Show The Evidence To The World.

English: At the UN, Colin Powell holds a model...
English: At the UN, Colin Powell holds a model vial of anthrax, while arguing that Iraq is likely to possess WMDs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 6, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

False flag events to begin United States military actions and catastrophic wars are well-known to serious students of history.

To name the most recent examples of false flag events we find the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which became the event used as a reason for starting and waging the Vietnam War, a horrendous war which resulted in over one million Vietnamese being killed, over 56,000 Americans killed, millions wounded physically, mentally and spiritually.

To this day the Vietnamese people suffer the effects of Agent Orange, containing dioxin, one of the deadliest poisons known to man, sprayed in unbelievable quantities on their country to remove foliage from trees, in order for soldiers to see those who they were to kill. American soldiers, mostly 19 and 20-year-old young men who, if they were lucky enough to survive, hold the hellish memories forever.

Buddhist monks set themselves ablaze, burned themselves to death, in protest of the hell on Earth which was the Vietnam catastrophe. Martin Luther King and John Kennedy may both have been assassinated because of their stance against the madness which was the Vietnam War. Do not forget the Gulf of Tonkin, a lie which began one of the saddest chapters of recorded history.

George H. W. Bush lied to the American people about Saddam Hussein’s troops taking babies from their incubators and killing them, leading to lawmaker after lawmaker on the floor of Congress anguishing about the babies ripped from their incubators during the debate on military action against Saddam Hussein in Gulf War One. News programs galore reported the babies in incubators lie over and over and over.

The most despicable lie of that war was the young Kuwaiti girl feigning tears in a committee hearing trying to give the American people the “truth” of the situation in Kuwait, so that the military actions could begin. This girl’s story was reported again and again and again on the mainstream news programs, her story of the Iraqi soldiers taking the babies out of their incubators. After military action had begun, the American people were to learn that the girl was putting on a performance, acting, and that she was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States, who sat as if he wasn’t at the same table where his daughter tried for an Academy Award for best actress.

Then the kicker, we find that the head of the committee holding this hearing, Congressman Thomas Lantos of California knew the girl was the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter and that it was a hoax, and did not let the American people know it.

So perhaps you may see why evidence of the Assad regime’s guilt for committing the chemical attacks in Syria has to be shown to the world, before the United Nations Security Council.

Which brings us to the “mother of all false flags”, the second president Bush administration’s outright manipulation of the American people, as well as the world’s people, in their, as George Galloway so, so rightly put it, “pack of lies”.

After the events of September 11, 2001 the Bush administration began the lie machine, starting with linking Saddam Hussein to Al-Qaeda and the leveling of the Twin Towers in New York. There was no link, there were no weapons of mass destruction, it was all a pack of lies. Colin Powell sat in front of the United Nations and the entire population of the world, and told a story that was a pack of lies.

The Bush administration fooled everybody but those serious reporters, researchers, and anyone else with the guts to call a pack of lies a pack of lies. Patriotism abounded, people everywhere had their flags proudly displayed, looking down on any man or woman who had the guts to tell the truth as “unpatriotic” so “why don’t you move to Iraq!”

The most hideous display for this writer was George Bush having some “fun” at an annual reporters gathering in Washington, where he showed photos of him in the oval office, looking under the desk, then narrating “nope, no weapons of mass destruction here!” then another photo “naw, no weapons of mass destruction there!”, all the while the audience getting a big belly laugh out of the ridiculous, unfeeling mess. This occurred while Iraq War Two was ongoing.

Vincent Bugliosi, the man who successfully prosecuted the infamous mass murderer Charles Manson, called for prosecution of George W. Bush for murder as a result of his taking the nation to war based on a pack of lies.

In the past weeks, the Obama Justice Department under Eric Holder arranged immunity from prosecution for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for their actions during the onset and waging of  Iraq War Two, which cost the American taxpayer trillions of dollars. 

The war in Iraq resulted in hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead, maimed and injured. Thousands of American soldiers lost their lives in the conflict, which I remind you began on a pack of lies. If you are not familiar with depleted uranium weapons Google “depleted uranium Iraq War” and you will be utterly horrified. Find the documentary “Beyond Treason” to learn the absolute danger of such weapons use in war. The Iraqi people, and the land of the country, has been destroyed with depleted uranium, which has a half-life of a billion years.

