“The War Campaign” Documentary – Powerful Truth Of Iraq War Crimes.

Tony Blair and Dick Cheney at the main door to...
Tony Blair and Dick Cheney at the main door to 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s residence in London, on 11 March 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 20, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

This Danish-made documentary titled “The War Campaign: How To Sell A War” is one the most powerful films about war and peace ever produced.

After you watch this film you will have absolutely no doubt that George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Donald Rumsfeld and others committed war crimes through deliberate manipulation and conveyance of falsehoods to the citizens of the United States, Britain and the entire world.

This film can be used as evidence in the International Criminal Court to prosecute and convict those persons previously mentioned of crimes against humanity.

Thanks to the men and women who made “The War Campaign” for bringing this powerful documentary to our attention. Thanks to the fellow who posted it on YouTube, those of you who make others aware of it, and Skywanderer for first bringing the film to the attention of her blog readers. Unfortunately the film has received only 107 views since it was posted on YouTube August 29, 2013. In my view this film must be seen by millions of men and women in every country on Earth. Why? Because it conveys the most powerful truth on Earth.

Because of the lies and manipulations of the Bush and Blair administrations, the country and people of Iraq were devastated through war, killing and destruction of historic dimensions. That is why this documentary must be disseminated to the ends of this Earth. Humanity must know what happened-humanity must know the truth. Those responsible for the death and destruction in Iraq are guilty of war crimes. Period. To date none have faced arrest, prosecution and punishment for their actions.

Think deeply about this and ask yourself if you are OK with that.

Please do whatever you can to bring this film to the attention of humanity.

To view on YouTube type “Bush, Blair og Fogh – Krigskampagnen” in search box. Please record “Bush, Blair og Fogh – Krigskampagnen”, print up hundreds of tickets with that information, carry in your wallet or purse, and hand the information to family, friends and all. It is not an overstatement to say that when enough men and women view this important film, the history of the world will be shaped. It is a particularly important and relevant film today, where a possible repeat of the Iraq War is facing humanity in Syria. Please help make “The War Campaign” go viral.

If ever their was a message that truly needed to go viral – NOW, it is contained in this very powerful documentary.


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September 11, 2001: War Criminals Elude Prosecution.

English: World Trade Center, New York, aerial ...
English: World Trade Center, New York, aerial view March 2001. Français : Le World Trade Center à New York. Vue aérienne datant de mars 2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 20, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

September 11, 2001. The events of 9/11, where the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 were taken down, were manipulated to wage two wars and the expenditure of trillions of dollars. The amount of people around the globe killed and seriously wounded, the destroying of societies, and the amount of suffering by humanity in the events following 9/11 have been devastating.

Given the many important, unanswered questions regarding the accuracy of the official 9/11 Commission Report, there is an absolute need for a new, independent from the government, examination. For example, that building 7 of the World Trade Center complex, which was not hit by any plane and had but a few office fires, totally collapsed like a controlled demolition into its own footprint and was not even mentioned in the report.

Building 7 for many is a form of smoking gun that points to there being another story than that painted by the commission. As building 7 was not even mentioned in the report there is an even greater concern leading to the calls for a new investigation.

Many organizations have come out to demand such a new investigation, and there must be one, to allow every person with a legitimate concern or question to get their message on record. Given the example of the false flag incident of the Gulf of Tonkin which started the Vietnam War, there can be no allowance of doubt from the people of the world that every shred of evidence was thoroughly examined before closing any books on 9/11.

Senator James Fulbright of Arkansas said the following about the Gulf of Tonkin incident: “Biggest mistake of my career to accept the story from the military that was false.”

What happened to building 7 is among many other unanswered questions which simply have to be heard, noted and addressed.

What really happened at the Pentagon that day?

What does the chemistry of the dust found at the Twin Towers tell us?

What are the thoughts of controlled demolition experts?

What was the true extent of insider trading right before September 11?

What about the hundreds of police, firefighters and other people who heard explosions before and after the planes hit?

