Presidential Address: Speaking Truth To Humanity?

English: Israel-Syria locator
English: Israel-Syria locator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 10, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

President Barack Obama will deliver an address to the nation tonight on the issue of military force against Syria. What will the American people, along with the rest of the world, be looking to hear?

All of humanity wants to hear the president deliver a message that is a real effort to avert war, and a real effort to bring peace to the country of Syria and the Middle East region. What people want to hear is the absolute truth. They want the president to admit that the evidence his administration has against the Syrian regime is not 100% conclusive, and apologize to the world for using inconclusive evidence to threaten military strikes against Syria.

The human race wants the president to speak honestly and tell the world that there is a possibility that the so-called rebels may have been responsible for the attacks, either by accident or through kidnapping. People who have lingering doubts about who was responsible for the attacks of August 21 want to hear president Obama address their concerns directly. People want him to admit that the evidence has not been presented before the United Nations Security Council because it would be a replay of Colin Powell before the Iraq War.

The people want to hear president Obama propose a multi-national, multi-million dollar reward for information which leads to those responsible for carrying out what is the most important, unsolved crime on Earth.

People want the president to tell them about the Iran-Iraq-Syria $10 billion natural gas pipeline deal which undermines Qatar’s plan to build their own version of a natural gas pipeline through Syria, which has led Qatar to supply billions of dollars worth of weapons, supplies and other aid  to mercenaries fighting the Syrian army. They want him to speak honestly about why Saudi Arabia is backing the same mercenaries/rebels with billions of dollars.

Quite simply, people want the president to tell the truth about who is behind the actions which have led to an over two-year period of warring and killing in Syria. People want him to tell the truth, that the warring and killing in Syria is all about money and profits for whoever controls lands, pipelines and huge natural gas sales to the European market.

The people want him to be forthcoming on the role of banking corporations in the Syria crisis. They want him to explain whether the fact that Syria’s central bank is not privately owned has anything to do with the rush to strike Syria militarily. They want to know whether Syria’s unwillingness to establish a privately owned central bank under the umbrella of the western nations’ banking system, ultimately the Bank For International Settlements, has anything to do with the crisis.

People want to hear from the president that the people of Syria have the right to make business agreements with other countries just as any other sovereign nation. People want to hear from the president that the American government has no wish to force any other nation and government to make decisions the way that Washington D.C. wants them to. And that if they don’t go along they will face military force to make them agree, or face the consequences: war, killing and destruction.

People in Iran want to hear an apology from the president, on behalf of the American people, for overthrowing democratically elected  leader Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953, and installing the Shah of Iran.

The people of Vietnam want to hear an apology, on behalf of the American people, for the Vietnam War and the unnecessary deaths of over a million Vietnamese people.

The people of Iraq want to hear an apology, on behalf of the American people, for the Iraq War, for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people.

All people in every country on Earth which has experienced military actions from the United States through history, actions which were not justified, and resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent civilians, would like to hear an apology from president Obama, on behalf of the American people.

People want to hear president Obama propose that all countries on Earth must strive to work together, to coöperate, so that situations and circumstances will never again occur which brings human beings to the brink of war.

People want to hear president Obama speak of the true reality: that all men are brothers, that all women are sisters, that we are all members of the family of man, that we should love one another.

People want to hear president Obama speak about the inter-connectedness of all life on Earth: that we are all one.


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