John Pilger: Journalist For Truth.

Amerikan Exposé
Amerikan Exposé (Photo credit: Saint Iscariot)

Posted October 1, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

John Pilger is a journalist of rare quality who fights to tell his readers the truth. After watching his 2003 documentary “Breaking The Silence” about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, I found this short address by him from 2012 at a War and Media conference in London. From the little I know about John Pilger he has traveled to many countries around the world producing many reports from war-torn areas. He has  seen first-hand the consequences of wars and killing, and understands the geopolitics behind government sponsored terrorism. John Pilger has seen more than he cared to of the personal costs of war-the saddening human suffering media corporations find too “objectionable” to report.