What about the sub-basement explosions that were heard?

Why was every window blown out of the north tower?

Why were fighter jets given a stand down order and not scrambled immediately?

Why do experienced pilots think the hijackers could not have performed the maneuvers?

Why do 2,000 architects and engineers support a new investigation?

What about “rivers” of molten metal seen by firefighters?

How did the towers fall in 10 seconds when physics says it should have been 40 seconds?

Why was there no pile of rubble from buildings that were 1,500 feet tall?

How did buildings that weighed 500,000 tons each dematerialize and turn to dust?

How did 1,000 cars up to one half mile away become toasted without any contact with the buildings?

Why was only one filing cabinet out of 50,000 found after the collapse?

Was Donald Rumsfeld’s testimony of September 10 that 2 trillion dollars of the Pentagon budget was missing and unaccounted for of any importance, or related to, the events of September 11?

Why was Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, on the grounds of the Pentagon helping with rescue when the threat was still there for more attacks?

How could the most well guarded building in the world, the Pentagon, not be protected from an attack by airplane? How did this airplane break the intense security of the Pentagon?

There are many, many more unanswered questions. Questions which were never answered by the official 9/11 Commission.

The official story of 9/11 has become accepted by most people because they do not want to rock the boat or suffer ridicule as a “conspiracy theorist”. For many this poses a risk of job and family security which is too high to take. Those in the universities run the risk of jeopardizing their employment and grant monies anytime they upset or oppose the activities of those who supply the monies. University professors face risks for speaking truth on other important issues besides 9/11.

People give up any thought of determining the truth of what happened on 9/11 and you hear them, as they shrug their shoulders say, “nobody knows what happened” or “we’ll never know what really happened”.

We return to our analogy of the alcoholic who must make the required effort and take the required actions to end his or her denial in order for his or her healing to begin. With regard to the truth about September 11, 2001 most Americans are in denial. The denial must end.

There are those who have clarified complex issues surrounding 9/11 to the point where a new, independent commission has to be undertaken. This event from the past has to be thoroughly understood in order for humanity to understand the present and positively shape the future. Many proud and patriotic Americans have devoted tremendous amounts of time and effort investigating this event for over twelve years, and the issue has to be resolved. This is a gaping international wound that simply has to be healed.

When a new commission identifies previously unknown perpetrators and profiteers, they have to be brought to justice, arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. War criminals cannot be allowed to roam free and not answer for their crimes.

The beginning of the healing of humanity would happen after a one-hundred percent complete re-examination of the events on that day, with absolutely no omissions of legitimate inquiry. If this required the filming of 200 hours of testimony by credible concerned citizens-400 hours-the cost would be minimal and the truth of what actually happened will be uncovered. This is an action which has to be taken in order for humanity to heal. Any concerns or questions still in the minds of citizens about what actually took place on that world-changing day have to be addressed and answered to eliminate any incorrect information that is moving about in society.

The correcting of errors in people’s beliefs and theories about what happened that day has to be undertaken, because the continued existence of any such unreal perceptions allows the festering of negative thoughts which are poisoning the waters of culture. Public trust in the institutions of society could be renewed-while more importantly, finding the truth would be experienced as the all-important aspect of life that it is.

Facing the truth about 9/11 would allow humanity to make gigantic strides toward renewal of societies which consider telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as sacrosanct. Sacrosanct is defined as extremely sacred or holy; inviolable. Inviolable means must not or cannot be violated, criticized or tampered with.

The greatest positive results of such an effort would be a profound increase in the number of people on Earth who would decide  to practice complete honesty and tell the truth in their lives. This would lead to a profound increase in the amount of honest, truthful information that circles the planet-where subsequent decisions made by humans would be much more inclined to allow for the healing of all.

Those questions and concerns which have not been addressed about the events of 9/11 are giant thorns in the side of humanity. These thorns would be removed with a new, thorough, complete investigation without any omission-where the only concern is arriving at the truth.