Beginning Of The End For War.

Español: Bob Dylan, en una actuación en Vitori...
Español: Bob Dylan, en una actuación en Vitoria-Gasteiz, en el Azkena Rock Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 16, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

The times they are a-changin‘” goes the words of the Bob Dylan song made popular during the Vietnam-era 1960’s. In the year 2013 we can say the same-although one can assume that the only thing for certain in life is change. Bob Dylan’s words were for the time and people of the 1960’s, where the pushback on the Vietnam human catastrophe resulted in four students at Kent State University being shot dead, and students at universities all over America, in united protest against one of the greatest war tragedies in history, sat down and shut those universities down.

In 2013 the equivalent national protest is the communication protest taking place on the internet, where men and women need only to type a few keystrokes to arrive at truth, as opposed to the difficult task of having to find and read books in the 1960’s. The people of Britain found truth at their fingertips, from fellow-men and women around the world, after typing “Syria” into their search engines. It could be said that, because the people of Britain had ready access to truth, the most important governmental decision in modern history occurred.

The decision by the elected leaders of Britain to listen to their constituents’ collective “NO” on that country’s entrance militarily in the Syria situation may well be written about in history books in the future as the turning point for humanity.  How is this vote in the British parliament seen as a “turning point”, one may ask.

To answer that question we would do well to analyze the difference between the Vietnam War era of the 1960’s and 2013 regarding transmission of truth. In the Vietnam War era there were only a handful of people who knew the circumstances surrounding the war, through reading massive amounts of sources from far-flung places. Today people are able to reach those far-flung sources and places from their computer, never having to leave the room.

Because of the phenomenon of instant access to truth, the result is that millions and millions of men and women are aware of the truth, not just a handful of determined truth-seekers like in the 1960’s. Unfortunately, the Vietnam War continued for far too long because this easy access to truth was not available at the time. Truth was hard to come by so the atrocity called the Vietnam War went on, and on, and on.

People now have instant access to truth. Nothing can ever take the people’s instant access to truth away.


Since the Vietnam era to today in 2013 this ability for people to increase awareness has grown steadily stronger, so that now we have witnessed a historic event: the will of the people of the world, to stop an escalation of war and killing, has been heard and acted upon by their representatives in governments.

People can come to a view that this is a turning point or that it is not. My sense is that the true feelings of most men and women is that there indeed has been a “turning”. What level of significance people assign to this “turning” varies according to one’s personal experiences, awareness, knowledge and wisdom. Some will say none or a small turn, some view today’s events as in-between small and momentous, while others hold that what humanity is witnessing is a great, momentous turning point and change.

This worldwide visible change, when one considers the inevitable continuing evolution of the human race, will one day bring humanity to the point where wars and killing will no longer be accepted as a means of resolving differences between groups of people. The length of time it will take to arrive at that point, at that greatest point and day in the history of mankind, is up to the people of the Earth.

What then will human beings do to resolve differences? Sit down at the table of brotherhood and friendship, sharing honest thoughts and ideas which have the intent of coming to agreement on decisions that are for the greatest benefit of all people, all life, and all things. For this generation and generations to come.