When The World Is In Agreement.

Jerry 1Posted October 21, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“As a child I was taught, ‘Chaubon, the way to attain the beauty in life is through harmony. Be in harmony with all things, but most important, be in harmony with yourself first. A lot will go on in your life, some good, some bad – people may argue and some will try to take control of your life – but that one word, harmony, will neutralize any problems and help your life to become beautiful.’ “

– Bear Heart

After being involved with this blog for five months, the good folks at WordPress have a feature for men and women writers which keeps track of certain milestones, and, what the hell, I’m going to blow my horn in a post for a change – 1,000 “likes”. Alright, the self-aggrandizement is done, time to put the horn back in its case. For those of you who are using WordPress, you’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty thoughtful feature, and does help provide encouragement for writers. Thanks, WordPress.

I have a strange feeling that, if you are reading these words, encouragement is a big word now, given all you have been discovering in the blogs of men and women you follow, as well as internet source sites. This is the price people have to pay for being seekers of truth and truth-tellers – sometimes the truth is overwhelming, disrupting the harmony that Bear Heart mentioned while he was still on this Earth. For the truth is: harmony is in a kind of short supply on Earth in these times.

My little dictionary defines “like” as “in agreement”. Let me first express my deepest appreciation for all of you who have visited here and hit that “like” button. There are times when I become complacent – after so many posts and writings, the writing becomes like a routine where focus diminishes on why we entered the arena in the first place. I imagine the same occurs for everybody at times, where one needs to slow down a little and not allow the frenzied pace, the overwhelming reports, to rule the day.

Secondly, let me express deep appreciation to all bloggers. It does require time and effort to research issues and write about them. I’m sure that there are times when bloggers feel like they are “spinning their wheels”, where no matter what truth they post about, or how obvious the case is, nothing is changing in the world, or not changing fast enough.

I would say to you that you are not spinning your wheels. You are making the difference.

When people are as honest with themselves and others as possible, they are hitting the correct mark. One thing that is very gratifying about writing a blog is the connections made with men and women around the planet Earth. Forgive me if I get a little sentimental, but that’s the way it goes. I admit to not being focused enough on the effort to help create, with my brothers and sisters in the family of man, a world where oneness is truly felt, on the ground, in every land and region of the world.

I admit that I have neglected spirituality, love, harmony, and forgiveness recently. One can safely say that most of the big problems in the world have become analyzed and identified. War was thankfully averted – at least a devastating escalation –  in the country of Syria, although the violence and killing there continues. Is it just me, but why haven’t any of the “leaders” around the world mentioned the solution to the crisis: we are one human family and we need to share the world with each other –  to love one another.

What would the world look like if everybody “liked” – were in agreement – that love, forgiveness, and unity was the best direction for humanity moving forward? Would it be a safe bet that 99.9% of the planet’s people would hit the “like” button on that idea? I think it’s a safe bet. Perhaps when we make the case that change on this Earth is in order – that war, greed, poverty, dualistic/separation thinking must be replaced with something better and nobler – we fail to understand that love absolutely must be the basis for such changes to become realized.

Could it be that absence of love has been the cause of all the difficulties the human race has faced through history until today? Let us kick this around some. The first thing to consider is absence of the word love in any discussion of major concern for the people of the world. Why this absence? Is it a sign of weakness to mention in discussion that love is the answer to all problems of humanity? Or is it a sign of strength to articulate the ultimate importance of love on Earth?

Some of you may have viewed the documentary “Occupy Love” on the Free Speech TV network recently. It was produced by filmmaker Velcrow Ripper, and coincidentally has the same title as the first self-published book I wrote about a year ago. The documentary is the first I know of that inserts a spiritual perspective in discussions of new ways of living on Earth. Learn more about the film at occupylove.com.

Could it be said that any discussions on issues of great importance for humanity which are absent the words love, forgiveness, brotherhood, and oneness are lacking true power to arrive at the most beneficial solutions? Is love a true power? Any man or woman who has felt love for family or friends has absolutely no doubt that love is a true power. If love is a true power, is it the most powerful force in the universe?

Now I can see you saying to yourself, “this guy is into some woo-woo stuff here”. After all, the economics texts and the famous economists never mention the word love in their discussions. The politicians never mention the power of love when they are campaigning for office, or when they win the elections and begin serving their terms. But what would happen…? Would the president of any country start wars of aggression if they based all of their decisions on love and the oneness of humanity?

