Love For Humanity Now.

Posted August 29, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

398-2-1Ian R. Crane delivers a timely, visionary message for humanity.

Mr. Crane has become well-known in Britain for his strong efforts to raise awareness on the worldwide practice of hydraulic fracturing. A former oil industry employee who has a great deal of knowledge of the oil and gas process commonly called “fracking”, Mr. Crane is one of the world’s foremost anti-fracking writers and speakers. In recent months he has traveled to some sixty locations in Britain to share his expertise on the phenomenon.

Readers may find many lengthy videos of Mr. Crane’s lectures on YouTube, where he meticulously details the whole set of issues surrounding fracking. If you want to cut to the chase, so to speak, on the issue I recommend finding his talks.

A few of the many points he makes about fracking are:

  • Natural gas companies use a form of bribery to bring potential communities to accept fracking, such as providing money for town and city centers, swimming pools, playgrounds etc.
  • Corruption and conflict-of-interest are frequently found in transactions and agreements between gas companies and public officials, regardless of country.
  • Fresh water is needed for fracking operations (salt water cannot be used) so communities have run into water shortages because of aquifer use by gas companies. The USA has the Great Lakes and major rivers like the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio to obtain water. Countries like Britain, communities far away from lakes and rivers have no such water resources.
  • Many communities are experiencing water problems due to aquifer pumping to the point where citizen’s drinking water, water for livestock and crops is under pressure and diminishing.
  • The Halliburton loophole was passed which allows gas and oil companies relief from having to report any leaks and contamination of groundwater supplies.
  • The industry is self-regulating – “We will take care of the water supply and keep it safe”.
  • Depleted uranium is the best choice for well drilling operations. Although people would never think that the industry would use it, there is no way to tell that they are not.
  •  Home and property values have dropped precipitously in any area where fracking is practiced.
  • In every area in the world where hydraulic fracturing has occurred people have suffered tremendously.

That is all for Mr. Crane’s expertise on fracking.

The following video’s message from him is much, much larger.

Here Mr. Crane shares a vision with humanity. He uses the word psychopath, which is derived from psychopathy, which is defined as: n. mental disease. To some his selection of the word psychopath may be considered an extreme one.  To assert that certain human beings are afflicted with a mental disease is a strong assertion. It is up to the viewer to decide if his choice of words is accurate or not.

There is no debate, however, about the power of Ian R. Crane’s very timely message.


5 thoughts on “Love For Humanity Now.

  1. Jerry – I can’t thank you enough for sharing the findings of your extraordinary research on the most thorny topics of our times. Your blog is a stunning source for the kind of information that we can define knowledge, the kind of relevant information one can act upon.

    I find myself in perfect agreement with you on all counts. As you are aware, my view on the adequacy calling these individuals what they are: psychopaths / sociopaths, is different, but that is so merely because such decision is not a matter of differing views.

    With reference to another one of your posts of the highest relevance in such regard: we have been provided with abundant evidence that these individuals have shaped our world history to be as extremely tragic as it has been and would be if we allow them to go on with their plans. These people are ultimately responsible for all the genocides committed on this planet. In addition – as you are also well aware – what they have in store for us is yet another, equally merciless kind of fascism and a much larger scale genocide than they orchestrated via the WW2.

    Calling some people “psychopaths” is indeed a strong statement, but if their deeds throughout our modern history aren’t strong enough proof of their abnormal mental condition, then I seriously wonder what is. The fact that they pretend to be normal beings, “social”, “kind” and “well-meaning” creatures does not diminish the diagnosis – on the contrary; it only signifies their hypocrite nature.

    The relativist view rendering an answer to this question a matter of differing opinions raises the question: in what world can these individuals be regarded as “healthy”, “normal”? In the world defined by their normalcy these disordered creatures could label us as “mentally ill” – which label, nota bene, these psychopaths do apply to everyone who is not like them. In their definition – as Ian also points out – what is abnormal to be compassionate, empathic, caring, loving, ie social in essence… As I mentioned before the direct proof I obtained by personal experience: My narcissistic mother, who is viewed by her environment as not only normal but a wonderful person and mother, called me “crazy” pushed me away and eventually disowned me as a “not good enough” child because she recognised the human features in me which she forever lacked.

    The terms “psychopath” or “sociopath” are actually the objective, formal terms science uses for what popular language would call “evil”.
    By applying the argument from authority therefore enables us to use these terms to such obviously disordered members of our society who are and have been seeking not less than destroying our human society.


