Money Creation: A Taboo Subject?

2004 Green Presidential Nominee David Cobb cam...
2004 Green Presidential Nominee David Cobb campaigning at Fighting Bob Fest, September, 2004, in Baraboo, Wisconsin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted October 19, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“If you do not specify and confront real issues, what you say will surely obscure them. If you do not alarm anyone morally, you yourself remain morally asleep. If you do not embody controversy, what you say will be an acceptance of the drift of the coming hell.”

C. Wright Mills (1916-1962) American sociologist

Many people hold the perspective that any analysis of the way money circulates and has become created through the centuries is an exercise having to do with those who are “conspiracy theorists”. The percentage of Americans who have either not developed any interest (pun not intended) in banking and the financial industry and its history, or quickly change the subject when public banking is talked about is unfortunately large. On the bright side, more have delved into money, banking and finance since the 2008 economic crisis-felt in America and around the world to this day.

Every day more men and women around the world are coming to gain an awareness of the need for reforms in the powerful economic sector of finance, banking, money creation and all that the industry entails. This increased awareness is attributed to the internet, where information can easily be found that analyzes “taboo” issues in the world-class power halls of international finance. It is interesting to speculate (pun not intended) on why this phenomena of awareness is occurring now in 2013.

Answering the “why” question perhaps requires an ability to see Earthly events through the eyes of the Supreme/God/Creator as such movements by the human race can only be explained from a higher spiritual place rarely articulated, much less understood. There is a worldwide movement going on where men and women are gaining a sense of the “big picture”, if you will, filled with more than plenty of what people call “a-ha” moments, gains in awareness of how things of major consequence work.

The rise of the internet as a place for people to go to get the “real news” of the time, as opposed to traditional, mainstream media sources, epitomized by the three evening 6 o’clock news shows of ABC, CBS, and NBC, gives people an idea of cultural and societal change occurring on a large-scale. Once again, it is interesting to think about the why aspect of these real changes. Although there are those who will say that God is in every person, every life-form and all things, an idea which represents another “taboo” of sorts, the times when men and women around the world come across truth on their computers results in varied feelings of hope and optimism, pessimism and defeat, and surely thoughts on how to move ahead with newfound truth(s).

One can see with their mind’s eye all of those men, women and children sitting at their computers reading and viewing, gaining new ideas which were previously unknown and having intense experiences, feelings that associate with having just received “explosive” information that others need to understand. So in the recent years many have become active in creating outlets for the explosive information they have learned, for if not shared the info will blow up, because it is information everyone would benefit by knowing.

It is safe to say that there are now many more investigative journalists on Earth, millions more than existed before the rise of the internet. Why this has happened, why the truth is being actively pursued by so many at this point in the history of the human race, is very interesting to think about. One attempts to look at the reality on Earth in a “big picture” way and sees that great change is on the ever-more-rapidly approaching day when truth shall be perceived, the censorship and manipulation of people’s thinking will end.

The additional knowledge and awareness of humanity, gained in profound quantities during recent years, has reached a point where beneficial changes are an inevitability. The historical ways which have led to financial crisis after crisis after crisis are no longer OK with the people around the Earth-there is a better way that creates conditions more amenable to a better life for everybody. That way is possible with a major shift in money power from those who have through history held a disproportionate, unequal amount of it to the people.

Humanity is ready to create a monetary system which shifts money power from the few to the many.

As a result of humanity’s newly acquired knowledge about money creation as it has been historically carried out, the negative consequences for the people of the Earth, the environment, and all life, men and women around the world are ready to stop “beating around the bush” and make real change. What is most significant with this real state of affairs on this planet in 2013 is that people everywhere are realizing that there are ways to improve quality of life for everyone, everywhere.

People everywhere are sensing correctly that humanity can actually create a new and better world for this and future generations. There have been terms used to describe the present reality on Earth like “The Great Shift” and “The Great Awakening”-absolutely connected to the biblical “meek inheriting the Earth” sentiment. Many describe the choices human beings have, including whether to join the group who are about “service to self” or the group whose members are about “service to others”.

When one thinks about these things it becomes increasingly clear that this way of observing oneself as either about “service to self” or “service to others” is a truly accurate assessment of the real, concrete choice that every man, woman and child must come to make. It is an inevitable choice which is impossible to avoid. It is a choice which is directly related to philosophical and religious/spiritual inquiry and study since time and life began.

At risk of coming across as simplistic, I believe that “service to others” is more and more becoming the philosophical/spiritual choice the people of the world are focusing on. It is meant to be, it is happening, and that’s it.

Public banking will become the new financial model on Earth.

There, I’ve gone and done it-broken the taboo. I’ve gone and taken on the “big boys” from that, as Matt Taibbi has put it, “other complicated reality… that great, unreported story of our time”. Up till now people have given up their power surrounding the realities behind the world’s financial industry and its operation. The taboo is no longer existing and people are ready to articulate the new model of money creation and banking. People see past the jargon and intentional complexity of economics and central banking “authorities”, and have had enough “beating around the bush”. It is obvious big change is overdue in the way money comes into existence and who is in control-private corporations and wealthy “old money”, “blue blood” families or the “red-blooded” people.

