such suggestion or desire by JFK was known. It will be interesting to see if Bill Moyers has any comment on this troubling allegation. I hope there is no truth to what this allegation is saying: that Bill Moyers played an important role in the murder of JFK. Stone alleges Bill Moyers played a part in “spiking” the video in this post, Part 9 of “The Men Who Killed Kennedy“, in the United States.

All the secret service rules became ignored, unusually changed, or greatly altered on that fateful day. Many witnesses were never interrogated by the Warren Commission and files have ended up under seal for many years, unavailable to researchers, investigative journalists, and the American citizens.

Mr. Stone talks about a fellow named Mack Wallace, who became connected to LBJ after college, and was given a job in the Texas Department of Agriculture. A man named Kinzer had become romantically involved with LBJ’s sister, a woman who had become a political liability for LBJ because of her, let us say, less-than-pristine reputation. Mack Wallace murdered Kinzer in a Texas golf club, was convicted in a court of law of the murder, and with the power of LBJ, never served a day in prison.

Then there is Madelaine Brown, LBJ’s mistress since she was 23-years old, who claims in this video that LBJ knew about the assassination, and was the main force to “pull the trigger” on the president’s murder. She claims that LBJ told her the day before the assassination that, “after tomorrow I’ll never have to deal with those SOB’s (John and Robert Kennedy) again. They’ll never embarrass me again.”

Once again, please find the Coast to Coast AM November 16, 2013 program with John Wells and author Roger Stone. I may post it in a future article, but in the meantime let me just say that it is an intense discussion/interview that will probably convince you LBJ was behind the murder of JFK. Other details of Stone’s interview with Wells include Stone’s mention that Kennedy, Johnson, Richard Nixon, and George H. W. Bush were in Dallas that day. G.H.W. Bush has said that he cannot remember where he was on the day JFK was assassinated. Now, every person knows exactly where they were when they heard JFK was killed.

Roger Stone mentions that Richard Nixon, even with his “crook” reputation from the Watergate scandal and Nixon’s resignation, is a “choirboy” compared to the murderous LBJ. Stone tells the C2C audience that he had martinis with Nixon, and that after two martinis and Stone’s questions to Nixon about JFK’s assassination, where he (Nixon) said “you don’t want to know”, “bullshit (Warren Commission)”, and “Texas”.

If JFK had lived he would have ended US involvement in Vietnam, abolished the CIA and covert wars, taken down expenditures on the military-industrial-complex, repealed the oil depletion allowance, strengthened the United Nations’ efforts for world peace, and been a witness, just as all Americans, to the imprisonment of Lyndon Baines Johnson.

After 50 years it is time to put the lies to bed and correct the historical record. From this day forward students of history must know that on November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas by Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson and others.