Prayer For World Enlightenment.

The World Peace Pagoda - Lumbini - Nepal
The World Peace Pagoda – Lumbini – Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted November 17, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

One would be correct when observing that a great many men and women around the world in recent years have gained a good awareness of how the world operates. The reason for these awareness gains is the internet – the world-wide web. With this increasing awareness phenomena comes the inevitable point where people begin to ask themselves, and others, the big questions like “how can the people of the world join in coöperation to bring about conditions and circumstances which truly bring about good changes on Earth?”

Good changes like a very significant drop in the amount of expenditures on weapons around the world. Perhaps you do or do not feel the same way, but there are nations on this Earth who have turned the manufacture of products that are solely built to kill human beings into a profitable endeavor, and it seems kind of… well… unreal. Since before the originator of the Nobel Prize Alfred Nobel made a lot of money on weapons-making, there has been an ongoing succession of “improvements” in the “effectiveness” of both new and upgraded products that kill large numbers of people.

It is interesting to think about how there are few reports of Defense Department corruption in the form of “$800 hammers”, etc. Perhaps during that time such reports resulted in the demands by citizens to clean up the mess, and got in the way of “business as usual”, so newsrooms and editors were told to keep quiet.

Now, there are companies who have gotten into the new technologies of drones, where killing human beings is carried out while sitting and operating planes through controls on a computer screen. Drones have become seen by some, and marketed by some, as the next step in military/weaponry evolution, and an improved way of “taking care of business”.  Nobody seems to ask, so no answers are possible, what the “business” is, and why it is necessary to conduct it.

One wonders what the Creator/God had in mind when centuries and millennium ago people began to create weapons for killing their fellow human beings. How can one determine what were the essential reasons for the creation of war and killing, and the long, long history of war and killing up until now in 2013? How many more contestants in the Miss America will continue to answer the question about what they would consider an ideal world by responding with something containing the words “world peace”?

Perhaps a few of the contestants have read the writings of some or many of the world’s great religious traditions’ original texts. Some may have an inkling or greater awareness of the term “enlightenment”, so their responses include “world peace” because, whether they put a small or tremendous amount of intense thought into the spiritual dimensions of life, they see “world peace” as the obvious end-all-be-all for goodness-related actions by humans.

I recall the words of a person who said, “the reason so few people find enlightenment is because it is so simple”. The fascinating commonality of all the spiritual traditions is the idea surrounding the so-called “golden rule”, where we do unto others what we would wish done to us. This concept has to do with becoming aware that there are no differences between people. Every person, animal, and plant – all things in the creation – has an inherent aspect of Creator/God, and there is in ultimate reality no separation whatsoever.

One can only guess when trying to figure out the mind of the Supreme Being when he/she created both separation thinking and oneness thinking. Whether it makes any difference or not, it seems that the so-called “ancient texts” of spirituality offer the closest glimpse into the entire set of reasons for existence on Earth. Because hundreds and thousand of years ago humanity had no distractions, no televisions or computers, living in nature, by – and according to – natural laws, their classrooms were nature itself.

Before the printing press was invented and dissemination of ideas became widespread, people had to figure things out themselves. There were no libraries to go to and read philosophical/spiritual books about the nature of existence. Any sharing of thoughts on the biggest questions could only be carried out face-to-face, and all thoughts were original thoughts. Those who had opportunities to travel and speak to a lot of other men and women, face-to-face, gained the most knowledge and wisdom.

I see that the trend which began with the printing press, meaning when people started to move away from original thinking to accepting the thoughts created by others, has reached a point where the “pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction”. Just when the pendulum of human thought started to return toward original thought is impossible to pinpoint. The obvious, major factor in the reversal of thought trends toward introspection and originality came with the rise of the internet.

So, here in 2013, millions and millions of people are not meeting face-to-face, yet are meeting face-to-face, sharing thoughts on the biggest questions – just as the ancients. As the people around the world have “traveled to many lands” and “shared spiritual/philosophical/societal thought”, knowledge and wisdom has become generated in the process. The world has come “full circle” in a sense, where the planetary situation finds the human race fortunate to have access to not only the original philosophical and spiritual wisdom of the ancients, but the present-day scientific developments as well.

The challenge for humanity is combining the wisdom of the ancients – good thoughts, good words, good deeds, and seeing the Creator/God in all people and all things – with the high technology and science that has come into existence since those ancients days. Synthesis of these will result in a new era of evolutionary, original thinking that raises humanity to new heights of nobility, civilization, morality, and ethics.

Humanity is capable of meeting the challenges of our time, and is in the process of doing so.

Welcome to the “new-time, old-time religion”.

Welcome to the world of oneness.


The following video comes from Heyoka Ken Thornton Shamanizing Channel on YouTube. Ken narrates the Prayer of Primordial Buddha Kuntuzangpo. Perhaps you would enjoy visiting Ken’s channel and viewing his videos, as they are about topics like Mother Earth, drumming meditation, Hopi wisdom, spirit quest, vision quest, Buddhism, and more. Thank you Ken for producing this work. Thank you for reminding us of the ancient wisdom. 


20 thoughts on “Prayer For World Enlightenment.

