Congress’ Syria Debate Marks Global Consciousness Shift.

United States Capitol
United States Capitol (Photo credit: Jack’s LOST FILM)

Posted September 2, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

“War seldom enters but where wealth allures.”

– John Dryden


English poet

The entire human race shall be focused like a laser on soon to be held debates in the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States of America.

The matter which lawmakers will contend with in the debate is war and peace on this Earth. President Barack Obama has decided to let the elected representatives of the people of America share their thoughts with the citizens of the country, and the citizens of the world, on whether the United States government should declare war and take military action against the country and government of Syria.

The whole world is watching.

Yes, the whole world is watching, and researching, trying to find the truth, the real facts on what has occurred. Millions of men and women have gone beyond the situation in Syria to consider the entire set of reasons for wars and killing. All over this Earth people are asking the important questions: “what is the real cause of wars?” and “why are these people fighting each other?” and “how can we solve the differences between parties to war and establish peace?”

People all over the world in every country are coming to seriously look at the conditions on Earth, while wondering what could be done to improve chances for peace, which lead to wars and violence-the deaths, refugees and incalculable suffering man has caused his fellow-man.

Men, women and children from every region on Earth are having thoughts about possible, new ways of doing business which will lead to agreement among humanity. Agreement to terms and conditions of a contract which guarantees that wars and violence never erupt again.

People everywhere are wondering why wars and violence are still in existence here in the year 2013. They are wondering how the time is not long past since humanity finally decided to move from the insane practice of human beings hurting and killing one another, to friendship and brotherhood and concern for the health and well-being of all people.

The whole world is listening.

All people are listening for messages of hope and the nobler purpose of humanity for this generation. They are waiting for the truth of the causes of war, why humans murder other humans, and solutions to end the barbaric practice now and forever. Because the human race has seen enough of war and wants no more.

They are listening for true visionary orations which drive to the heart of the war and peace matter. They are hoping for the most eloquent and most profound words ever delivered to the people of the United States, and the entire population of this shared planet. Oratory which literally changes the course of history.

Because human beings’ lives are in the balance.

Not for this generation alone, but for generations to come. September 2013 will go down in history as the time when the future of the human race and all life-forms on Earth was envisaged and determined.

Will mankind choose the tragic, historical route where military actions, organized murder, are taken to settle differences between groups and entities-a continuance of the false belief that people are separate from each other, one nation is separate from another, one powerful group of people is separate from another powerful group of people?

Or will mankind choose and create a new way forward, where it is understood that all people are one, with the same hopes and dreams? Where there are no more boundaries between nations because the Creator of all life never placed any on Earth. Where the first choice is making the effort to understand and talk with each other to resolve differences. Where there is a desire to work together in love, brotherhood and friendship to create a good and better world for the children not yet born.

To create a world of true beauty.