From A Death Economy To A Life Economy.

Posted November 7, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Many of you reading these words are familiar with John Perkins through listening to one or more of his many interviews, or through reading his ground-breaking book “Confessions Of An Economic Hitman“. For those who are not aware of Mr. Perkins, he is a self-confessed “economic hitman” and worked years ago with presidents and high-ranking government officials in nations around the world. His job was to convince government leaders to accept multi-billion dollar loans from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund – to accept loans which put their nations into debt which inevitably the nation(s) cannot repay.

The nations Mr. Perkins would “work” with all had something in common – the land and mountains of the country contained coveted-by-multinational corporations, valuable natural resources. His typical offer when speaking to presidents of these nations would follow a pattern. He would tell the president that “if you went along with the loans we could make you very wealthy”. Then, when the loans’ debt became too much for the nation to pay back, he would “advise” the president that “well, perhaps you could sell your oil to us (or natural gas, minerals, etc.) at a reduced rate, and cut back on social spending (austerity)”.

If the leader arranged the multi-billion dollar loans, he and his family would become wealthy, infrastructure projects utilizing companies outside the country for the construction would go ahead, then the natural resources would begin being extracted, profits going to the small percentage of the nation’s citizens who represented the “élite”. Most of the people in the countries where Mr. Perkins operated did not receive any benefits from the loans or projects that became financed with loan proceeds.

If the president initially decided to decline on an economic hitman’s offers, because the resources were very coveted, the ‘jackals”, as Perkins describes them, would take destabilization measures to promote popular uprisings against the government. These actions typically were organized and implemented by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and were responsible for government coups of democratically elected leaders in Iran (1952), Ecuador (1954), and Chile (1971), as well as others.

If a coup were unsuccessful at times assassination of leaders was the route taken. John Perkins personally knew presidents who died in plane crashes, those of Panama and Ecuador.

If the “jackals” of the intelligence agencies were unsuccessful in overthrowing the leader(s) who “will not play the game”, then war(s) would ensue to complete the job of regime change. Perkins ‘ book tells the whole story and I recommend it to those who are interested in “cutting to the chase” and learning true geopolitical/economics history.

John Perkins, in my opinion, is the most important, consequential whistleblower in history.

Just a short story on my experience with the book “Confessions Of An Economic Hitman”. I had bought the book twenty years or so ago, after seeing an interview of Perkins on TV. Let me say that until roughly two years ago, when I got my first computer, I never owned one and never surfed the internet. So, I read the jaw-dropping book, and, because we as humans can’t stop ourselves from recommending books that are so profound, I was recommending it often.

Without getting into all the details, somehow a person in law enforcement who I knew through business dealings, he being a customer of the company I worked for, said to me, “you’ve got a bulls-eye on your back”. I knew the man well as he was a regular customer, I didn’t respond because I had no idea what he was referring to. Only later did I realize that what occurred could be explained by John Perkins’ book being on a government book “watch list” of some sort. A list of books which law enforcement agencies possessed with which to identify people who could be “problematic”, if you will.

This was after September 11, 2001, nothing ever came of it, and it became an experience to remember for its small or large significance, where I innocently read a ground-breaking expose book and got a little caught up without any consequences. Not a big deal, but interesting.


Video source: Breaking The Set – YouTube / John Perkins interviewed by Abby Martin

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Queen Elizabeth, Can You Comment On Depleted Uranium?

DU penetrator from the A-10 30mm round. http:/...
DU penetrator from the A-10 30mm round. from: See also: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted November 7, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

To any man or woman who reads this and spends any “hang time” with Queen Elizabeth or members of the British royal family, perhaps you could convey this communication. I was hoping to get a message to the Queen regarding a somewhat distressing short film posted at England’s Stop The War Coalition’s YouTube channel.

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

I sincerely hope that the film’s message – that you have investments in companies that produce depleted uranium weapons, is untrue Queen Elizabeth. Perhaps you could clarify the issue by commenting on this film and reassuring the people of the world, especially the people of Iraq, that none of the companies you have money invested in have depleted uranium weaponry as one of their products. If the film presents a view that is inconsistent with reality – if it falsely accuses you, Queen Elizabeth, of personal gain in the manufacture of these horrific weapons – then the producers of this film are guilty of slander and libel.

I am hoping that you will clear this matter up, Queen Elizabeth, as I noticed that many thousands of people have viewed this film – there are now a significant number of men and women around the Earth who have a wrong impression of you. I mean, most people have the view that you are the queen, for gosh sake. This film could just as well be saying that Santa Claus owns stock in a company that makes depleted uranium weapons. I’m just sayin’, you should really nip this one in the bud.

I realize that you are world-famous and busy with all your stocks and companies and real estate etc., and that a lot of people have something negative to say about you and the whole “royalty thing” etc. I mean, you are world-famous – it comes with the turf as they say. But this film rises to the highest heights of slanderous insinuation. I remember Princess Diana and her great efforts to eliminate land mines around the world. I’m certain that you, Queen Elizabeth, were proud of her efforts on the issue of land mines, and gave her your fullest encouragement.

You need to denounce this short film because it tarnishes the legacy of Prince Diana. It tarnishes the good name of the royal family as a whole, so your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be falsely seen as members of “that royal family that makes money from depleted uranium weapons”. So, I believe you can see why my suggestion that you tell the world the truth – that neither you nor any member of the royal family has profited from the manufacture of depleted uranium weapons – is wholly rational.

Queen Elizabeth, I just cannot understand why people would produce such a despicable film. That people can just throw such terrible lies and misinformation out on the internet for the entire world to see is beyond comprehension. I just pray that when you watch the film you can maintain your calm, because the accusations the film makes against you and your family and friends cannot be any more disrespectful.

I know deep in my heart that you detest depleted uranium weapons and want to see their abolishment from the face of the Earth, Queen Elizabeth. I am 100%, make that 110%, certain that this film is a flagrant slander and libel on you and the royal family’s good, noble, and honorable – historic – reputation. I hate to show this contemptible film but must, to help expose its disgraceful lies.

Queen Elizabeth, this film is a pack of lies… 


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