“The War Campaign”: Consequences For Humanity.

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell with (to hi...
Secretary of State Colin L. Powell with (to his left) Dr. Hans Blix, Executive Chairman, United Nations Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) and (to his right) Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in C Street Entrance, Washington, DC, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 9, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“Viral” is a term used today to describe the rapid and immense transmission of a message across the world. Let me first say that, after viewing the Dutch-made documentary film “The War Campaign” – with its overwhelmingly powerful and profound message of truth – if ever there was a message which must be transmitted in the most immense and rapid manner, this documentary contains it.

To the men and women who produced and appeared in “The War Campaign”…

You have earned the gratitude of the entire human race. Your fearless efforts to produce this masterpiece of a film, perhaps masterpiece was surpassed with your work, have resulted in millions, dare I say billions, of people becoming aware of how wars have been engineered through less than forthright means. Your pure, simple, forthright portrayal of the events leading up to the Iraq War, begun in 2003, will go down in history as the most important revelation of truth ever seen. Your thoughts, words and actions surrounding the genesis, organization, and production of the film can only be seen by the human race as associated with the noblest, highest, most ethical and moral qualities known to man.

Although the film does not explicitly state a spiritual dimension for the work, no person can doubt that there is a profound, silent-yet-deafening spiritual message conveyed, and felt by all who view it. This unseen spiritual dimension of the film is experienced in the emotional outpouring of Hans Blix during one segment. His mind becomes aware of the tremendous human suffering which resulted from events he was intimately involved with. Mr. Blix has in that moment the full realization of how that unquantifiable suffering should never have occurred, feeling an amount of compassion for the victims of the monumental error that few will ever experience.

In effect, Hans Blix’s expression of the most complex emotions possible for one human being mirrors the same feelings of the entire human race. Every man, woman and child has these feelings, emotions and compassion somehow built-in to their bodies. Every person intuitively knows that war and killing are wrong, and feels the pain of those innocents who were born and live their lives in war-torn regions. Every person wishes that there be an end to wars; an end to human beings murdering their fellow human beings.

The truly greatest achievement of your film is its painting a historical portrait of absolute truth, forcing the viewer to see the unvarnished reality of events which occurred resulting in the waging of a war based on manipulation and outright lies. The viewer can come to no other conclusion after viewing but to the message you convey. I dare say you have given the world true evidence of war crimes. It is now up to the world’s people to determine how to proceed with regard to those who committed these undeniable crimes. After viewing your film there is no ignoring the time frame, and the events, you captured on film saw crimes committed against humanity.

“The War Campaign” will go viral.

Is it a coincidence that the film goes viral while there is a worldwide debate on Syria and the Middle East region? No, it is not a coincidence.

However one may describe their spiritual philosophy, however one may describe their relationship with the Creator-God-Allah-Great Spirit, “The War Campaign” provides undeniable evidence that spirit is moving in a powerful way across this Earth.


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