The present world economic crisis provides humanity with the opportunity to finally create a monetary system which completes the revolution started in 1776 against aristocracy and banking institutions. Nothing is as important to the people of the world as taking this enormous, maximum power away from the few and distributing it to all people.

We, the people.

In the following June 2013 Public Banking Institute (PBI) Conference address by David Cobb, national spokesperson for “Move to Amend“, an organization working to reverse the infamous Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, he describes PBI as a “kick-ass organization”. Mr. Cobb gives a thirty minute address, admirably zeroing in on the feelings that millions and millions of men and women around the world are having now in 2013.

Some of people who spoke at the conference were Ellen Brown (founder and president of PBI), Matt Taibbi, Iceland’s Birgitta Jonsdottir, documentarian Bill Still, Gar Alperovitz and others. The Public Banking Institute has a channel on YouTube where these fine people can be seen, heard and accessed on video at the conference. The channel is PublicBankingTV.

“As one wages war with the blood of others so one makes a fortune with the money of others.”

– Andre Suares (1868-1948) French writer



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12 thoughts on “Money Creation: A Taboo Subject?

    1. Robert,
      I’m reminded of the wife who bought a new dress, tried it on and asked her husband “how do you like my new dress?” He answers “very interesting.” Lol. David Cobb makes some energetic, excellent points. If only Ellen Brown came across a little more energetically, she would be the most popular person in America. Either way she is one smart woman.
      Thank you,


      1. Geez Jerry, take a compliment why don’t ya – even one as inarticulate as mine… lol! At least I didn’t post a remark reminiscent of this story:

        Wife: “Honey, does this new dress make me look fat?”

        Husband: “No sweetie, it’s your fat that makes you look fat.”


        1. Robert,
          Now there’s a husband and wife who communicate in the best way! Sounds like a Rodney “the master” Dangerfield joke. Come to think of it, you wonder how Rodney would deal with today’s new headlines. Nothing better than a “pro” comedian.
          Thanks for lightening things up.


  1. Jerry,
    I am in agreement with Robert, it is an interesting post ( I think it makes you look even smarter than before – LOL).

    But seriously, I find it a cutting-edge article. Very well written, and tackles a topic not many dare to touch. In my view this will be the most difficult question to face once we have got rid of the current regime that seals the current monetary system by military violence and which system is in the way of implementing anything else.


    1. Skywanderer,
      One of the challenges for those who want monetary reform is overcoming the lack of knowledge in the general population, although thankfully that is happening. There was a recent story on Carmen Segarra, a New York Fed examiner who was fired for refusing to change a report critical of Goldman Sachs, related to conflict of interest government law requirements. You are familiar with Ms. Segarra aren’t you Robert? She was interviewed in Spanish on Univision Noticias but can’t find any English interviews. I would guess she will be interviewed in English soon enough as she is a so-called whistleblower (someone who tells the truth). Her story seems to be developing. A fellow named Mike Maloney made a mini-doc “The Biggest Scam in the History of the World” which is interesting, though a little cartoonish. That video has 500,000 hits on YouTube, so the word is getting out there. His money theory, gold/silver backing differs from Bill Still’s-Still doesn’t believe gold/silver backing is necessary and only leaves control in the hands of those who own the gold. Still was/is critical of Ron Paul’s gold-backed monetary stance.
      Robert, the Boston Red Sox player Shane Victorino certainly has an appropriate last name-after hitting the grand slam that put his team in the World Series. Funny how the mind works: I equate the Tigers reliever who threw one too many curveballs to Victorino- Veres or Veras I think his name is, who I noticed made the sign of the cross twice, once when he was coming in across left field and then again while on the mound before throwing his first pitch-to those who are trying to build a new world. You make your best pitch against the big money central-bank players, praying that you win the battle, and the big money players hit a grand slam in spite of your prayers. Keeping the faith…


      1. Yes Jerry, I recently posted an article about Ms. Segarra.

        My condolences to the Tigers. They fought hard, but nagging injuries and a shaky defense caught up with them. And, what was up with Prince Fielder? His big bat was missing!


        1. Robert,
          Another blogger provided a link to ProPublica ( an excellent article. Looks like a big-time cover-up that one could predict will become a major story. As far as Fielder he must have had an issue with his legs as his swings were all arms. Oh, well-like the original Bad News Bears ending-we’ll get you next year.


  2. PS: I also very much like the quote by C. Wright Mills you introduce the post with. The most spot-on and well phrased truth I have encountered for a long time.
    Thanks a lot for the great article, Jerry. Outstanding work.


    1. Skywander,
      Came from a book of quotes by George Seldes, a great journalist who took on Mussolini and Hitler, lucky to escape death, “The Great Thoughts”. C. Wright Mills lived to the age of 46. Thanks for the too-kind compliment. Thanks to you for your efforts. Thank you Robert, as well.


  3. This is a most illuminating post Jerry! God, or I’m sorry, I mean “Hail the Collective Conscious”, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts when my ‘world’ has a more peaceful ebb and flow, and I find time! Thank you for this Jerry! I’m saving it as a Favorite! 🙂


    1. Professor,
      Mr. Cobb makes a strong case for Public Banking. Maybe you appreciate the post because of the coincidental relation “taboo”! I hope that the percentage of time you spend in a peaceful ebb and flow only increases. Thank you for your kind words, Professor.


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