Industrial Hemp Revolution Coming To America.

Hemp maze (industrial hemp) at the "Späth...
Hemp maze (industrial hemp) at the “Späth’schen Baumschulen” (tree/plant nursery), Berlin, Germany, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted October 28, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

In my typical stumbling, bumbling way I came upon this excellent interview about industrial hemp. While surfing around YouTube I was curious to see what Dannion Brinkley, author of “Saved By The Light”, one of the first books to become popular focused on the near death experience (NDE), was up to these days.

In this interview with Dannion and Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc., the first publicly traded company which sells hemp products, they make the case that industrial hemp obviously should be legalized in the United States of America. Let us put it this way. Industrial hemp growing, its legalization in every state of the nation, is a “slam dunk” and a “no-brainer”.

America is the #1 importer of hemp products from nations whose people have legalized it years ago, while those who import hemp cannot buy it from American farmers

Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and other states have industrial hemp legalization initiatives

30,000 and more consumer goods can be, and are, produced from hemp

If humanity became forced to abandon the Earth and could only take one plant with them, hemp would be the choice, as every item needed for survival can be created/made from it, including food

In 2012 sales of hemp products was around $500,000,000, with forecasts indicating a tremendous growth in future sales due to intensifying customer demand for beneficial goods made from hemp

Pound for pound hemp has more protein than steak

Hemp fabrics are inherently anti-microbial, illustrating the great potential for hemp cloth manufacture of hospital scrubs, gowns, sheets and bedding, gloves, lab coats, etc.

Hemp is able to produce fuel, fiber, food, textiles, paper, medicine, healthy oils, building materials of all types, etc.

In states such as Colorado, where hemp farming is legal, farmers find themselves in a situation where manufacturers in other states where hemp farming is illegal cannot buy hemp legally from them

Those manufacturers become forced to buy hemp raw materials from China, Romania, Canada, and other nations @ 3 times the cost if they were able to buy directly from American hemp farmers

One hemp fact conclusively proves that current American federal law on hemp farming is, well – stupid, preposterous, and asinine.

Dannion Brinkley shares this fact in the interview. He points out that pulp, the raw material used to make paper cups, plates, writing paper, books, magazines, etc., in the total quantity grown on 5 acres by traditional tree-sourced processes, would need 20 years to grow and replace. In very sharp contrast, on 1 acre of hemp, which is a weed that will grow rapidly anywhere on Earth except the North and South poles, that same amount of pulp material will grow and be produced every 90 days.

Many reading these words are aware of the tremendous potentials of hemp production and manufacturing. There is no longer any debate. It is time that the United States Congress legalized industrial hemp farming in every state of the nation.

Perhaps many of you have used hemp products, such as skin softeners, clothing, or hemp oils. Of the many good benefits of the hemp plant, oil which is ingested, super-rich in essential omega oil content, is the one I most appreciate – good health benefits. For those who have used hemp-oil moisturizer you never forgot how after applying it to your hands, your hands became “soft as a baby’s butt”. One can only imagine how beneficial hemp oil is when it is taken internally, and comes into contact with internal organs.

Mr. Brinkley correctly identifies hemp farming legalization as a new “industrial revolution”, signaling an increase of awareness in the concept of “spiritualistic capitalism”. Industrial hemp farming legalization is a win/win/win for humanity. It is a step which is a winner for the environment, the economy and job creation, and for human health.

Just as the United States Congress must remove the roadblocks to American citizens’ access and use of solar, wind, biogas, and other available renewable energy potentials, lawmakers must remove the roadblocks to the tremendous benefits of hemp farming.

One of the reason I wanted to share this interview with you was to suggest the positive possibilities of taking part in the favorable business opportunities surrounding what is a growth industry: hemp farming, manufacturing, retailing, and investment.


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Regarding renewable energy and hemp farming – it is time to “get” the message of the old cliché – “lead, follow, or get out-of-the-way”. 

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