Mother Agnes Mariam. Syria Truth.

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Posted August 30, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Mother Agnes Mariam is a Carmelite nun who has worked for peace and the people of Syria for 19 years, witnessing many tragic events first hand. Her views and honest expression of them in this hour-long interview is the most cogent, truthful explanation of what is actually occurring in Syria I have come across.

Her words come from that place where human beings have no choice but to speak truth. Mother Agnes Mariam should be flown to Washington D.C. to testify before the Congress of the United States of America as soon as possible.

The Mother’s English is a little rough so I would recommend you use headphones to get the full measure of her extremely powerful message.

This woman has a message of truth which has to be heard by as many people as possible. She has no wish to take any “side” on the issue of Syria or the Middle East region. Her service is to the people suffering in this area of the Earth. She has taken a vow to work for the people and God.

I would ask that you disregard any prejudice which you may initially feel because the interview was done by an organization associated with Lyndon LaRouche, and focus like a laser on her words. This woman conveys an urgent message and she has come to take any opportunity to convey it.

I posted this interview because it was the longest, most thorough and clearest one of Mother Agnes Mariam I could find. Although the interview was conducted in January 2013, her words are powerfully relevant today.

The reason I post this interview has nothing to do with any association I may or may not have with organizations associated with LaRouche. I have absolutely no idea what the LaRouche organization does or stands for. I have a vague idea that LaRouche is a somewhat controversial figure, and that he has run for president in the past.

If Mother Agnes Mariam had been interviewed here by the Detroit Free Press, the Sacramento Bee, Fox News, Christian Science Monitor, National Geographic, National Enquirer, Rush Limbaugh, Rolling Stone or Playboy magazine, I would still post the interview, because she is speaking truth from personal experience in Syria, period.

Mother Agnes Mariam speaks truth about Syria in the year 2013, period.

The organization which needs to interview Mother Agnes Mariam, as soon as humanly possible, is the Congress of the United States of America.


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