Any U.S. Congressmen Like George Galloway?

British politician George Galloway.
British politician George Galloway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 4, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

British politician George Galloway gave this impassioned speech during the recent British Parliament debate on that country’s taking military action in Syria. That legislative body voted no on Britain’s entering into military action against Syria. Will the world see such passion coming from any of the men and women representatives in the United States?

I came across this speech and was astonished to see a politician who made a firm decision to speak the truth.

The first video is Mr. Galloway in 2005 where he addressed the United States Senate on the issue of the so-called food-for-oil program run during the Iraq War. The full 50-minute 2005 testimony is available for viewing on YouTube.

The second video is George Galloway during the recent debate in Britain.


George Galloway before United States Senate Committee, Iraq War, May 2005

George Galloway during British Parliament Syria military action debate, August 2013

2 thoughts on “Any U.S. Congressmen Like George Galloway?

  1. Yes, “the world will see such passion coming from any of the men and women representatives in the United States” FOR war strikes in Syria. Sorry, but there you have it. In fact, they’ve already started. I don’t know why Obama was wondering if he’d get the backing to strike Syria from John McCain when McCain has been ‘passionately’ screaming and yelling all along to “strike, strike and strike some more!” “What are you waiting for?,” is basically what he’s saying, along with many others.

    Obama, unfailing hypocrite that he is, decided to ‘request’ permission from the ‘representatives of the ‘the people’ when he knows very well and good that our ‘representatives’ couldn’t care less about what we have to say regarding this serious situation.


    1. Shelby,
      Words seem somehow inadequate to describe the world today. The depth and breadth of the totality of humanity’s feelings surrounding the Syria debate are simply beyond comprehension. What the human race is experiencing now is jaw-dropping in the most extreme sense of that phrase. I am simply awe-struck. The House Foreign Affairs Committee just began a hearing on war authorization in Syria. A thought came to mind that the U.S. should take the accusations of Assad to the United Nations and the highest court in the world. What court would that be? World Court?


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