Unabated War: Human Tragedy In Syria.

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Posted October 16, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

As most Americans have kept an eye on the government shutdown, debt ceilings, World War II veterans inability to visit their memorial(s), and the quirks of various elected representatives in Washington, D.C., the people in Syria continue to suffer the worst events on Earth.

After the Vietnam War, where journalists filmed real war taking place on the ground and broadcasting the horror on the evening news programs, subsequent wars have been “sanitized” by the media news outlets, no longer showing flag-draped coffins arriving at airports, or wounded or killed soldiers on the battlefield. No longer would the American people be exposed to those distasteful film clips. The number of soldiers who have returned from duty and committed suicide, after becoming unable to cope with the hell of what they experienced, is not known by the people because this is a negative consequence of war.

When people become exposed to the real blood and guts, the real tragedies that human beings experience in war-torn regions, then the true psychological and spiritual costs of war and killing hits them squarely in the face. After sharing such experiences, albeit from the comfort of their recliners and couches, people have no choice but to feel that war has to end. They sense that there must be a way, mature men and women simply must be able to end such damage to men, women and children.

Many men and women around the world simply turn off the reports on war and escape into alcohol, drugs, sports and mindless entertainment. This is understandable as there are parallels between those soldiers who commit suicide and the non-combatant, average man or woman who becomes aware of the horrors of war, killing and destruction. There is obviously a difference in the intensity of feelings and emotions between those who have actually been there, on the ground in the midst of war as soldiers, and those who hear about or see the overwhelming negative effects.

It is a personal choice whether a person maintains focus on solving the problems which lead to wars or turns away, understandable because maintaining focus is painful psychologically and spiritually.

All people have breathed a sigh of relief after the situation in Syria has at least resolved in a way which averted World War III, but the war has continued unabated. The following video, produced by a news channel in Syria, includes the testimony of a number of men who became involved with rebel/mercenary forces in the anti-Assad side of the conflict. The descriptions they tell the journalist and camera are shocking and saddening.

Do I know if this is a genuine un-biased film that conveys the truth about what has happened since 2011 in Syria? All I can say is that the men telling their stories seem like they are telling the truth. The reason I am posting this film is that the more people are aware of the situation in Syria, there is a chance that the conflict will end sooner than if I didn’t post the film. Perhaps one less child, or the father or mother of a Syrian child, will experience the hell of war.

The people of Syria need help to be free of war, killing and destruction. Those who are supplying, paying and facilitating the mercenary forces in Syria must stop the actions which are hurting innocent people in Syria and the surrounding nations, because of the refugees streaming into their regions.

All people everywhere can at least send their prayers and feelings of goodwill to the people of Syria and the Middle East. Some have more influence and have associations with those who have the power to speak out forcefully in ways that bring this human catastrophe to an end. Terrible events continue in Syria and that region of the world. Please use whatever tools you have to help bring the war in Syria to an end. The people of Syria and that region want to live in peace, like normal people everywhere.

Please call on all leaders in the world to focus intensely on ways to bring about the end of violence and killing.


Syria documentary: “The Flood”

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