  1. “Before the printing press was invented and dissemination of ideas became widespread, people had to figure things out themselves. There were no libraries to go to and read philosophical/spiritual books about the nature of existence. ”
    I think about this a lot and can imagine at the time, a few people probably realized the trade-off of printing technology versus memory and oral learning.
    I;m not anti-technology, but I do think that using it in moderation is wise and as well, just being aware that there is a trade-off.
    It seems that some technology does have the potential to put people to sleep. Too much numbing comfort and distraction.
    “The challenge for humanity is combining the wisdom of the ancients – good thoughts, good words, good deeds, and seeing the Creator/God in all people and all things – with the high technology and science that has come into existence since those ancients days. ”
    Yes, I like this very much Jerry!


    1. Debra,
      It’s almost like the ancients got the spirit “part” and modern man got the science “part”, now the “parts” are combining to lift us all to a new, higher level. A ways to go but kinda’ neat.


        1. Debra,
          A good example would be the Federal Reserve’s so-called Quantitative Easing. In essence the Fed is “laundering” toxic (worthless) assets of the banks, in the form of complex financial products like mortgage-related derivatives. The Fed may as well be taking in counterfeiter’s billions of fake dollars. It is unethical and immoral, as a great percentage of those derivatives were created through fraud, surely not meeting the standards of the world’s spiritual traditions. So, spirit and financial-economic-political science have yet to meet and result in, as you said, balance and harmony. There are similar scenarios – distance between spirit and military, legal, accounting and other sciences.


          1. Yes Jerry, great example. Money out of thin air, which banks then have access to at very low interest rates, which ultimately cause inflation, which hurts everyone, but especially those whose incomes are on the lower end of the scale.
            Humans tend to organize themselves hierarchically, and I’m not quite sure, beyond the practice of spiritual disciplines, how that will ever change. Any ideas on that?


            1. Debra,
              I appreciate your ability to not ask “softball” questions, although it is challenging to try to find good responses. My first thought somehow ended up in a courtroom where the history of man, specifically the major negatives that humans have created (war, greed, homelessness, starvation, etc.),are on trial to determine whether the creations should be banned. The people are the prosecutors of the case against war, greed, etc. and need to convince the jury (the human race) that these historic actions are harmful and in essence, crimes against humanity. Part of each person’s case (each prosecutor of war, greed, etc.), the essential argument for each prosecutor, is spiritual. It would seem that people (prosecutors who are making efforts to change – Occupy, Arab Spring…) have yet to interject the spiritual aspect of life on Earth, which means that their arguments lack full power/force and, though coming close, fall short of making the convincing case for change. I am optimistic that this situation is changing for the better/evolving in a good direction.


              1. Thanks Jerry. Yes, it is a difficult question. I agree that love is powerful and can change people, me included.
                I’d like to think that we are moving toward a more peaceful world, and feel more responsible for my actions than I have in the past, and would never want to be a hindrance to a more peaceful world, on either the local level or the global level.
                But, on the other hand, many of us, myself included, still contribute to the problem because we don’t have the option to opt out of aspects of society, especially in the US, that are harming others and the planet.
                Things change slowly, I know, and perhaps we are in the midst of a major shift and I pray that it is a peaceful one.


                1. Debra,
                  It’s funny how the mind works – how one goes in particular directions in discussions. My first thought was on the Krishnamurti book “Think On These Things”, where he kind of scolded young people who were financially blessed by being born into a wealthy family, not needing to work to survive, and without worries. He suggested to those fortunate ones that they have the luxury of having a lot of time on their hands, and that they should be using that time to figure ways to make the world a better place. Perhaps the fellow from the wealthy Johnson & Johnson family who made the “Thrive” movie read Krishnamurti’s book. I think your mention of “still contribute to the problem” may mirror the spirit of Schindler at the end of “Schindler’s List” when he expressed regret that he “could have saved more”. Perhaps the Creator/God is ok with people doing the best they can, with good intent. The shift is one of consciousness linked to peace, so the shift can only be peaceful, and I’ll join you in prayer for that. Aren’t you glad we got this straightened out!? Just joshing. Got to balance the serious with a little levity, or things get a little heavy.


                    1. Debra,
                      Glad you’re smiling. Could be evidence of a good discussion which is always appreciated. These comments sections are an interesting place to hang out. Kind of like having a few beers after work. Thanks for your willingness to engage in this somewhat “telepathic” form of communication. Just to let you know, I have no objection to marathon discussions. Perhaps you or I will eventually take these discussions and use them for the content of a halfway decent book. We can share the “fame and fortune” 50/50!


                    2. I so agree about the comments section of blogs!
                      It’s a great place to get to know other bloggers and enjoy an exchange of ideas!
                      I hope to have time to write a book if and when I retire. I’ve never done any collaborative writing but having always enjoyed dialogue and would be open to that.
                      fame and fortune, lol, okay Jerry 🙂 more smiles!
                      Just to let you know, I have no objections to good beer 🙂


                    3. Having had more than my quota of beer I rarely drink, but consider Pilsner Urquell the best tasting. You can write a book in your spare time – a thousand or more words per day and after a few months you got it. has a free ebook “Smashwords Style Guide” that you can download (download free “Adobe Digital Editions @ first, if you haven’t already) and that information will show you, or anyone you know who has interest in creating an ebook, how to format your Word document/book manuscript into a decent looking ebook. You can find YouTube tutorials on creating cover images in Paint. Then you can self-publish your book at Kindle and Smashwords or a number of self-publishing sites. It’s up to writers if they are motivated by the “fame and fortune” or for artistic reasons. So it goes…


                    4. I am an ultra lightweight as far as any drinking goes, but give me one good IPA or Stout and I am happy!
                      Thanks for the Adobe link! I did not know about that. 🙂


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