United Nations And New World Agreement.

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English: The flag of the United Nations, flying at United Nations Plaza in the Civic Center, San Francisco, California, United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted November 8, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“We the people of the United Nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and,

To reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small,

To establish conditions under which justice and respect of the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and,

To promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,

and for these ends,

To practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors, and,

To unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and to insure by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and,

To employ international machinery for the promotion of economic and social advancement of all peoples,

Have resolved to combine our efforts to accomplish these ends.”

Preamble / United Nations Charter / 1945

It is safe to say that it would be hard to find persons on Earth who had disagreement with the concepts conveyed in the original United Nations (UN) Charter. Perhaps because I have been born and lived in the United States of America, I have never heard any American political leader suggest the United Nations become a world legislative, judicial, military, governmental entity.

Yes, I am one of “those one-worlders”, with an unrealistic idea that the people and nations of the Earth can agree, as one, to sign on to a planetary agreement and abide by the rules and laws of such an agreement. There were words spoken by Robert Kennedy, brother of President John Kennedy (JFK), where he quotes a philosopher of old, “Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I see things as they can be, and ask why not?”

In that spirit of possibility, of worldwide agreement on establishing a planetary governing body at the United Nations, I will repeat the olden days’ philosopher’s question: why not? On Earth there are village, city, county, state/province, and national governments. So, why not an international government? My sense is that there is nothing to stand in the way of such an entity. Included in that sense is a belief that the people of the Earth would be in favor of such a concept.

From the broadest perspective I can manage, of which I am capable of envisioning, such a world governing body is the next logical step ahead for humanity. If one looks at the world developments surrounding communication of people from every nation, with people from every nation, over the world-wide-web called the internet, one could say that the millions of people communicating are an unnamed, silent, defacto world government. There is no sense of “us and them” on the internet – men and women are simply talking to fellow “inhabitants of the planet”, borrowing words from JFK’s last UN address fifty years ago in 1963.

I am trying to convey a truly possible way forward for humanity that is feasible, practical, pragmatic, and entirely within reach. Everyone has seen film or photos taken from space showing the Earth in space. A very fine documentary “The Overview Effect” is posted on the homepage of this site. Those who have viewed the film know the “feeling” one gets while viewing the Earth from space. There is a connection between the feeling of viewing Earth from space and a world governing body – the United Nations.

That real feeling of connection has a word to describe it: Oneness.

If asked the question, “what is the highest state that humanity could ever achieve?”, most people would answer with concepts and ideas that entail oneness. That highest state achievable by the human race is possible, and it lies in the establishment of a world government. Let me trash one possible reaction readers of these words may come to, now. You can erase any thought whatsoever that I am a person interested in a so-called “New World Order” or NWO. There is a profound difference between the concept I wish to advocate and the agenda of those who wish to control, increase power and wealth, and are willing to kill millions to get there.

There is a “New World Order” group (a minority of humanity) and there is a “New World” group (the majority of humanity). Depending on how far across the world this message spreads and becomes disseminated, there will be some who react strongly against such a vision. This is understandable. One senses that once those people who argue against the establishment of a world governing body come to understand and see the tremendous benefits – the decrease in hate, war, and killing, the world’s people co-operating in true brotherhood and unity, the first time humanity has come together as one – that they will then fully understand and join in oneness with the people of the world.

Let me say that I believe any man or woman who reads these words feels the same way as I do. Surely this assertion is going out on a limb – way out there. That’s fine. I will tell you that I am trying to be as honest as humanly possible, because I believe that humanity has the power to make this planetary reality happen. Let me be so bold as to say that humanity will make this happen. It is going to happen because it is humanity’s will for a movement forward and upward.

When all nations on Earth agree to join the first international governing entity in history, problems which have plagued mankind for thousands of years will begin being solved. Those who have read my past writings know that I like to keep things simple – complexity is required for scientific, academic, and technical endeavors. When discussing a new world governing system however, the simple logic which leads to the simple conclusion that it is an improvement for all people is enough.

One possible outcome of such a planetary agreement, a profound decrease in man’s spending on weapons of war, will convince any person of the positive consequences possible. Part of the agreement for nations will be the ceding of military operations to the United Nations. There will no longer be any national defense establishments – there will be one international military force under the control of the United Nations. This force will be stationed all over the planet using the facilities currently used by the United States, Russia, China, etc. This force will act as the world’s police/law enforcement agency, and will consist of men and women from every nation.

Each nation will turn over control of all weapons to the UN military/law enforcement agency. These weapons will be distributed to UN bases covering every region on Earth, as determined by continually diminishing “hot-spots”, until an equilibrium is reached. The agreement between the USA and Russia regarding chemical weapons in Syria serves as an excellent example of the co-operation and coordination possible when a world government body is agreed upon.

When you listen to JFK you will understand the “feeling” of possibility I have tried to convey here. Now I see the facial expressions of readers who are asking themselves how this guy can compare himself to JFK. I hope to be a person of humility and have no wish for fame, fortune, or any of those things. I am simply sharing honest thoughts with other men and women that may not, or may, start a fire, if you will, that spreads across the Earth.

Perhaps that fire is of the human heart, related to the sadness we feel when our fellow men and women suffer pain and harm. As all people everywhere on Earth I simply and humbly ask for the pain and harm to end. Humanity is so much better and can truly create a much more positive planetary state of affairs than this.

All people want a new and better world for their families, friends, and future generations. It is possible when that universal will is translated into actions for the creation of such a world.

If John F. Kennedy had lived he would have become the United Nations Secretary General after leaving office as president. At the end of my rambling I have included JFK’s last address to the United Nations General Assembly from 1963. I hope it will inspire you and instill a feeling that what humanity desires is possible.

Humanity will choose to live in love, peace, and oneness.


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