Humanity Rapidly Evolving Toward “Oneism”

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

Posted November 1, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

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Men and women around the world have heard of the term “oneness”, a noun which is defined as “the quality or state of one; singleness; unity.” and “unity of mind, feeling, or purpose.” and “sameness; identity.” So, did I just add a word to the human language: “Oneism”? In hopes of conveying a feeling that is more “acceptable” than the spiritually viewed word “oneness” I do hope that “Oneism” enters into the languages used around the Earth.

So, what can I say about this new word? Given separation of church and state is a concept which is well-known to most people, Oneism describes a form of political theory where traditional, historical forms of governing evolve to a higher place-a totally inclusive place. It describes a form of government theory which has as its basis that humanity and all life-forms on Earth are in fact one. The following words written by Ralph Waldo Emerson may convey such a political system:

“The power of love, as the basis of a state, has never been tried… There will always be a government of force where men are selfish…”

Through the centuries mankind has progressed with the discovery of fire, the printing press, the internal combustion engine, the airplane, computers, and now worldwide instantaneous communication. The next step in human evolution is creating governments and states with love as their basis. Yes, this is a radical idea, a call for drastic reform(s).

Some may shrug such an idea off as “utopian” and “looking at the world through rose-colored glasses”. So be it. As men and women around the world look through their eyes and see what is occurring-the many opinions and debates, the millions living in conditions which are resolvable through a resetting of priorities in the hearts of humanity collectively-a rise to a higher love consciousness, if you will, there is an awareness of possible, positive change on this planet circling the sun.

In order for such a change in consciousness to occur in this generation people around the Earth will need to become aware that human beings are, in reality, connected. This is occurring as more and more men and women from regions and nations in every land communicate ideas in a good way. I am one humble person sharing this life with this generation, articulating what I believe most people are feeling.

This communication will reach some or many. It will make a certain amount of difference, perhaps a handful of men and women will see some merit to the message contained in this collection of words and receive an injection of some hope for the future. Ideally, the near future. As these words are typed on the keyboard the writer has the intent of conveying messages which are from the heart, not the intellect.

Those who write on blogs have the opportunity to share ideas which may, or may not, travel a long, long, distance. In the plainest language thoughts have created everything in this world. Love as the basis of states, is a thought which is possible-logic and reason tells one that creating such a human reality is doable. Not in some distant future tens or hundreds of years from today, but here and now.

Love as the basis of states-Oneism-is humanity’s inevitable destiny.

I will brush up against egoism by suggesting that perhaps Emerson and those men and women who now hold similar philosophical/spiritual views are “ahead of their time”-advocating a vision that is impossible in the year 2013-but for the love of God and humanity it is a possible vision. Love as the basis of states is the ultimate prerequisite for creating a world that is peaceful and fair and just.

Oneism, a philosophy whose time has come, illustrates the concept of human potential always moving forward and creating the new-evolving to higher and higher, nobler and nobler versions of living on the Earth. In essence this is an intellectual and spiritual landscape which resides in the sacred. What I am trying to convey is the literal meeting place of science and spirit, manifested on this Earth, for all time.

The concept shared by Ralph Waldo Emerson has a direct connection to the concept known by Native Americans: seven generations. The idea of seven generations can be described as a spiritual way of living that always acts according to the concern for those yet to be born a hundred years into the future. A man or woman who has the seven generations philosophy will stop and think before taking any action on how that action will affect those born over 100 years from now.

So, if love is the basis of states on Earth, and all actions become considered for the effect on future generations, war will be no more. In as simple a way of saying it as possible, humanity will experience sanity. In all areas of human interaction and creation the basis of action(s) shall be understood and acknowledged with the oneness of humanity at the head of the line of importance.

Let me share that I believe this Earthly situation and reality is happening now. I speak about these things because I sense through intuition that people around the world feel the same way, and it is time to record the words which convey that real feeling. It seems that speaking to this feeling and writing it down may help to accelerate the implementing of such ideas into the world and on the ground.

One senses that to bring about good changes on Earth (God knows changes are needed) a philosophical/spiritual set of principles has to empower any such efforts. The ideas which entail such a set of principles are not new-they have been around a very long time-and are, as Gandhi said, “as old as the hills”.

All people, all life, and all things are sacred and connected.

Having said the previous words, I will share an interview between David Swanson and Jason Liosatos on a program produced in Britain “Outside The Box”. Mr. Swanson is a writer and activist who wrote a book “War No More: The Case For Abolition”. I found this video, listened to the interview after recalling reading a few of David Swanson’s articles on alternative news websites, and thought it mirrored to some extent the Oneism philosophy that is growing at a rapid pace these days.

One can call this philosophical/spiritual evolution Oneism, oneness, unity consciousness, or any other term which accurately describes the feeling(s) which humanity has now. Whatever the term, the feeling is undeniable, real, and holds the absolute, world-changing power of love.



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