If oneness was known and understood by all people, everywhere on Earth, would the levels of harm done to humans, animals, and all living things diminish dramatically? No doubt. Where else is there to go? When all people look out at the world and feel oneness with all things, it is impossible to harm. Is this not exactly the type of world that activists at all points on the political spectrum dream about? Is this not exactly the type of world that 99.9% of the men, women, and children on Earth want?

The awareness gained by millions and millions, dare I say billions, of people from every nation and region on Earth in recent years of the previously unknown events, conditions, and truths of history and the present has led to intense efforts to change the world for the better. Many have deeply researched, done detailed analysis and shown the problem(s) in their entirety. Now… solutions?

Thank you to all men and women who have visited here and engaged in friendly discussions. In the five months at WordPress I have come to the view that the comments section is where the good communication between men and women from every nation on Earth takes place. I wish to thank every man and woman who has taken the time to share their thoughts on various posts. I urge all readers to take advantage of any and all opportunities to make a good difference through the comments sections of blogs and other platforms on the internet.

As WordPress has a feature which tells bloggers who has made the most comments, I would give special thanks to the following men and women for sharing viewpoints: Skywanderer, David Holmes, Tanya, Robert A. Vella, mystic1muse, and Shelby Courtland. Once again, I appreciate greatly all the interactions with fellow brothers and sisters from around the Earth.

The final, up-till-now missing details of the very excellent exposures and analyses of the most important issues, the details which will exponentially empower the intellectual brilliance to the point of truly manifesting great changes for humanity – are love, forgiveness, and oneness.


Too Silent To Be Real.

English: Ontario Province within Canada. Franç...
English: Ontario Province within Canada. Français : Situation de la province d’Ontario au Canada. —- Español: Provincia de Ontario en Canadá. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted October 21, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

It has been said that music is a universal language. Gordon Lightfoot was born in 1938 in Ontario, Canada and achieved fame as a singer-songwriter whose “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald“, “If You Could Read My MInd”, “Sundown”, “Carefree Highway”, and “Rainy Day People” are familiar to many people around the world.

My favorite composition from Gordon Lightfoot is “Canadian Railroad Trilogy” and the video here is of him performing it on BBC in 1972, when his performances were at their best-when he was in his prime. The song is almost a snapshot of history, in this case the history of Canada, but I would suggest it is also a snapshot of the history of the world. One of the lines in the song, “too silent to be real”, which describes the landscape of Canada, and the landscape of the world, before “progress” came along, conjures up images of the Earth being a literal heaven.

“Before the white man and the wheel” when the “wild majestic mountains stood alone against the sun” also reinforces the image of what the Earth was like before man began changing the landscape to build the “mines, mills, and factories for the good of us all”.  The Canadian Pacific Railroad opened up the land of that nation, built by the men who worked their backs, went into town on the weekend, and toasted to “the living and the dead”. Gordon Lightfoot never judges whether it was good or bad, he simply writes how it happened.

This post is about art and the man Gordon Lightfoot, who as a child wondered if he could make a living as a musician. A series of events, planned and unplanned, led to his becoming famous, appearing on television and the tours of famous musicians. I suppose I am simply giving credit to a man who created some wonderful, thoughtful songs which positively affected many listeners. Perhaps there is a wish to encourage artists of all kinds-writers, musicians, painters, etc. in their efforts to create works that drive at the human condition and make a good difference for the people who experience them.

It is interesting to look at video of Mr. Lightfoot in 1972 when he was 34 years old, and then another from 2012 when he had reached the age of 74. He has said that he wants to “bop till we drop”, referring to himself and his band-mates, who have made music and been touring for decades. The contrast between Gordon Lightfoot at 34 and 74 gives one the awareness of life’s progression from youth to old age and the inevitable transition commonly called death.

Gordon Lightfoot has lived a “lucky” life as he puts it, although he has struggled with alcohol addiction and health issues, including near death from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm in 2002 which led to a six-week coma and five surgeries. He has led a remarkable life, providing the world with some beautiful music, his greatest award being induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2012, along with Bob Seger.

Bob Dylan considered Gordon Lightfoot one of his favorite songwriters and said, when he listened to a Gordon Lightfoot song, he wished it “would last forever”.

Gordon Lightfoot in 2012 performing “I’ll Tag Along” and in 1972 performing “Canadian Railroad Trilogy”.