International Criminal Court: Investigate Syria Chemical Attacks NOW.

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Posted September 23, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

The world’s people must know who is responsible for the August 21, 2013 chemical attacks which killed hundreds in Syria. Any credible person, group or nation that claims to have any shred of evidence should bring that evidence forward for examination and investigation at the International Criminal Court as soon as humanly possible.

Citizens in the United States, I am urging you to contact your Congressmen, Senators, and the White House-and demand that the investigation into who was behind the attacks must begin now. Citizens in every country on Earth, please consider this issue deeply and then do the same. Why? Because it is absolutely essential that humanity knows who committed this most barbaric act of the 21st century.

Any serious person who has followed events surrounding Syria since August 21, 2013 knows that there are many reports and articles which have suggested the so-called Syrian rebels were behind the massacre. These same reports and articles point out that the rebels committed the chemical massacre to bring about United States, Britain, France and other countries’ military intervention.

Any serious person who has followed events knows that there are many reports and articles which suggest that the Bashar al-Assad regime is responsible for the massacre. These same articles point out that military strikes on Syria have to be undertaken to prevent Assad from using chemical weapons again, and that he has “crossed the line”, committing the most barbaric atrocity.

Millions of articles have been written since August 21, 2013 on the situation in Syria, describing the horrific conditions which the men, women and children of that war-torn country have been subject to for over two years. In the media thousands of politicians, military experts, geopolitical analysts, journalists, spiritual leaders and more have given the listeners, readers, and viewers their thoughts on the sad events occurring in Syria.

Never before in the history of the world has there been so much participation in discussions by men and women around the Earth as has occurred in the last month about Syria. I am convinced history books will tell future students about the year 2013, where the world’s people became aware of the realities on Earth and collectively chose to say “no more” to war.

The content of history books read by future generations of humanity shall become determined by identifying those persons and parties responsible for the August 21, 2013 chemical massacre in Syria. For that reason there are many calling for an investigation into who was behind the attacks. The United States administration of Barack Obama claims that there is no doubt that the regime of Bashar al-Assad committed the massacre. Bashar al-Assad claims there is no evidence to prove the Obama administration’s claim, and that the rebels committed the massacre to bring foreign military intervention.

Without a doubt the world/humanity absolutely must know the truth.

To unleash cruise missiles and military intervention on a sovereign nation and people, based on false arguments, is documented in countless books and writings. All one need do to make this point is mention “Colin Powell at United Nations” and all listeners are fully aware of lies told to begin wars-wars which can only be described as literal hell on Earth. Those who have researched the present situation in Syria through reading hundreds of articles have seen the listings of history’s “false flags” time and time and time again.

For false flags events have occurred through history time… and time… and time… again.

This is why I am urging every man and woman who reads these words to take any and all action humanly possible to bring about the investigation at the International Criminal Court.

Vladimir Putin recently on Syrian chemical weapons attack:

“ We have equal rights and equal responsibilities with all our colleagues involved in the discussion on Syria. This is not the first time I hear that I now carry a special responsibility. We all carry a special responsibility; we all carry it equally. …it became clear that chemical weapons had been used. But this was clear to us from the very beginning, and our experts agreed. The only thing that is unclear is who used it.”

“We have every reason to believe that this was a provocation. You know, it was clever and smart, but at the same time, the execution was primitive. They used an ancient, Soviet-made projectile, taken from the Syrian army’s armaments from a long time ago – it even had “Made in the USSR” printed on it. But this was not the first time chemical weapons were used in Syria. Why didn’t they investigate the previous instances?”

“This matter should be investigated as thoroughly as possible. If we finally get an answer, despite all obstacles, to the question of who did this, who committed this crime – and there is no question that it was a crime – then we will take the next step; we will then work with other UN Security Council colleagues to determine the culpability of those who committed this crime, together and in solidarity.”

“Second, on whether we will manage to convince Assad or not, I don’t know. So far it looks as though Syria has fully agreed to our proposal and is ready to act according to the plan that the international community is putting together, working through the UN. Russia and the USA, in the persons of Secretary of State Kerry and Foreign Minister Lavrov have already practically drafted the outlines of this plan. There is a special organization that will work together with the UN on this matter of eliminating chemical weapons. Syria has declared that it will join and that it indeed already considers itself to have joined the International Chemical Weapons Convention. These are practical steps that the Syrian government has already taken.”

“Let me just remind you about how these chemical weapons came about. Syria got itself chemical weapons as an alternative to Israel’s nuclear arsenal, as we know. What can be done about the various issues associated with proliferation and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction remains a very relevant question today, perhaps the most important issue of our time. If this situation gets out of control, like it once happened with gunpowder, the consequences will be unimaginable. We therefore need to strive towards nuclear-free status in particular parts of the world, especially in such volatile regions as the Middle East.”


Vladimir Putin said something here that needs to be repeated: “This matter should be investigated as thoroughly as possible.”

The Obama administration should embrace the sentiments of Vladimir Putin and agree to submit their evidence to the ICC. If their claim, that the regime of Bashar al-Assad committed the massacre, is solid, there can be no reasonable argument given by the Obama administration against the highest level of investigation.

The United Nations General Assembly is gathering in New York this week. Syria will be a major topic of discussions and meetings and speeches. Whether you live in the United States, Syria, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Israel, Equador, France, Britain or any country on Earth: Contact any man or woman in your country who has any influence in advocating for-can take actions which will bring about-the International Criminal Court’s investigation of the August 21, 2013 chemical attacks in Syria.

What will come from the investigation?

There are a number of possible outcomes:

Evidence will point to the Assad regime’s responsibility, increasing the possibility of military action by the United States and its allies. Consequences of this possible outcome include determining the best actions to take to bring those responsible to justice, appropriate punishment (life in prison or death penalty), weighing the costs of available options as they affect the situations/lives of the Syrian people etc.

Evidence will point to the rebels’ responsibility, marking possibly the first time in history that a war was prevented by discovery of a “false flag” operation before military operations began. Consequences of this possible outcome include determining who was responsible for creating the plan for such a “false flag”, ascertaining the appropriate punishment (life in prison or death penalty), and weighing the costs to the Syrian people associated with each option.

Evidence will be inconclusive-it will be impossible to determine who carried out the massacre.

The finest minds from the fields of law enforcement, military and science must be called upon to solve this, the most important unsolved crime on Earth, as soon as humanly possible. I would urge that the proceedings, testimonies and presentations of any and all evidence be available to view, either live on cable television and/or the internet, by as great a percentage of the human race as possible. Why? Because the human race absolutely must know.

Please take any and all actions that your God-given reason, intellect, creativity, ability, and intuition allows to bring about the investigation by the International Criminal Court into the August 21, 2013 chemical attacks in Syria. It does not matter what country or region of the Earth you are in. You are a member of the human family with no lesser value than any fellow member, including Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad or the Pope. Your action(s) at this most important time in history can and will make all the difference.

You are the difference between war and peace on Earth.


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