U.S. Congress: ‘Practice Wisdom’ Says Syria Foreign Minister.

Map of Syria in the Ottoman Empire in 1600.
Map of Syria in the Ottoman Empire in 1600. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 5, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

As this writer looks on all men as my brother and all women as my sister, the following video contains a BBC interview of Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad. I have moved beyond any feelings of nationalism, any feelings of “us” and “them”. It does not matter if people have an issue with this way of looking at life. It is how I view things, and I have no wish to change anyone else’s life philosophy.

I realize that in times like these for me to give the views of an official from the Syrian government could be considered an act of  disrespect to my country, or unpatriotic. This is not my intent. My intent is to help increase understanding and friendship between people on this Earth. It is time now for all people, everywhere to come together in oneness, peace, brotherhood and love.

It has been many years since I first asked the question, “why are there no interviews of foreign leaders on American television?” It is something significant to think about. Especially now, with the hundreds of channels on the cable TV offerings, there surely could be one or two channels devoted to increasing understanding between people in all countries.

Perhaps if such channels would have been available years ago the human race would not be in the present fear-filled situation. Let us all be thankful for platforms such as this one, as well as other platforms of communication on the world-wide-web.

I apologize to those Americans who feel that my decision to post this interview is not patriotic. Let me say that my country is the world and, in that sense, I am a member of the family of man, and patriotic in that sense. I hope that those who may feel somehow offended can come to understand. Understand that the men, women and children of Syria are you and me.

Thank you to everyone who has made an effort to bring peace to the people of Syria, the Middle East and the entire world. Thank you for joining the growing number of men and women on this Earth, from every country and every region, who have made the effort to create a better world for all people. Thank you for your continued efforts to bring good ideas forward for consideration.

Ideas which show love and concern for all people, all life and all things.


Syrian War/Crisis About Natural Gas?

Filling up natural gas (Fiat Multipla)
Filling up natural gas (Fiat Multipla) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 5, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

In previous posts I have written about looking at natural gas competition between countries in the Middle East, United States, Europe, Russia being a major factor in the tragic situation of Syria.

Because of the phenomenon of “interlocking directorates”, where men and women come to sit on the boards of directors of multiple corporations, the reporting of this reasoning and analysis, perhaps THE factor, has been extremely obscure or totally absent.

Many have come to believe that competition for European, Asian natural gas market share is the genesis of the tragic events in Syria in the past two years. Those who control the corporations, and the governments pushing their separate agendas,  involved in this-what has become a natural gas proxy war, must sit down and negotiate a peaceful solution.

As we have seen from the debates in Britain, United States and France, public opinion polls are showing that very few citizens of the world are in favor of military escalation of violence. Lawmakers in the United States are reporting that the communications (emails, faxes, phone calls,  town meetings etc.) they are receiving are 100-1, 300-4, 200-3, etc. against military actions on the country of Syria. The same kind of feelings are being powerfully expressed to representatives in every country on Earth.

The following short video fully describes in visual format what the Syrian crisis is all about. It is a report produced by BBCArabic, the spoken words are in Arabic with an English translation. The report accurately portrays the real situations of natural gas activity in the Middle East and names all the countries, players, competitors. Geopolitical thought and study could be seen as a somewhat complex undertaking. This report succeeds in simplifying the geopolitics of this profoundly important region very well.

For those who have no idea that there is a geopolitical dimension to the Syrian issue being debated in the United States of America and France, this video reveals the true reasons that all the separate actors, those supplying weaponry on either side of the war in Syria, are taking their actions.

To use the most profoundly simple analogy it could be compared to siblings fighting over toys or candy, and ending up using their fists to solve their differences. Unfortunately for the millions of men, women and children of Syria, those in positions of power in the region, those involved in the brutal natural gas competition and supplying the weaponry, have gone as far as humanly possible away from fistfights, to the most lethal tools available to humans for settling differences.

Every voice of wisdom needs to speak and be heard now to explain this wicked business competition and urge the competitors to sit down and talk to resolve their differences instead of killing, and destroying the lives of millions of precious human beings in the process. As opposed to honest business competition conducted by all mom-and-pop stores, the phenomenon we see in Syria is ruthless, mafia-like competition of the highest, most extreme degree.

Humanity is speaking with one voice to those in positions of power. Wars and killing, without concern for the horrendous harm inflicted on millions of people trying to live peaceful lives with some love and joy with their families and friends, is no longer acceptable. Humanity is urgently pleading with those who would take actions that harm others for market share and profit, from the resources God placed on this Earth for all to share, to stop and seriously consider what you are doing.

To all those who are in positions of power, look at the situation in the Middle East and Syria and realize that the human suffering, death, and destruction are the result of your actions. Whether you are living in Syria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United States, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Israel, China, Britain, Qatar or France, see what your actions have created and think deeply, as deeply as you ever have in your life, about what you can do now to create peace. 


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