“Russ” Brand Versus “Jake” Rothschild. Debate Of The Century.

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English: Facade of The American Idol Experience attraction at Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted October 27, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“This thing must be put bluntly: every man who has more than is necessary for his livelihood and that of his family, and for the normal development of his intelligence, is a thief and a robber. If he has too much, it means that others have too little.”

– Romain Rolland


French novelist

Some remember the 1974 classic boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Zaire, where the aging Ali faced the young ultra-powerful knockout artist. Ali used his strategy of “rope-a-dope”, lingering on the ropes for extended periods of time while allowing Foreman to bang away on his body, until after several rounds into the fight, Foreman had punched himself out and Ali attacked, stinging the rubber armed Foreman into defeat. It was “The Rumble in the Jungle”, one of the most memorable boxing events ever.

As athletic competitions are all about a combination of physical agility, strategy in the form of playbooks, practice sessions to maximize performance before the games, psychology and squeezing the 110% effort out of the players when the game begins etc., debates are competitions of ideas.

After watching the recent viral video of Russell Brand on a British news program, then reading a transcript, I imagined him debating one of the trillionaire Rothschilds, perhaps the oldest, most experienced and mature “Lord” Jacob Rothschild.. In the viral interview Brand called for a “revolution” reminiscent of the Beatles song. He conveyed his thoughts on what many millions of people around the world have come to view as a problem: the unequal distribution of wealth between the so-called “haves” and the “have-nots”.

One can see in their mind’s eye a new television program on the lines of “American Idol”, where instead of contestants competing with their singing voices, the competition has its focus on ideas for creating a new and better world. What would the title of such a show be…? Perhaps “Great Debates 2013” or “World of Ideas” or, here’s a catchy title-“American Ideology”. Yes, “American Ideology” would be precisely perfect.

Ideology is defined as “beliefs of a group, especially political”.

Imagine how immensely popular such a “show” would be if it came to be produced and a reality, when viewers can then “tune-in”. You can envision the advertisements which market the premier show, featuring the debate between Russell and Lord Jacob, “Russ” and “Jake”. I am somewhat surprised that (of course I’m not surprised) a hot-shot director of program development at one of the media monopoly corporations hasn’t brought such a program to air. It would sweep the ratings. It would be the most popular, most viewed television show in the history of the medium.

The premier show with Brand versus Rothschild would shatter the record books, drawing more viewers than the Super Bowl or the Oscars. Each subsequent show, because of the tremendous “buzz” generated by the profound Brand-Rothschild battle of ideas, would continue breaking the record for “most viewed” as the show builds huge, huge audiences. Corporations wishing to place advertisements would face ad prices that are higher than those of the Super Bowl, as the number of weekly viewers around the world surpasses a billion.

Heck, “Jake” could out-do Donald Trump in the arena of self-selling media by producing the show, and reaping the amazing profits that become generated through advertisements and associated marketing of mugs, t-shirts, baseball caps, and “American Ideology” lunch boxes. Imagine the effect on young people who will find their curiosity, their wish to know more about how the world of ideas becomes created, where the girls and boys around the Earth step up their reading of books on philosophy, science, government, economics etc. of those authors mentioned during the debates. An accelerating, tsunami-like evolution of ideas will occur on the Earth.

One can see young people coming to a point where those who spend time engaging in computer games shall be seen as “uncool”. The young people will no longer be whining to their parents about the latest computer time-wasting product – but reading the great, classic books of history in an addictive way, mirroring what they used to do with video games.

Why haven’t the owners of the media monopoly conglomerates yet moved to produce such a sure-fire television show “hit” of all “hits”?

I have thought about this question at times and see that such an ideas-based show would be a monster, runaway smash hit. Could the non-production and absence of shows which are about the expounding of so-called big ideas be because of media owners’ concerns about “riling up” the citizens of the planet? How is it that media owners have historically steered away from intellectually stimulating, debate format programming, when (I have to believe) they are aware of the possibility and potential, especially in the arena of making profits?

So I guess this may be considered an invitation to the media monopoly owners, a suggestion which may hit that part of those owners which will appeal to their profit motive. To those owners: you own the company and can do whatever you want with regard to programming. Simply arrange for producing “American Ideology”, just like any other one-hour weekly show. Cancel one hour of your lowest rated prime-time shows and plugin “American Ideology” there. Have a big publicity-generating, buzz-creating press gathering to announce the new show, your plan to invite Russell Brand and Lord Jacob Rothschild as the first debaters, and watch the cash registers “ka-ching” like never before in the history of television.

Russell Brand would be up for it. Getting Lord “Jake” to participate might be another story, as he doesn’t seem like much of an “extrovert”-not a real talkative fellow. Perhaps “Jake” could be persuaded through appeals to his wish to inspire people to realize his considerable success in life. Surely that would seal the deal and “Jake” would agree to debate Mr. Brand, confident that his way of looking at life, tuxedo-required events and all, will easily overpower Mr. Brand’s ideas, and ensure continuation of the historical status-quo on Earth, no need for worry or change.

In a gesture of goodwill, the network owners will donate all profits from the premier of “American Ideology” to the United Nations for efforts to help men, women, and children war refugees.