Heaven On Earth. Part 9.

Heaven on Earth
Heaven on Earth (Photo credit: Achromatic Lodge)

August 7, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

We are taking the risk of being misunderstood, persecuted, ridiculed and accused of having a messianic complex. A messianic complex is a psychological state in which an individual perceives him/herself as the savior of the world. We are willing to take the risks. We are willing to take any blows in the effort to create a better world.

As we are all souls with a body and not bodies with a soul, there is the realization that our true essence is our soul. Our souls are forever and eternal. There is no end to our essential being.  As we are all going to make the inevitable transition, it matters not at what point that transition comes. We may live in the body for another ten years. We may live in the body another twenty or thirty years. At this time we are attempting to communicate with others in a way that results in a better world for all.

What we shall experience after transitioning to spirit is something that can wait till that time comes. For now creating a better world is our purpose. Will our efforts be successful? The omnipotent power of love most certainly guarantees that Heaven on Earth will become a reality. Omnipotent is defined as: having unlimited or universal power, authority, or force; all-powerful. Love is infinite and the most powerful force in the universe.

We have given thought here on how to go ahead with this work so that the message conveys enough power to overcome any obstacles to creating Heaven on Earth. Our words have hopefully been recognized as sincere and that the motive behind the words is totally benevolent. Please understand that we are trying to help create a better world. This is the sole purpose of this work.

We do not want to judge anyone. All of us will judge our own actions when we transition to spirit and witness our life review. One could go into all the specifics of the problems that we as humanity face and name names, pointing the finger at the guilty parties. Many of you are aware of the fact that humanity has created a world of systems and arrangements over the centuries that have been unable or unwilling to end humanity’s problems. We are in agreement that there is much work needed, physical and spiritual, to bring about Heaven on Earth.

Some believe that a change of thinking must come about where, instead of being against actions, systems and issues, people should always be concentrating on what they are for. For example instead of being anti-war perhaps one could try to be pro-peace. The thinking that is transformed in this way accentuates the positive (peace) instead of the negative (war). Instead of being anti-hate perhaps one could be pro-Love. Instead of being anti-greed perhaps one could choose pro-sharing. The emphasis is therefore changed and placed on the positive qualities of humanity.

So we will then see pro-peace rallies, pro-love conferences, etc. The idea here is that being “anti” anything somehow gives energy to that which you are against, and perpetuates the very thing you are trying so hard to end. If one instead chooses “pro” then that which you are trying to create is given your energy, and builds momentum for that which you are for. The divisions between people vanish while unity is built. This idea is somewhat subtle, but seems of some very significant value.

In this work we could have gone the route of identifying mankind’s particular, major issues of concern and laid out the specifics by naming names, dates and events. We could have gone the traditional route of those who prove their case by blowing the whistle. These cases have already been proved. Everyone on Earth with their eyes open now understands that the time has arrived to create a better world. We have concentrated on the spiritual solutions because we have concluded that there is no other way.

Mankind’s history has shown that absence of spiritual wisdom when determining the course of human events has not eliminated chronic problems, the time is now to create a world where spiritual wisdom and unconditional love are the basis of every human decision. When enough people agree that this is a wise choice, then creating a better world is guaranteed. Then the idea of unconditional love and Heaven on Earth will become the perpetually new condition for the planet and every human, animal and plant that resides on it.

This perpetually new condition on planet Earth will become a reality because humanity will have chosen to create it. There will be some who will say that this is science fiction and that the world just does not work this way. The goal you are envisioning is totally unrealistic and impossible. Is it unrealistic and impossible? Or is attempting to create a Heaven on Earth absolutely realistic and possible? Is attempting to create Heaven on Earth crazy?

Or is it the only sane option?

Think of all the magnificent accomplishments of men and women throughout human history. Think of all the times that you have experienced anticipation, joy, love and happiness. Think about all the moments when you were moved to tears of laughter or sorrow, and taken to an extremely emotional and moving place. Are not these personal events evidence of something unseen yet of a profound,  great power? Are not these personal events evidence of unconditional love? There is no other term that can describe the feelings that move us during such memorable moments.

Who is to say that the creation of a world based on unconditional love is out of the realm of possibility? This would mean that evolving by the human race has an endpoint. Humanity must continue to evolve as evolution is the entire purpose of life. Now we would look broadly at how humanity has evolved until now. We would ask ourselves: “where is the next destination on the human evolutionary journey?” There seems like no other answer to that question but unconditional love and Heaven on Earth.

