Keeping Up With The Bilderbergers.

English: Hotel Dolce behind fence of golf cour...
English: Hotel Dolce behind fence of golf course in Sitges, Spain. Home of Bilderberger Conference 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted October 29, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

The headline for this post is an obvious take-off on the television program “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, I suppose with some wild idea there could be a similar show “Keeping Up With The Bilderbergers”. Perhaps if the public gets bored with the way the Kardashian sisters tie their shoelaces, and the ratings plunge to the point of cancellation, a replacement in the same genre could be found surrounding the Bilderbergers.


In June of 2013 the annual Bilderberger Conference, where 130 or so finance ministers, bankster CEOs, government leaders, mainstream media personalities, and the CEOs of the largest corporations of the western world gather for a cup of tea and brunch, was held in Watford, England, hundreds of miles from any population center. The Bilderberg Conference is an annual event that has been held for decades in almost total obscurity, with the most powerful “movers and shakers” coming together to share ideas on the futures of capitalism and the citizens of western nations.

Bilderberg has become more and more well-known as the years have passed, thanks in large part to alternative news outlets and the internet. One journalist at the 2013 gathering, Charlie Skelton of the Guardian, speaking before a crowd of around a thousand men and women at “2013 Bilderberg Fringe Event”, mentioned that when he first came to a Bilderberg location years before, there were only a handful of bloggers and researchers. He noted in 2013 that the crowd was much larger and that awareness of the ultra-secret gathering was growing.

In this video (thanks to Jason Erben @ YouTube) British Labour MP Michael Meacher gives a few short interviews with independent journalists. Mr. Meacher gave an address at the rally, calling for an end to “prolonged austerity”, expansion of the economy through forcing of British banks RBS and Barclays to start investing in jobs and growth, and taxing the rich – closing tax havens. He noted that in the last four years the richest 1,000 people in the UK had increased their wealth by 190 billion pounds.

Mr. Meacher points out that governments are able to track almost every phone call, email, video etc. of the average man or woman, but that the Bilderberg Conference and details about what occurs at it are unknown to the public. His concern is that the discussions are secret but very consequential for citizens, so what occurs at the annual meeting has to be known by the citizens.

It was interesting to find Mr. Meacher mention the control of money quantities and creation of currency is best left in public hands, and that most people are ignorant of the fact that central banks are not branches of their governments, but privately owned profit driven entities. So that misconception is being slowly corrected through the alternative news media.

It is good to see a man like Michael Meacher, who some would refer to as an “elder”, sharing his wisdom with a mostly younger crowd at the Fringe Event in June 2013. His willingness to take part in such an event shows that he is a person who has become concerned about young people and future generations. His mention of the Bilderbergers’ secrecy as being undemocratic, because the discussions held in obscurity will affect every person, is a breath of fresh air from a “politician”.

As Mr. Meacher mentions these meetings are important and consequential for humanity. Perhaps many of you reading this are aware of the annual Bilderberg Conference. I share this video to raise awareness of previously unknown events on Earth among the men and women in nations around the world.

Michael Meacher was not the only speaker at the Bilderberg 2013 Fringe Event. You can go to YouTube, search “Bilderberg 2013” and find videos of all the speakers there, while learning about how powerful people on Earth decide, in effect, humanity’s future.

The obvious question which must be raised, considering the closed secrecy of Bilderberg Conference meetings, is this:

“If the 130-140 attendees claim they are concerned about the health and well-being of their fellow citizens – why the secrecy?”