The land of the country of Iraq will be radioactive-poisoned- forever.

Those who were responsible for deciding to use depleted uranium armaments knew how absolutely dangerous they were to human health, meaning the dispersal of radioactivity, which when breathed in minute quantities into the lungs of a human being, is deadly. 

Yet the decision was taken to use depleted uranium. Do you understand why people have a little problem when it comes to exactly how credible evidence which is being put up to begin military action in Syria, in laymen’s terms, war in Syria?

The present world geopolitical situation becomes much, much more complex when one understands the competition for energy supplies and markets, as well as the competition for privately owned central banks coming from the BRICS financial organization, which began with charter members Brazil, Russia, India. China and South Africa. The stakes are very, very high. Perhaps the highest in history.

For that reason the United States government absolutely must make the case, show the evidence at the United Nations Security Council for the people of the world to see. I am calling for, demanding that, the evidence be presented to the world, and urge all who read these words to do the same. Bloggers, please forcefully call for the evidence to be shown to the world, and ask your readers and fellow bloggers to do the same.

Think very, very seriously about what I am going to ask you now. Please keep in mind what you have just read regarding previous wars begun with lies.

Will, or will not, World War III be based on a “pack of lies”?


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A Brighter Morn Awaits The Human Day.

Posted September 6. 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“A brighter morn awaits the human day, when poverty and wealth, the thirst of fame, the fear of infamy, disease and woe, war with its million horrors, and fierce hell, shall live but in the memory of time.”

Percy Shelley (1792-1822) English poet

earthblog4Thank you to all the peacemakers from every country on this Earth. We can visualize the many millions, we could safely guess billions, of fellow human beings who have made an effort, as seemingly inconsequential as saying a prayer for peace, to do something, anything to prevent any more unnecessary harm coming upon those in already catastrophic conditions.

Whether one believes or does not believe in the power of prayer, good thoughts for all people, or what term one uses for the Creator, God, Allah, Great Spirit, we know that spirit is moving in these days.  All over this Earth people are stopping and looking at the events unfolding and simply concluding that war is over.

However the millions and billions of men, women and children come to explain to themselves and others the features of the spirit they are feeling now, it is the same spiritual feeling for all. Call it love, brotherhood, unity, oneness, harmony, peace, sharing, helping. What is occurring in this world is an unprecedented awakening, a shift of consciousness to a higher level that is beyond comprehension.

Some have called it “The New Age” or “The Great Awakening” or “The Thousand Years of Peace”.

We may believe that it is business as usual on Earth, but we would be fooling ourselves. The phenomenon we are seeing before our very eyes is real, true and historic. We are seeing with our eyes, for the first time in human history, that a major percentage of the people on Earth are standing as one and saying no to war.

Future generations of men, women and children on this planet will look back at September 2013 as the beginning of the end of war. Those who live in the future will forever remember the wisdom and courage of this generation of humanity, which had the foresight to understand that their actions will have consequences for not only their generation, but all future generations to come.

The history texts of the future will describe the events of this time as the turning point for humanity, when all people on Earth agreed to choose a better way, the way of brotherly love and oneness. Those in the future will find great inspiration from reading accounts of what happened in these days, their pasts and distant pasts, and hold their children, families and friends in a loving embrace, with eternal gratitude for what that previous generation, those living now, accomplished.

To all those who have felt overwhelmed with frustration, feelings of powerlessness, fear and uncertainty, know that your efforts and prayers for peace, and good thoughts of peace, have truly made all the difference in the world. With the faith the size of a mustard seed you have literally changed the course of human history. You have come to touch Christ consciousness in your heart and now realize unconditional love for all people, all life and all things. There are varying degrees of awareness of unconditional love as it is flooding the Earth at this time.

Whatever level of awareness each person on Earth is feeling at this time does not matter. What matters is that billions have the feeling, the awareness of spiritual magnificence of such power that no force can come close to fighting it. Such power is that which brings people to know that every person they see or interact with is a child of God.

That every human being on this Earth is a child of, and loved by, the Eternal Creator.


G20 Leaders Agree On Syria Peace Plan.

Posted September 6, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo