Wall Street Predators And Con Men… Or Public Banking?

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Seal of the United States Federal Reserve System. The seal has most of the elements of the Board of Governors seal. A version is printed on all U.S. Federal Reserve Notes redesigned since 1996 (replacing the letter of the bank which printed the note, which was used in earlier designs). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted October 25, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Jekyll Island, The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, J. P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Lazards, Schiffs, Lehmans, Goldman Sachs, privately-owned international central bank cartels, boom and bust, fractional reserve counterfeiting, etc., etc., etc. Deregulation, Glass-Steagall repeal, offshoring of jobs, Wall Street casino, insider trading, Brooksley Born, Greenspan, Summers, Bernanke, fraudulent derivatives, too-big-too-fail/jail, world economic crisis 2008-present, Arab Spring/Occupy, bail-outs/bail-ins, austerity, protest, unemployment, suicide, foreclosure, sequester.

You know, the history of the world from 1913 when the Federal Reserve System became a reality to the present, which leads you to deliver a series of primal screams into your pillow. Ahhh… Didn’t those screams into your pillow make you feel better?

Alrighty then…

Perhaps the first question which needs attention is “what does it say about the present economic conditions on the Earth, that it leads me to scream in my pillow?” It should come as no surprise that I would answer that question by saying fundamental change, big change, in the financial/monetary system of the world is in order.

The essential reason that big change must come is that there are too many people around the world who are getting hurt by the present setup. To boil the world’s economic condition down, in the past several centuries humanity has created a money system which has concentrated wealth into the hands of a few while the rest of humanity has seen their wealth distributed up: a trickle-up economy.

As a result of humanity’s going along with a situation where the most wealthy banking families on Earth have gained control of the quantities and creation of money, the transfers of tremendous amounts of money have occurred from the 99.9% to the .1% – the owners of the largest banks in the world. It is time for this unequal distribution of wealth to become reversed. It is time for humanity to begin the new chapter.

If one thinks about these things one can come to conclude that man created the present world situation, so man can create a new world situation. As far as this writer can see, the greatest tool to create an entirely new world financial system, one that is more equitable, just, and fair – that eliminates the frauds, cons, and criminality of Wall Street – is public banking.

Did I mention that public banking is the solution?

Let me sincerely apologize for that smart-ass remark. It is evidence of impatience and frustration that this entirely practical economic/financial solution hasn’t already been implemented worldwide.

It is a mistake to inject humor into a discussion that is in reality about life and death issues. I do regret doing so as it is an allowing of ego to enter an effort to diminish real human suffering experienced in many countries and regions around the Earth. Once again, please forgive me. Many of you are fellow bloggers, so you understand the concept of crafting words for maximum communication, and that it is at times very challenging. You have ideas and thoughts which you believe, if shared with others, will result in an improvement in the lives of your fellow brothers and sisters in the family of man.

Public banking is a concept that many people are coming to an awareness of, I suppose because it is an idea whose time has arrived. Sitting here in a room in Michigan on Lake Superior in the U.S.A. writing about public banking may in fact push the ball a little. Perhaps a few readers will “get it” and go on to spend a little or great amount of time researching then conveying to others what they have learned. This is the magnificent thing about the internet: ideas become shared and distributed, solution(s) get discussed, studied, and disseminated to the ends of the Earth.

Let me take a moment to try and bolster the spirits of fellow bloggers. There are times when you lose confidence that your writings, though excellent, are making any difference whatsoever. You look out at the world, seeing in your mind’s eye locations in cities, nations, regions, and continents, and come to the view that nothing much is different – that your efforts, as well as the efforts of millions – aren’t even making a dent.

Let us be encouraged and renewed, because good communications are creating the difference.

If one thinks about earlier generations of humanity, those ancestors were creating conditions on Earth during their lifetimes. In that regard nothing has changed – this generation is creating conditions on Earth as well – ideally with a focus on leaving the planet in better shape for all generations to come. Humanity is all about continuous evolution and change. Quite frankly it is up to humanity to decide, to choose, what that evolution and change will be, and exactly how it shapes and builds reality on this planet.

Many people spend time focusing on monetary issues because they are issues which have the most consequence for the most people. At present a system is in place that has more negative consequences for humanity than available, practical, optional systems – namely public banking. If one boils down all the academic explanations of the benefits of transformation of monetary policy and systems, one finds that public banking offers more benefits for humanity.

So the obvious question is: “if public banking is more beneficial for humanity, why hasn’t it been implemented and practiced worldwide?” It is because the few on Earth who have benefited, and are benefiting, to the detriment of the many, in the presently implemented system want to keep the status quo. It is in reality as simple as that.

So the basic fact of the present reality is that humanity has a choice.

And humanity will make that choice between two options: staying with a financial/monetary system which is owned and controlled by private interests for the benefit of a few – to the detriment of the many – or converting to a system which is controlled and owned by the many as a public service institution benefiting all people.


The ultimate question is: what will humanity choose?


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