A Brighter Morn Awaits The Human Day.

Posted September 6. 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“A brighter morn awaits the human day, when poverty and wealth, the thirst of fame, the fear of infamy, disease and woe, war with its million horrors, and fierce hell, shall live but in the memory of time.”

Percy Shelley (1792-1822) English poet

earthblog4Thank you to all the peacemakers from every country on this Earth. We can visualize the many millions, we could safely guess billions, of fellow human beings who have made an effort, as seemingly inconsequential as saying a prayer for peace, to do something, anything to prevent any more unnecessary harm coming upon those in already catastrophic conditions.

Whether one believes or does not believe in the power of prayer, good thoughts for all people, or what term one uses for the Creator, God, Allah, Great Spirit, we know that spirit is moving in these days.  All over this Earth people are stopping and looking at the events unfolding and simply concluding that war is over.

However the millions and billions of men, women and children come to explain to themselves and others the features of the spirit they are feeling now, it is the same spiritual feeling for all. Call it love, brotherhood, unity, oneness, harmony, peace, sharing, helping. What is occurring in this world is an unprecedented awakening, a shift of consciousness to a higher level that is beyond comprehension.

Some have called it “The New Age” or “The Great Awakening” or “The Thousand Years of Peace”.

We may believe that it is business as usual on Earth, but we would be fooling ourselves. The phenomenon we are seeing before our very eyes is real, true and historic. We are seeing with our eyes, for the first time in human history, that a major percentage of the people on Earth are standing as one and saying no to war.

Future generations of men, women and children on this planet will look back at September 2013 as the beginning of the end of war. Those who live in the future will forever remember the wisdom and courage of this generation of humanity, which had the foresight to understand that their actions will have consequences for not only their generation, but all future generations to come.

The history texts of the future will describe the events of this time as the turning point for humanity, when all people on Earth agreed to choose a better way, the way of brotherly love and oneness. Those in the future will find great inspiration from reading accounts of what happened in these days, their pasts and distant pasts, and hold their children, families and friends in a loving embrace, with eternal gratitude for what that previous generation, those living now, accomplished.

To all those who have felt overwhelmed with frustration, feelings of powerlessness, fear and uncertainty, know that your efforts and prayers for peace, and good thoughts of peace, have truly made all the difference in the world. With the faith the size of a mustard seed you have literally changed the course of human history. You have come to touch Christ consciousness in your heart and now realize unconditional love for all people, all life and all things. There are varying degrees of awareness of unconditional love as it is flooding the Earth at this time.

Whatever level of awareness each person on Earth is feeling at this time does not matter. What matters is that billions have the feeling, the awareness of spiritual magnificence of such power that no force can come close to fighting it. Such power is that which brings people to know that every person they see or interact with is a child of God.

That every human being on this Earth is a child of, and loved by, the Eternal Creator.



2 thoughts on “A Brighter Morn Awaits The Human Day.

  1. Jeff Nguyen

    I admire your optimism, Jerry, even though I may not share it. I do believe things will get better but fear they will have to get much worse in America before people choose courage over comfort or convenience. But I hope I’m wrong.


    1. Jeff,
      How are you. There needs to be a push for the government to show the evidence already. After Colin Powell, babies in incubators, Gulf of Tonkin etc. how can the American people be sure? I am going to put up a post “Show The Evidence To The World” and urge you to do the same, while urging all your readers and bloggers as well. You may know I’ve faxed a request to the UN to offer a multi-million dollar reward for information leading to the war criminals. Time to step on the gas, to the floor brother.
      Thank you,


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