U.S. Congress: ‘Practice Wisdom’ Says Syria Foreign Minister.

Map of Syria in the Ottoman Empire in 1600.
Map of Syria in the Ottoman Empire in 1600. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 5, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

As this writer looks on all men as my brother and all women as my sister, the following video contains a BBC interview of Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad. I have moved beyond any feelings of nationalism, any feelings of “us” and “them”. It does not matter if people have an issue with this way of looking at life. It is how I view things, and I have no wish to change anyone else’s life philosophy.

I realize that in times like these for me to give the views of an official from the Syrian government could be considered an act of  disrespect to my country, or unpatriotic. This is not my intent. My intent is to help increase understanding and friendship between people on this Earth. It is time now for all people, everywhere to come together in oneness, peace, brotherhood and love.

It has been many years since I first asked the question, “why are there no interviews of foreign leaders on American television?” It is something significant to think about. Especially now, with the hundreds of channels on the cable TV offerings, there surely could be one or two channels devoted to increasing understanding between people in all countries.

Perhaps if such channels would have been available years ago the human race would not be in the present fear-filled situation. Let us all be thankful for platforms such as this one, as well as other platforms of communication on the world-wide-web.

I apologize to those Americans who feel that my decision to post this interview is not patriotic. Let me say that my country is the world and, in that sense, I am a member of the family of man, and patriotic in that sense. I hope that those who may feel somehow offended can come to understand. Understand that the men, women and children of Syria are you and me.

Thank you to everyone who has made an effort to bring peace to the people of Syria, the Middle East and the entire world. Thank you for joining the growing number of men and women on this Earth, from every country and every region, who have made the effort to create a better world for all people. Thank you for your continued efforts to bring good ideas forward for consideration.

Ideas which show love and concern for all people, all life and all things.



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