    1. Skywanderer,
      Mr. Ban Ki-Moon said a few days ago “Stop acting and start talking.” Mention the details of what is occurring in Syria to a small child and watch their face become unhappy. What more evidence do world leaders need than the realities of the situation on the ground in this region of the world to convince them it is time to end any thinking that says more violence is called for? A child understands that wars and killing are bad. It is time for those in positions of power and influence to put aside their scholarly degrees earned through years of study and look at the world situation through the eyes of a child. A child will state the simple, obvious truth: “They should love one another.” Love is a small word with only one syllable, unlike those words of many syllables in the advanced texts of higher learning. Yet love is the word which holds the highest wisdom mankind could ever come to possess. All people must use the word love now more than ever in the history of the human race. Love is sanity.
      Thank you,


      1. Jerry,
        Thank you so much for your reply. Since I very much admire your work I need to emphasize I do not mean my comment as a counter- argument, but as a clarification, probably because telling the truth is part of the “love” as I understand its definition. Apparently we both think our stance on the definition of love is the objectively correct one, so my addition is not meant to debate your views and may not offer much value to you – yet I hope it still make some sense to post this comment.

        Since we have talked about similar topics before I was already aware of your approach.
        With reference to Ian’s speech I merely point out that there is no contradiction between love and calling a psychopath a psychopath. Ian merely calls a spade a spade, which I find crucial amidst the increasing confusion of our times, when same terms are so often used with diametrically opposing meanings.

        I very much agree with you that love is sanity, and this is why the destroyers of the world can be called insane: their definition of love is the opposite of yours, Ian’s or mine. It is actually objective scientific FACT that psychopaths think of love, compassion, humanity, care for the others, as “insanity”, “limitation” and “weakness” – Ian is objectively correct on this point as well – this is why someone’s love can never reach them and never change their hearts. On the contrary – they use their “freedom” from the limitations of above “weaknesses” to go on with their lies, manipulations, and continue their merciless narcissistic ventures.

        Since you have applied the example of innocent children in explaining what love is, I may reply by referring to the many millions of loving innocent children who are and have been abused by their psychopath parents, yet the love these abused feel for their abusers doesn’t change these psychopaths.

        Psychopaths never change – it is the objective truth science has revealed. Not only my personal story with my narcissistic mother is the proof, but those of millions of abused children, spouses, etc, who eventually could start to recover and start living their lives ONLY AFTER they emotionally set themselves free, ONLY when they learn to separate themselves and learn to STOP LOVING their abusive parents (or partners). I do hope that this explanation will properly convey why I find this topic so relevant: it is a central point to my quest to protect the innocent from their abusers – to deliver them from the evil, so to speak.

        If “love” would work as a miraculous cure to all, then an abused child’s love would change his abuser parent’s heart, which, as science has revealed, isn’t the case. If the innocent child’s love would change the psychopaths’ hearts they wouldn’t have started abusing these loving children to begin with. It would be insanity to tell the abused to return to their abusers, and go on loving them: such interpretation of “love” would only work against the innocent.

        Psychopaths never change – this is why they even abuse their own loving innocent children, this is why they would go on forever in their venture to destroy everyone around them, and when they are placed as high as those we might call world governors, they would go on destroying this world, if we don’t start to protect ourselves from them.

        This is another reason why I find the speech delivered via the video you posted breathtakingly accurate and relevant. Ian correctly confronts the definition of love and accordingly uses the term psychopath as a term that stands against love and humanity. There is no other way to reclaim our right to our humanity than addressing its opposite in an objective way.

        Psychopaths never change – and I applaud Ian’s wisdom and courage to express it as clearly as he does in his awesome speech: the destroyers of the world need to be confronted with the fact that they are objectively disordered when they stand against love and humanity.


        1. Skywanderer,
          One senses that the Syrian situation, broadcast over the world’s airwaves and internet, has resulted in a worldwide discussion. We find millions of people now will be watching the debate in the United States Congress very closely. To be honest with you it seems that the entire history of humanity is being examined during this time. Almost like a family taking intervention because of an out of control alcoholic member, but now we find the family of man initiating a worldwide intervention on those responsible for war and killing. That portion of the human race which is not yet aware of what has been occurring through history are being exposed to the historical facts. People are coming to think deeply on how human events originate, what consequences are felt, while asking the hard questions regarding the state of life on Earth. There are more and more people from every country seeing the world more from a visionary, Earth perspective, as opposed to only what is occurring in their small radius of experience. People are thinking that war is no good for anyone-violence begets violence-and that it is time to end war and killing. This phenomenon is good for people everywhere-as the truth is known actions will be taken which are based on well-informed thinking and reasoning, which are based on the highest good of all.
          Thank you,


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