Imagine that every man, woman, and child on this Earth was asked the question: “Would you like to see the world be based on unconditional love?” Take a minute here and just ponder what percentage of the people would say “yes” and what percentage would say “no.”

Take just a minute to think about this…

Continued in Part 10…



7 thoughts on “Heaven On Earth. Part 9.

  1. “Would you like to see the world be based on unconditional love?”
    Jerry- before continuing our prior conversation on the Open Mike page, here I would like to highlight above question and offer my answer.

    My take is that most of us don’t think it over what unconditional love means.
    At first sight the idea may appear heavenly but in practice it would actually create a hell on earth. (At present the world already suffers from the effects of an alarming majority upholding the idea of unconditional love.)

    Unconditional means unconditional, period – which means, murderers, rapers, paedophiles, etc and all sociopaths etc. would be loved and embraced just as much as innocent people. Love does not change these disordered people – hence the urgency: before they will redefine normalcy into the terms of what’s abnormal (as they are already in progress doing so) we should restore the objective definitions of normal, good, etc, that is the OBJECTIVE CONDITIONS for our existence as social human beings.


    1. Skywanderer,
      Perhaps you may consider the following analogy naïve. Let us say that a family has one male member who has somehow gotten into trouble with the law a number of times. The family is at their wits end on how to turn this person around and stop committing crimes. They have become so frustrated that angry words were tried many times to no avail. Another family member started a fist fight to try to beat some sense into the young man. That didn’t work so there were words spoken which conveyed to the young man that he was simply “no good” and would not amount to anything in life. The young man believed that anger, violence and disrespect was normal, so he intensified his anger, violence and disrespect for others. To the point that he, and many others like him, committed crimes which would not have occurred if these beliefs were not instilled in them. So it is learned behavior.
      Murder, rape, paedophilia, sociopathy and other negative actions are forms of insanity which are, in essence, cries for love. My guess is that when you say “upholding the idea of unconditional love” you are talking about people who “talk the talk” but do not “walk the talk.” I understand your point. My idea of Heaven on Earth is where all people “walk the talk” and it is the real deal. There are millions and millions of men and women on Earth who do “walk the talk” and live in a loving way. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but your assertion that a world based on unconditional love would create a hell on Earth conjures up images of George Orwell and 1984 (War is peace etc.). Quite simply, Skywanderer, I’m an average Joe trying to add some love to the world, maybe helping a few brothers and sisters sharing the path. You and I, with our willingness to engage in this discussion, proves at least that we care enough, we have enough hope left, to try. You and I, and any person who joins this discussion, have cared enough to make the effort to think about these things and try to make some sense of it all. That says a lot by itself.
      Thank you,


      1. Jerry-

        Since you encouraged the dialogue I was hoping to get into a meaningful conversation based on addressing each other’s views and on responses based on valid reasoning, but you have addressed none of my points, instead, you kept introducing new topics, (eg NDE on the other thread).

        In your post I replied to first you have raised this question:
        “How many of you think that ANY world leader will publicly address Victoria’s concerns?”
        My reply to your question was:

        In one of your replies to a commenter you wrote:
        “Hopefully this young girl’s strong words will be the catalyst for a long overdue, worldwide conversation on financial matters. Given the historical, harmful, negative events that humanity has had to endure, the time for spiritually mature discussions across the Earth has arrived.”

        Addressing the above points I explained why it is a wishful thinking to believe that above will be enough to make this planet a better place.
        Those who understand love, mercy, empathy, thus would love to see all of us to live a dignified and valuable life on earth are not in the same league as those disordered individuals who purposefully deprive us of this opportunity. In this regard I said that spirituality and “love” alone will NOT change anything, because these disordered individuals steering the world into total destruction will NOT listen and will NOT change. In order to create heaven on earth, we, the majority who ALREADY know what love is, should positively act to remove these negative individuals from their world-shaping position.

        On this thread I have explained that eastern spirituality is a fallacy-based philosophy and as such has certain implications with far-reaching actual and potential negative consequences. in the broad sense it is applied the word “love” is pre-emptied and filled with an arbitrary content that in effect protects the criminal and leaves the innocent unprotected. Please notice that this is exactly the status quo where our world is heading.

