Michael Hastings (1980-2013)

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July 28, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

The unfortunate passing of investigative journalist Michael Hastings, at the age of 33 in a high-speed car crash, has led many to become concerned that he may have been the victim of assassination.

I have no idea whether he died from his own mistakes when driving or if his car was “car-hacked.” Whatever the true cause of the crash, there can be no chance that evidence becomes buried in any way. People, especially any writers who have truth at the top of his or her list of importance, need to stay fully aware during the course of this investigation.

Given that through history many journalists, activists, intellectuals, and democratically elected leaders have been “disappeared”, kidnapped, tortured, and outright assassinated, people need to make certain that the ultimate truth surrounding the death of Michael Hastings is determined.

If after all that has been said and done concerning the passing of Michael Hastings, and the truth becomes determined that he made a monumental error of judgment, so be it.

If after all has been said and done, when a thorough investigation by law enforcement has been conducted, and it becomes determined that he died as a result of foul play, then we will have in front of us a story that is larger than Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning.



3 thoughts on “Michael Hastings (1980-2013)

    1. David,
      It was interesting to find that Larry King has a show on RT. Do you know their web address, and can you listen to Larry King’s show/interviews there? What are your thoughts on Michael Hastings’ death?
      Thank you,


      1. David Holmes

        I have RT on my Roku and the mobile app on my phone. RT.com, they have Larry King there and the 24/7 live feed. (I think it’s obvious he was murdered and that they’ll get away with it).


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