Why Aren’t Congressmen And Senators OUTRAGED?

Posted by Jerry Alatalo August 9, 2013

Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are known worldwide because their actions have been reported on the front pages of every newspaper, on every television news broadcast, on millions of blogs and websites, and the subject of endless hours of conversation between average citizens.

Politicians, talk show hosts and commentators have expressed outrage, calling for hearings, urgent action, and investigations at the highest levels of government. Newscast after newscast after newscast, report after report after report, on and on and on about Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

The following video from The Young Turks is very disturbing. It makes the point that those who leaked what we could safely say is the most sensitive information on Earth, will be forgotten. They will not be the target of an international manhunt, they will not be the subject of endless hours of newscasts from all regions of the world, as happened with Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

If there is not any expression of outrage about those who “leaked” this highest, most sensitive of classified information, from the exact same politicians who expressed outrage regarding Manning and Snowden then, Houston, we have a problem.  If what is suggested in this report is true, that this information was intentionally leaked, we are witnessing the manipulation of Americans’ perceptions. If what is suggested in this report is true, then not only the people of Houston, but all Americans, should have a problem with that.

C’mon, Washington politicians.

C’mon, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN.

Where is the …OUTRAGE?



5 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Congressmen And Senators OUTRAGED?

    1. Tanya,
      In the video the spokeswoman did not answer the reporter’s question fully. I was surprised that The Young Turks were able to broadcast this story. Manipulating citizens’ perceptions is morally wrong. We shall see.


  1. Excellent analysis – thank you! The point you direct attention to is very difficult to notice amidst the overwhelming amount of “news” we are being manipulated with by the media.


    1. Skywanderer,
      As I mentioned to Tanya, it was kind of surprising to see a story like this televised. Maybe Current TV is similar to Democracy Now. I remember being very surprised years ago when John Perkins spoke for an hour on C-Span. One possibility with regard to spying crossed my mind a few days ago. I wonder if the focus is more on multinational corporations, competition between companies from various countries, and their competitive activities in the markets of the world. As this angle, (obtaining information about the moves of companies you compete against, to information regarding potential government actions in countries where your company wants to invest and get access to valuable natural resources, to phone calls and emails made by decision-makers in those governments, to any situational information on Earth having to do with corporate competition), is rarely mentioned, it may be the main reason for data collection. People movements like Arab Spring in the Middle East, South America, Africa are monitored because they effect who controls power in those various regions, which can make or break corporations’ ability to establish markets and obtain natural resources. Perkins’ book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” lays out geopolitical reality, corporate activities, more clearly than any I have come across. Unfortunately those who own corporations in various countries around the world are willing to send young men and women into wars over natural resources, power and control. I am not against corporations, but against corporate competition which ends in warfare or any other actions which harm people. Hence my humble effort to end war.
      Thank you,


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