        Thank you for the conversation.
        With friendly greetings,


        1. Skywanderer,
          I think that our discussion was meaningful. Sometimes when I get wound up, being long-winded, I’ll fall off onto tangents. The drawback to email discussions is that people miss clues about what the other person is feeling through facial expressions, tone of voice, rolling of the eyes, long sighs etc.! Believe it or not, I went through your words, paragraph by paragraph, and tried to respond to your points. I think that since we just met, your topics and views are new to me and my topics and views are new to you. It’s not easy, maybe not possible, to jump into extended discussions with someone you’ve just met and hope to have perfect communication. I will admit to being a NDE junkie of sorts, as they are utterly fascinating. I also admit to being interested in spiritual matters as it is part of a search for truth. I understand your frustration with the state of affairs on this Earth. My view is that non-violence as Gandhi accomplished would be the model. A Native American medicine man named Rolling Thunder said, “the most basic principle of all is that of not harming others, and that means all people , all life, and all things.” I hope that I haven’t said anything to offend or hurt you in any way. Know that I appreciate talking to you and look forward to tussling with you again! Who knows, maybe we will find some things we can agree on. I need to spend some time at your blog. If you haven’t read my posts on money and war these may show that we are not that far apart in our views.
          Thank you Skywanderer. Let me know if you come across any good books or documentaries. I didn’t ask you the titles and authors of two or three of the most profound books you’ve read.


  2. Skywanderer,
    After just considering your blog’s name it occurred to me that I have no idea what your life experience has been. Given your response to my statement I’m guessing that you may have experienced event(s) which have been harmful to either yourself or someone you know. I hope that my lack of focus in this regard, where such a possibility was outside my awareness, has not led me to write something carelessly. Please forgive me if this is the case.


    1. Jerry,
      I am immensely moved by your kindness and willingness to reach out and understand my meaning. There are indeed deeper layers to thus subject matter, coming from -indeed- my personal experience – in fact in the form of closest encounter – with abusive people.

      When all I could do was to write a big NO-scream in reply to your statement:
      “Murder, rape, paedophilia, sociopathy and other negative actions are forms of insanity which are, in essence, cries for love.”

      was in fact a scream from someone who is well-aware above is FALSE.
      The idea of unconditional love in this sense is even more alarming.
      I have grown up under the command to unconditionally love my mother who nevertheless suffers from NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) who has abused me in every way the psychology textbooks cover (and apparently my mother added some more) she subjected me to sexual abuse when I was barely a teenager, she abused me mentally, emotionally, then she has silenced, gaslighted, deceived, manipulated, threatened me – meanwhile she cheated on my father for decades, she abused my father until he has lost his health, she is a slanderer, plotter and liar who used her lies to divide our whole family, to turn my father against me and all siblings against one another, she falsely accused her ex-lover (who was 10 years younger than her ) to be “schizophrenic” and dumped him, who then chose a path of self-destruction. And when I separate myself against such mother, when I say she should be sitting in a mental institution rather than ruling (in fact destroying) our family, when I defend myself against her slander she maintains against me I am further abused by the demand that I should love unconditionally. (as I told you about a related story on my blog)

      The reason why I am passionate about this, because I mean to protect the innocent, the abused, but I can’t because we are trapped in this unconditional love fallacy. People gradually lose the understanding what it means to be abused what it means to be an abuser in the real definition of both. It takes a long study to get to the end of this. People who are like my mother rule the world – I am aware, because, by my very own experience I can recognise the smooth operator narcissists and because I extensively researched this area as well. In fact my entire blog is about revealing this truth – we are all a global family ruled by a group of narcissistic parents – we need to remove them from their positions and protect ourselves if we wish to survive as mankind.
      We are in the last 24 hours to achieve this. I know how dangerous and how merciless these people are.

      Here I thank you again for visiting and reading my blog. I wish to emphasize again: I didn’t mean to offend either you or anyone. This truth comes to the surface after a long silence and is trying to find a way out to be heard by many to protect all the innocent against the abusers. Thanks so much for listening.


      1. Skywanderer,
        “Cries for love” is a broad concept. In our discussion it focused on people who commit heinous actions where one, two or three people are harmed. One could look at the great harm suffered by the people of Syria in the past three years of civil war and view that situation as cries for love. I think we are in the same church sitting in different pews. If people use unconditional love in a way that is manipulative and harmful to others, whether one person or millions of people, this obviously is not unconditional love. So we are left to discern between fallacy and fact. Real, factual unconditional love results in no harming of others (financially, physically, mentally, spiritually) but helping and sharing with others. Humanity must call out all those who are harming others, beginning with those who are responsible, and have inflicted, the most harm to humanity.
        Thank you for the good talk.


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