All Men Are Brothers.

Posted August 29, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

earthblog2All men are brothers. The time has arrived for world leaders, including those in governments, business organizations, spiritual organizations, media organizations, non-profit organizations etc. to grasp this eternal truth and act in that spirit.

Humanity now has the opportunity to manifest into reality the wisdom which has been shared by men and women through the centuries. It is a simple and obvious choice that humanity can make now. Choose to see all elders as your grandfather or grandmother, mother or father, all men as your brother, all women as your sister, and all children as your son or daughter.

For humanity to make this choice is the greatest, highest, most loving way forward. Any actions which hold this vision are the best actions on the table of possibility because their basis is love for your fellow-men, women and children. On this there is no debate.

This vision is on the table of dialogue for peace on this Earth. World leaders must speak of this possible choice, think about love as the basis for decisions and actions, and then apply love and brotherhood to their decision-making process and subsequent actions.

Warring and violence as a business strategy does not mirror the qualities of love, peace and brotherhood. It is a business strategy whose time has come to an end. Humanity has seen the results of this strategy and no longer wants for it to continue in existence. The time has arrived for this business strategy to end. On this there is no debate.

The strategy is a primitive one with no moral or ethical arguments to back its continuance. On the long road of material and spiritual evolution, humanity has arrived at the place where recognizing the futility of such a destructive, heartbreaking strategy is a condition felt by 99.9% of men and women. There is no debate on the fact that all human beings on this Earth do not want any more warring and killing.

As this fact is now understood by all people, everywhere, those who have a wish to continue using warring and killing as a business strategy are now seen as mistaken. They are now seen as mistaken because they are not reaching for the greatest, highest, most loving strategy. May those who now wish to continue the lesser option see the beautiful possibilities-potentials of choosing the option to love.

May they open their hearts and come to see all men as their brothers, and all people as their family members in oneness. May they think about and see this vision, and then speak of it to all people. May they then base their actions on this vision and create, carry out a brand new loving, moral, ethical strategy of business, for this generation of human beings and those generations not yet born.

May all people everywhere on this Earth hold hands in a circle of brotherhood and friendship. May this circle of love, brotherhood and friendship hold forever.

For eternity.



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