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Posted October 24, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“Surviving Death” is a short documentary film by Cavern Films ( which reveals the thoughts of two women and a man about their near death experiences (NDE). In my usual way I stumbled upon the film at Cavern Films’ YouTube channel, viewed it, and thought it was an excellent production which illustrates the great potential of this organization of filmmakers going forward.

Congratulations to producer/director/editor Heather Dominguez for creating a very solid documentary film. In posting the film here I hope to add what I can-to help in any way to further the success of Cavern Films. People are looking forward to the organization’s upcoming “Continuing Consciousness” series which, from the information at their YouTube channel, will be available in the coming months.

Please visit Cavern Films’ website or YouTube channel and encourage this group of men and women in their efforts.

Why I am grateful to have come across “Surviving Death”.

Any man or woman reading these words who is familiar with NDEs knows that there is something irresistibly magnetic about descriptions given by men, women, and children about the experience. I believe it is safe to say that all people who become aware of the phenomena find it impossible to forget-that there is a “there” there and profound feelings of various kinds become existent.

One of the guests in the film, Ms. Peck, has written a book with the title “A Spiritual Evolution” and, although I have yet to read it, my guess is that she writes about the sometimes hard to articulate great change that humanity is experiencing in these times. That change has to do with humanity’s profound increase in awareness of spiritual truth, gained through recent years with the tremendous technological advances in communications connecting people all across the Earth.

When the phenomena of NDE began to enter the awareness of people, one could say that beginning was a part of the birth of a growing spiritual evolution of humanity. The NDE has steadily grown by way of some type of natural process, including greater interest in the stories shared by those who have “come back” to tell them. As time has marched on books written by and about men, women, and children and their NDEs have come to reside on more bestseller lists, with many millions of copies sold.

One can engage in debate on exactly how important NDE awareness is for humanity-until one reads or views the personal accounts.

I have come to hold a strong feeling that NDEs are very important for humanity and that awareness of the phenomena, the detailed personal accounts of events, reveal the most profound spiritual truth civilization has discovered to date. To go, borrowing the title of Shirley MacLaine’s book “Out On A Limb”, NDE represents the greatest discovery-revelation-in the history of man. Now you are thinking that “yes, he went way out on a limb there”.

The greatest spiritual transformation in history could be described as going from a human condition where people believed that wisdom and truth were found externally, to an understanding that wisdom and truth are found inside, internally, by each and every human being. Whereas the historical basis of philosophical/spiritual thought was where people looked to organized groupings (Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc.) founded by figures such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed and others, we now see the people of the Earth discovering that they were looking in the wrong direction-outside of themselves. The NDE aspect of the “life review“, of which the majority of experiencers describe, zeroes in on the solely personal field of action(s), where the true reality of life is existent.

In the film Roland mentions the event where he causes harm to his childhood friend Heidi, while feeling her pain through the bee stings his action brought about, as well as the harming of Heidi’s mother and father. One extremely interesting aspect of the “life review”, described by a large fraction of NDErs, is this feeling what the other person(s) were feeling, those who he/she interacted with in the life they are reviewing.

To drive this important aspect of the “life review” home, when I have my “life review”, I will “feel” what you are feeling as a result of the action I took to write these words. This realization has profound consequences for a person-consequences which can be described just as most NDErs of the whole event of “dying” and returning to tell about it: “indescribable”.

The three people in this short documentary film, Louisa Peck, Kimberly Clark Sharp, and Roland A. Webb, are mature, intelligent, studied (all have letters after their names) people. They are each as honest as the day is long.

Louisa says that , “we can extract from religions, and increasingly science, to find that which is most important in life-love”.

Roland says that, “(passing) is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful event. Better than being born”.

Kimberly conveys that, after her experience, she is all about increasing love, hope, mercy, kindness, and happiness.

If you have had a NDE, or if you have heard of personal events from family or friends, please do not hesitate to share your views in the comments. Perhaps someone who reads your words will overcome their fear(s) of speaking about their own experience(s) and good communication can begin.

Thank you to the people at Cavern Films. Along with them, I hope that their film will benefit you in some way.


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