Syria Truth Comes To America – Mother Agnes Miriam.

Joan of arc 1
Joan of arc 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted November 16, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Mother Agnes Miriam is currently in the United States on a multi-state speaking tour about Syria, supported by small donations from people concerned about the humanitarian crisis in that country. As she has been in America for a week, I was hoping to find a lengthy interview on YouTube (YT), and I found an hour-long one that was posted 15 minutes earlier.

In this interview Mother Agnes speaks to Mr. Bedros Hajian of the YouTube Channel Nergakh Armenia. As far as I can tell Mr. Hajian is an Armenian-American Christian leader who produces YT videos for the men and women of Armenia. At any rate the discussion is informative, lengthy, and insightful.

Mother Agnes could be compared to a modern-day Joan of Arc, speaking out for the men, women, and children of Syria who have been the victims of geopolitical manipulations and interference in the land of their birth. My view of Mother Agnes is of a woman who serves God and the people, who does not take a side, but serves the Creator and people.

She has a message for the American people, which begins with the importance of seeing through the mainstream media’s distorting of the truth about what has occurred in Syria for over two years. To be frank, media lies. Mother Agnes, in a soft-spoken style, points out that the media has not told, or hidden, terrible crimes against humanity committed by mercenary “rebels” who represent a foreign intervention to dismantle the sovereign nation of Syria.

She goes on to say that she believes the warring rebels are fighting a proxy war in Syria, financed, supplied, and trained by nations outside the country and Middle East region. She calls it a form of invasion, fortunately dodging an escalation in recent weeks but still ongoing, presenting a constant danger for the region and world.

I was hoping that Mother Agnes would come to the geopolitical reasons for the warring in Syria, perhaps confirming what many see as a natural gas pipeline / energy industry competition gone insane. For whatever reason she does not touch on geopolitical issues. She says that the powers involved are heavily invested so a wider war is still a great concern.

It is interesting to hear Mother Agnes speak about the way the world has devolved to “a total collapse of civilization” where the “most powerful apply laws of their own self-interest and agenda”. She speaks of a “total inversion of international equilibrium” which is a “threat to sovereignty of states” and allows some to use “daisy cutter bombs while committing crimes against humanity” where the deaths of 500,000 children in Iraq due to sanctions was seen as “an acceptable cost (Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright)”. Mother Agnes describes the world situation where the most powerful financial and military organizations impose their own laws as “barbarism”.

She shares that upon arriving in the United States that she “did not find the U.S. like the movies (portray)” or “what we have heard about”.

“Finance-military might will not resolve anything”. Mother Agnes goes on to share her view that a type of “Brave New World” is where the present situations are leading humanity. She asks the American people to consider why the United States has become viewed around the world as oppressive and an invader.

Mother Agnes returns to emphasize her view that the mainstream media is giving the American people propaganda, suggesting Americans demand media accountability, and points out that “bad information leads to bad decisions”. At this part of the interview she states the truth that “you (U.S. Government) are supporting terrorists” and should instead choose the “non-violent way”.

Her view that violence is a negative, terrible philosophy, while non-violence is a good way to live together and creates good partnerships between nations and peoples of the world, is simple and a fresh breath of air with regard to discussions of war and peace. Her efforts are all about bringing reconciliation and peace to the war-torn nation and people of Syria, which will require all parties to come to the negotiating table.

Finally Mother Agnes points to the faked videos of the August 21 chemical attacks, that the Obama administration almost used to attack Syria – before Russia and the U.S. agreed on Syria’s destruction of their entire chemical weapons stocks. She has called on the United Nations to conduct an un-biased commission to determine where the alleged over 1,400 victims have been buried, who the children – and their parents – in the videos are, and who made some of the videos before August 21.

At the end of the interview Mother Agnes Mariam tells the American people that “it is not too late to end the lies and chaos.” An end to support and empowerment of the “most radical people ever… can help to create brotherhood among all nations”.

She hopes to help “Americans open their eyes and make the right choice”.


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