The Brutal Truth Of Genocide In Africa.

Keith Harmon Snow
Keith Harmon Snow (Photo credit: TEDxShelburneFalls)

Posted November 10, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

The truth about genocide in Africa is very difficult to understand and share with others. In a sense, the propaganda of historical events on that continent has resulted in a type of mass ignorance and denial. The reason I share the following YouTube video is that the information presented describes a reality which needs worldwide exposure and because it contains the truth that is not being told.

After being made aware of unreported events in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the past weeks, I decided to see if I could come across more information in hope of discovering the truth. Unfortunately the truth is much, much more harsh than people have become propagandized to believe. The address given by independent journalist and researcher Keith Harmon Snow unveils a history of Africa that very few are aware of.

Keith Harmon Snow is a former aerospace and defense professional and has worked for the United Nations as a genocide investigator. Mr. Snow has been banished from the countries of Uganda and Ethiopia, while no longer welcome at Hampshire, Smith, and Mount Holyoke Colleges in Massachusetts. He has worked in 44 countries and now runs a small farm in Massachusetts. He is currently involved in producing a documentary film about genocide in Africa, while continuing to speak truth to power and informing people about events and conditions totally absent from mainstream media reports.

His description of “unconscionable journalism” from organizations such as The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and others is mind-bending and leaves one shattered in a sense, when one comes to understand that people’s perceptions have been manipulated to a very great extent. Mr. Snow’s address here from 2011 only confirms the censorship of truth about the Central African nations of the Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and others on the continent of Africa.

One can only wonder to what extent other nations and regions of the Earth have had their true stories censored in the same way that African truth has become censored. One can only come to a point where there is an awareness that no mainstream media reports are reliable – only partially truthful, while out-of-context and conveying messages which have been engineered to confuse people through complete obfuscation of reality.

What Mr. Snow is describing is the re-colonizing of Africa, with that continent’s tremendous natural resource wealth, through non-traditional warfare where nations outside the continent arm, supply, and train the mercenary soldiers of certain nations to carry out wars and killings, in order to enable corporate control of those natural resources and obtaining the wealth and power that goes along with such control. If necessary, the murders of hundreds of thousands – millions –  of innocent men, women, and children will be, and indeed have been, carried out.

The implications of Mr. Snow’s information are extremely profound and disturbing. What he says means that there are powerful people, mostly white elites, who have directed the mass murders of multiple millions of innocent people, who have responsibility for genocide and have escaped accountability. It is not easy, in fact it is extremely saddening, to make such a huge assertion. However, one finds it very close to impossible – it is impossible –  to not come to this type of conclusion. When one comes across information such as that conveyed by Keith Harmon Snow there is no other choice but to share these brutal truth(s) with others.

Facing harsh realities such as described by Mr. Snow is perhaps about as difficult an action for men and women to carry out as is possible. One’s whole set of perceptions and beliefs about world events, and the true extent of the most barbaric actions taken by members of the human race against other human beings, is completely shattered, as well as psychically shattering.

In essence, Mr. Snow is giving evidence of what can only be termed evil actions on this Earth. It will require some very deep thinking by those who become aware to decide how to handle this most disturbing information. Speaking for myself, I decided in a very rapid manner to share this highly explosive information. While a large percentage of people hold the perception that wars and killing on a massive scale is the result of “tribalism and historical fighting between regional, national, religious, cultural sects” whose fighting has “gone on forever”, the greatest responsibility and accountability, of those powerful corporate and political leaders outside the lands of warring and killing, has not been widely recognized.


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Humanity must demand that those responsible for genocide – the supreme crime on this Earth – face accountability and justice. It is the only way to end genocide in this generation of humanity, while making certain that  future generations will never experience such evil.

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10 thoughts on “The Brutal Truth Of Genocide In Africa.

  1. The world-wide genocide has reached also the Western World during the past 4 decades of neoliberalisation and globalisation. the genocide goes on in an invisible way, otherwise we would defend ourselves against the entity that executes it: the World Government.

    In support of above, I recommend reading an exceptional research article referenced and summarised here:
    “Requiem for the human society: neoliberalism is global-scale genocide”


    1. Skywanderer,
      How are you. It certainly is sad that genocide/war crimes are still occurring in the year 2013. Keith Harmon Snow’s writings @ unveiled (speaking for myself) a virtually unknown, unreported level of depth and truth about the historical mass murders on the African continent. How between 1996 and 2013, an estimated 6,000,000 to 10,000,000 deaths in the Congo have received no coverage by US media corporations is absolutely astonishing.
      Thanks Skywanderer. Hope you are doing well.


      1. Thanks a lot for your reply, Jerry. Astonishing figures. It is still a small fragment of the number of those who die and have died all over the world, including the “developed” parts of it, because of a few pathological crooks dominating the globe.
        Thank you for your kind question – I am doing very well.
        How about you?


        1. Skywanderer,
          Like many these days I am dealing with impatience and frustration that good changes are not being realized fast enough. Perhaps one’s conception on what is occurring may not equate with what is actually occurring. In other words, perhaps things are going better than one thinks, and there is reason to be more optimistic. Dealing with writing and creating in the most effective and beneficial ways is a constant challenge I guess. So, we do the best we can – that is all any person can do. I have some difficulty maintaining focus on keeping any effort all about making things better for humanity. I suppose that comes with the turf. Knowing that there are men and women around the world who are trying to make things better, and face the same challenges, is a helpful awareness to have.


    1. John,
      Nice to meet you. Yes, Mr. Snow conveys what can only be described as the most “inconvenient truth” in human history. To be honest, I had no awareness of the Congo genocide, as well as some of Africa’s history until shortly before this post. This history is of events that are in no history books, not receiving the media attention to match the overwhelmingly profound nature of it, yet absolutely should be. I understand your lack of surprise. My reaction surrounding the Congo genocide is shock.


      1. I have trouble with the term genocide. I view abortion through the same lens. Child/female trafficking as well. The 14 YO being pimped in Toronto, the 15 YO driven to the Stupid Bowl by her mother all have their spirits mostly destroyed by the experience. Oh, and the child soldiers throughout Africa. My MIL survived Atatürk’s attentions but was too young to receive scars and sleeps well in her 96th year. Bless her, she is a peacemaker still. I concern myself with Peace as your name implies that you do. There is systemic evil that needs rooting out by people who can overcome hate with Love on all fronts. Good for the single issue folks, too, if they use active nonviolence as their means. I see my preferred methodology as making huge strides but know only that I am to be a majority of one. Thanks for the reply.


        1. John,
          It’s very strange to see the way humans treat each other. It seems that becoming a spiritual warrior is an inevitability; there looks to be no other sane option. Thankfully many are coming to an understanding along that line of viewing life on Earth.


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