World Banking Cartel Exposed. What Now?

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Posted October 13, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“In your face” expose which was broadcast on PressTV on the history and existence of an international banking cartel. What is a cartel? A syndicate controlling prices and production. What is a syndicate? Syndicate is a combination of persons or companies for large joint enterprise. For some the information provided in this production is almost overwhelming because of the commonly held belief that bankers were your neighbors-you grew up as kids with bankers’ kids.

To come across information like this is an experience similar to the rudest of awakenings. When one understands that there are people and families on this Earth who have accumulated such astronomical power and influence through the decades, learning facts that are never mentioned in the history books or on the mass media, it is shocking.

One gets shaken violently and finds that it seems like the world has turned upside down in a sense. Men and women try then to reconcile newly found facts with the “facts” that they thought allowed a reasonable understanding of the realities in the world. There is a feeling that somehow there has been a false perception which until now has seen a correction, that one has until now been “hood-winked”.

Everyone has heard the phrase “jaw-dropping” and now it comes to this type of corrective grasp of incorrect perception when people’s jaws collectively “drop”. There is a sense of unreality when persons come across such revelatory history and commentary by those who have researched the realities of banking and international finance, and who has accumulated the money and power on this Earth.

People invariably ask themselves questions like “can this be real?” and “why didn’t anyone tell me this?”, a time where serious states of frustration and confusion come to the minds of newly aware men and women. This begins a journey down the road of dot connection and further exploration into the explanations for how the human race has been affected by the actions of those at the so-called “top of the pyramid”.

War, environmental destruction, poverty, monopoly, and political power are now seen as intimately connected to those who pull the strings at the apex of the pyramid of power. Bit by bit, people in every country around the world piece together narratives which truly represent conditions on this beautiful planet all people and all life call home.

Until finally enough people come to the conclusion that there must be a better way for humanity to organize and conduct its affairs-surely a new and better creation is possible. Is it acceptable today that one family can hold tens of trillions of dollars in wealth? While millions of men, women and children try to survive on a dollar day?

Humanity has received its wake-up call. 

It is time for humanity to live as one.


(Thanks to GlobalPressTV at YouTube)

3 thoughts on “World Banking Cartel Exposed. What Now?

  1. It wouldn’t be so bad if the villains were only after their own foolish carnal pleasures, but the funding of the wars, and the plundering of resources and destruction of so much beauty and the suffering of those whose homelands have been destroyed, that is hard to endure, but also, hard to know what can be done to unravel their grip on most of the world.
    I don’t want their money, or their lifestyles, I want them stripped of their power to do harm.


    1. Debra,
      How are you. I agree. The use of depleted uranium in Iraq, agent orange in Vietnam, which left those lands poisoned with birth defects that are heart-breaking. Those who authorized DU weapons in Iraq knew the devastating effects-that land has radiation poisoning forever. As far as unraveling their grip people can speak, and are speaking, truth to power. A breakthrough, tipping point will come with good changes. More and more people are saying enough is enough. Keep the faith.
      Thank you,


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    #AceDebtNews – the real truth is being played out in these the end of days, to break the cartel of control, is the plan of a higher force than us, given that we have to wait until those that control our lives, reveal their true intentions #truth


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