Near Death Experiences Are Real.

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Posted September 28, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Why is the near death experience (NDE) so very important? For any person who has read about or listened to personal accounts of men, women and children who have had a NDE, there is no doubt that the content he or she has come into contact with is about as profound as it gets.

In this interview, Dr. Jeffrey Long, founder of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, is speaking to Lilou Mace about his years of involvement with near death experiencers. We find that it is interesting how certain “coincidences” in people’s lives lead to significant changes-in Dr. Long’s case his “accidental” reading of an article about the NDE. From that “accident” he has come to run, the largest website in the world devoted to the study of NDEs, containing thousands of personal accounts from people all over the Earth.

From the “accidental” reading he has built the largest NDE site in the world and become an expert on the phenomenon, writing and publishing a book titled “Evidence Of The Afterlife“. The title of his book is an assertion that there is evidence of life after death-the evidence is provided by the persons who have literally experienced it. Dr. Long points out that patterns and similarities which run through the majority of accounts proves that the experience is real.

Most NDErs have a life-threatening event such as an auto accident or heart attack which leads to an experience that forever changes them in every aspect. The physical condition which these persons are in should eliminate any opportunity to remember what occurred during a NDE. But they remember. The experiencer most times rises out of his or her body, and sees his or herself on the operating table, behind the wheel of the crashed car, or in the ambulance etc.

The person will be able to provide information that would be impossible to know without the reality of their NDE. For example describing the contents of a rooftop, or what someone said while they were unconscious in another area of the hospital, or the instruments used in their medical procedure from observation on a different floor of the hospital etc.

Other patterns include the “tunnel” the soul goes through, often with the light at the end, where the soul emerges into a realm of unspeakable, other-worldly beauty, heavenly music, scenery and smells, and feelings of utter peace and unconditional love. Most describe what has become known as their “life review” where the events of one’s life are viewed in a form of “movie”, where one realizes in a spiritual dimension kind of way the lessons of a lifetime.

At a certain point the NDEr finds that they must return to their body, for “it is not your time” or “you have more to do”. Dr. Long has been with thousands of people who have had the near death experience. He has concluded that they are real proof of the afterlife. Any person who reads the personal accounts will find it impossible to believe otherwise. Why the interest in near death experiences is “snowballing” in this time, as Dr. Long mentions here, is anyone’s guess.

This writer believes that near death experiences truly provide humanity with ultimate truths about the realities of life and death. NDEs provide the most profound answers to date to those questions philosophers, theologians, physicists, and the human race have been asking since time began.